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Twitter Hacks & Tips: Everything You Need To Know About How To Improve Twitter Traffic In 2023



Twitter Hacks & Tips: Everything You Need To Know About How To Improve Twitter Traffic In 2023

Why Should You Care About Growing Your Twitter Followers?

Growing Your Twitter Followers

Before we get to discussing the best twitter tips and twitter hacks, lets understand the reasons why you should still care about growing the number of people that follow your account on Twitter:

More Influence

Influence is a major determinant in the success of every business, person, or brand to achieve.

Moreover, the best way to build your influence is by growing your Twitter audience organically rather than spending huge amounts on Twitter ads (or any social media adverts).

Looks Spammy

No one would buy or subscribe to anything that looks spammy or deceptive on social media. Before purchasing anything, people tend to go through a brand’s social media pages. Often, you hesitate to buy from brands whose profile has no comments, retweets, or interactions. Why? Because most often, it could be fraudsters or scammers posing as trusted brands, stores, or businesses. Hence, you should grow your Twitter account and build a responsive community to build brand trust.

More Traffic

It leads to visibility and more website traffic. However, make sure your traffic growth is organic. Do not buy or purchase followers, or use some tool or bot to get mass followers in minutes. Generate traffic from Twitter by growing your followers the right way.

Attract Customers

More visibility, reach and traffic will result in more customers for your business or brand.

Twitter Traffic Tips For Increasing Your Reach: 12 actionable hacks to get 1000 clicks from Twitter (in 2023)

Twitter traffic: 12 actionable hacks to get 1000 clicks from Twitter (in 2021)

Create A Perfect Profile

Create A Perfect Twitter Profile

As a brand or business, you need to create a well-optimized Twitter profile. Here are some steps you can implement to your Twitter profile right away:

1. Rewrite Your Current Twitter Bio

When you change your bio to something different, especially when it’s more interesting than the previous one, it gives you a bit of a “new” or a fresh look. Normally, you set a Twitter bio and don’t change it for years. However, try not to do that because Twitter users probably get tired of seeing the same old message on your bio. Moreover, when you consider this twitter traffic tip and rewrite your social media bio, it gives you room to tweak it to something even better. Try to use different words, sentences, and a better professional approach. Also, focus on two things, your target audience or customers and what you want people to think about you when they land on your profile.

2. Profile And Wall Images

Change your profile image and twitter banner into something which is much more creative and engaging. Do not use unprofessional-looking photos on your Twitter pages. Nowadays, selfies are quite engaging on Twitter, if you’re a person. However, if you want to grow a professional brand, use a friendly picture of yourself with your family, wife, friend, or even a celebrity. As of now, twitter’s image dimensions are:

  • Profile Photo: 400 x 400 and displays should be 200 x 200.

  • Header Photo: 1,500 x 500.

Create An Engaging Content

Create An Engaging Content in Twitter

When it comes to social media success, content creation is the key. Make sure you are sharing valuable content. As the social media sphere has seen a huge growth by numbers, putting out mere content isn’t good enough, your content should provide real value. Here are some ways to put out valuable content that adds value to your followers on Twitter:

1. Twitter Threads

Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are low-key taking over this social media platform and one of the most important twitter traffic tips to take note of. Most tweets that either go viral or get tons of engagements are twitter threads. In theory, you need quite many followers to have your tweets get loads of retweets however that’s not the case anymore.

2. Longer Tweets

Longer Tweets

Another effective Twitter hack is to create longer tweets rather than short ones. Recently, Twitter increased its character capacity. With 480 characters, content creators can share stories and content more efficiently. Also, you can share short tweets that will add absolute value to your followers and community at large. On average, longer tweets perform than shorter tweets.

3. Going Live

Going Live in twitter

Whenever you go live, Twitter notifies all your followers and this results in more reach and engagements on your tweets. Most people scare away from going live on these platforms so this is an untapped opportunity. More often, people go live on Instagram and Facebook. So, this makes Twitter an unsaturated market and it’s a huge twitter traffic tip if you are a personal or business brand. Don’t miss out on it.

4. Gifs/Emojis

Gifs/Emojis in twitter

They are super engaging, not just on Twitter but digitally (on blogs and web content). As a social media user, we tend to engage more with tweets that have gifs/emojis. There’s something that makes them so catchy and engage-able. Reports suggest that tweets with a GIF get 55% more engagement.

5. Responding To Tweets Regularly

Responding To Tweets Regularly

This is a great social media strategy and twitter hack to employ. The primary purpose of social media is chatting. So, reply to non-promotional tweets, are tweets (by any user) that aren’t promoting anything or linking to any webpage or video.

6. Polls

Polls in twitter

Polls are engaging and generate good buzz and engagements on Twitter. How to create a Twitter poll?

  • Click on the ‘create a tweet’ button and select the poll feature (below the tweet space).

  • Type in your question and insert engaging options or answers.

7. Re-sharing Content

Re-sharing Content in twitter

Resharing people’s content doesn’t necessarily mean you should only RT tweets. So, what does it entail? Here are two effective ways to reshare people’s content as an effective twitter traffic tip:

  • Sharing blog posts, or

  • Quote-retweeting engaging tweets.

When you quote retweet users on Twitter, it attracts a lot of engagements and followers.

If they asked a question, reply to it publicly with a quote-retweet. If they need suggestions or help, reply to them. This builds your influence on Twitter and you’re adding value to the user (who asked the question) and to your followers.

8. Visuals

Images, infographics, and videos generally perform better on Twitter. Around 82 percent of Twitter users watch video content on the platform. Try to incorporate more visuals, this could be videos, images, infographics, or even Gifs in your tweets. However, if you don’t have any, you can easily create some using Glorify’s templates for for free.

9. Ask For Retweets (RTs)

Ask For Retweets (RTs)

Research has proven that simply asking for retweets on Twitter naturally attracts retweets and engagements. The “please RT” technique works effectively and generates loads of engagements.

10. Hashtags

Hashtags in twitter

Hashtags are one of the most effective twitter traffic tips but you need to find hashtags that work. Check out some good hashtag generators such as hashtagify, to find hashtags that will increase your reach and engagements on Twitter.

Effective Twitter Automation

You must automate repetitive tasks to grow effectively on social media. Twitter takes a ton of time and you must learn to manage time properly by efficiently automating some of the processes like:

  • Tweets,

  • Content repurposing, and

  • Some following and unfollowing of users.

Also, some major automation you must stay clear from are:

  • Twitter frowns at spammy bots and systems that cause damage on the platform so make sure the Twitter automation tool you plan to use is pre-approved.

  • Also, automating breaking news or updates is not allowed.

  • Finally, regulate the number of accounts or users your tool follows every day as Twitter bans accounts that pass its daily follow/unfollow limits. So, remember to limit yourself to 30 to 50 per day to be on the safe side.

Some Additional Twitter Tips And Hacks For Twitter Traffic Growth

Some Additional Twitter Strategies

1. Twitter Ads

Unlike Facebook ads, Twitter ads focus on increasing brand awareness for your business or brand. So, try not to expect website clicks or massive leads. So, should you use Twitter ads to promote your Twitter brand? It depends on two things:

  • The nature of your brand or business, and

  • The goal for running your campaigns.

If you want to grow a community on Twitter, you should use Twitter ads as they attract engagements and replies which is great for brand exposure.

2. Twitter Influencers

Network with industry-related influencers, if you want to get Twitter followers even faster. Influencer marketing is a fast-growing marketing channel so try to collaborate with them, get them to retweet your tweets, or even share your content. Highly recommended to not undermine this most-effective and time-tested twitter hack!

3. Connect With Your Network (email contacts & friends)

One of the most effective social media strategies, add 100 more followers to your Twitter account by getting your close network to follow your page. Who is ‘your network’?  It is made up of people who already know you, trust you, and support you. So, head over to your Twitter account and navigate to “find friends”. Then, log in with your email address and select the contacts you want to ‘import’ or follow.

In Conclusion

Twitter is an important channel for your social media marketing campaigns. Keep it in the mix and find ways to maximize your engagement on this platform. Moreover, you can Boost your Marketing Strategy With Advanced Twitter Search. We hope our twitter tips and hacks help you grow your business or brand. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Hacks To Improve Twitter Traffic In 2023 FAQs

1. Can you get banned for buying Twitter followers?

Absolutely yes! If you buy fake Twitter followers, you can get your account deleted or banned. Their terms of service make it very clear that it isn’t allowed, and if any accounts break this rule, they can get suspended or even deleted at Twitter’s discretion.

2. Can you see who looks at your Twitter?

No, you can’t. A Twitter user cannot know who views their profile or specific tweets. Moreover, the only way to know is through direct engagement such as a reply, a favorite, or a retweet.

3. How do you succeed on Twitter?

Here are some tips for Twitter success:
– Find Your Influencers.
– Manage Expectations.
– Pay Attention to Language and Tweet Structure.
– Repeat Your Tweets.
– Test Your Tweet Times.
– Think About Daily Patterns.

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