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What’s the Importance of the Buyer’s Journey and How To Improve It



What’s the Importance of the Buyer’s Journey and How To Improve It

Why is defining the buyer’s journey important for your business?

The buyer’s journey is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy.

If you understand who your buyers are, where they are in the journey, and what they need, you can create an effective strategy to turn them into customers.

The buyer’s journey is a simple but powerful concept that can help you understand your customers better and improve your marketing approach.

It’s based on the idea that there are different steps people take when deciding whether to buy something or not. 

Each step requires specific information and actions before they move on to the next step in their decision-making process.

the buyer's journey

At each step, there are different methods for reaching potential customers through content marketing, email marketing, and social media. 

So let’s get through and explain these stages.

1. Awareness

You’ve created a product or service, but how will you attract buyers? 

To start this journey, your target consumer needs to become aware of a problem or opportunity. 

Perhaps your product solves a problem people hadn’t even thought about. 

This is when your potential customers first hear about you – either through word-of-mouth recommendations or advertising (sometimes both).

This stage gives you the opportunity to pose the problem, spark awareness and begin piquing their interest. 

And you can do it through:

  • Videos

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts

  • Infographics

  • Quizzes


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The buyer is made aware of a problem big enough for them to start searching for solutions.

In this stage, after they got aware, they start searching for solutions that could potentially help them.

Based on what they’re searching for, they can use:

  • Google to find answers or solutions

  • Instagram or other social media to find products, specific services, etc.

  • Amazon to find products

You shouldn't be everywhere to make users aware of your business.

Instead, focus on channels they use to find your solution or where they’re spending time.

2. Consideration

Consideration is the buyer’s journey phase where potential customers can put a name to the solution for the root problem they were previously made aware of. 


It can be broken down into three more steps.

1. Information gathering

You begin to feed consumers bits of information, leading to correlations that solidify the problem they are facing.

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2. Peek solution

But you also give them a peek at the light shining in from the end of the tunnel. 

Think of it as a guiding source to the final solution.

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This leads them to the next stage of consideration. 

3. Seeking options

By this point, their research has shown them that the product or service they seek is necessary. 

They begin looking deeper into the solution to find multiple options. 

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This is your chance to show them which is the best.

Channels you can use in consideration stage to navigate them further through the sales funnel:

  • Newsletters

  • Events

  • Whitepapers

  • Webinars

  • Ebooks

3. Decision

Weigh up the existing competition. 

The consumer will have narrowed down the list of options to a smaller list, this is your chance to prove to them yours is the one they need. 


Make a pros and cons list and emphasize your unique selling point.

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Show why they should go for this solution and use your services to carry it out.

What should you include within this stage:

  • Case studies - How your solution helped tons of users to solve their problem

  • Pricing - What is the price of your solution, and what users get for that price

  • Demo - Give them a sense they already have your solution, and help them understand it better, or even try using it.

Define Buyer Persona And Create Their Journey

Well done! You’ve now completed the buyer’s journey. The last step left is to define the buyer persona journey. 

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This will utilize the model you’ve created and help you with targeted marketing.

Once you know where people are in their buying journey, it becomes easier to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly so that they see what they need at the right time and place for them.

Imagine a hypothetical consumer of your product. 

  • Who are they and what problem are they facing? 

Take them through the buyer’s journey.

  • What solution is best suited for their problem?

Lastly, think about what aspect of your startup is most relevant to them. 

  • Which part of your product or service makes it a necessity to reach the solution?

Repeat this simple three-step method across the different buyer personas you anticipate to encounter. 

You can collect information on consumers' actions from these defined personas and use these behaviors to update your buyer’s journey. 

This will help inform you on the platforms to better target from as well as an overall strengthened marketing approach.


Now that you’ve learned what you should do in order to create a successful buyer journey, it’s time to put it into practice.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the definition of the buyer’s journey?

It is the buyer’s path to purchase. The thought process and steps were taken by any buyer before they reach the product/opportunity that provides a solution. 

2- What are the three stages of the buyer journey?

The first stage is Awareness - making the buyer aware of the problem.

The second is Consideration - showing the buyer an option of solutions.

And third is Decision - proving why your product/service is the best and final solution.

3- How much of the buyer’s journey is digital?

A good part of the buyer’s journey takes place online, with surveys showing 67% of it being done digitally.

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