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One of the most important factors of any instagram ad or even a regular post to flourish is to abide by the sizing guidelines. AN ad that does not stand up to the recommended instagram ad size and instagram ad specs is an ad on its way to failure.One should always confirm to the correct dimensions for posts to look professional and on-point.

Having said that, it should be here noted that-

  • The recommended resolution for an Instagram Feed post in 2023: 1080 x 1080 pixels

  • The recommended resolution for an Instagram Storyin 2023 : 1080 x 1920 pixels

Most Instagram marketing specifications and sizes are known. You may use more than one ad form when advertising on Instagram. Actually, seven different forms of Instagram ads are currently available, each ideal for slightly different advertising. (This is also much less than the forms of Facebook ads.)

It is extremely essential to know and know how to use all seven advertisements.

Instagram’s most common ad sizes will start and we will continue to unique sizes used by professional advertisers.

1. Single Image Ads

Single image ads are the most popular ad forms for both Instagram and Facebook ads.

This form of publicity is an image, copy of advertising, and call-to-action. Based on the size of your posted picture, Instagram image sizes differ.

This popular ad style can be used in all forms of advertising services, as several different picture forms can be used and sold within a single image ad format. In addition, you can use the Single Image Ad layout when promoting a blog post or any other content on Instagram.

Instagram Single Image Ads size

Instagram Ad Size and Instgaram Ad Specifications (Specs):

  • Subject: 125 characters

  • Form of media: photo

  • Picture resolution suggested: 1080 x 1080 or 1200 x 628 pixels (typical image advertisement resolution for Facebook).

  • Type of image: .jpg or.png

  • Maximum. Size file: 30 MB

2. Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads enable up to 10 pictures or videos (named cards) to be displayed within a single ad.

By the little dots underneath the picture, you can identify a Carousel Ad which shows that there are many images to see.

Carousel Ads on Instagram are a little more complicated than just single image ads to assemble. However, these advertisements are great for:

  • Explaining step by step how your product is to be used

  • In many photos or videos, saying a story about your product

  • Gieing your marketed offer a clear sense of the value

  • Reducing prices for Instagram advertising

Instagram Carousel Ads size

Carousel Instagram Ad Size and Ad Specifications:

  • Subject: 125 characters

  • Form of media: video or picture

  • Suggested resolution for image/video: min. 600 x 600 pixels. 1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Type of image: .jpg or.png

  • Total numbers of cards: 2

  • Max limit of cards: 10

  • Picture ratio: 1:1

  • Video aspect ratio: 1:1

  • Minimum video duration: 3 seconds

  • Maximum video duration: 60 seconds

  • Image ratio for video thumbnails: should fit your video aspect ratio. If not, auto-resize thumbnails are accessible.

3. Instagram Video Ad Specs:

You can show a video or GIF video advertising with your bid. Video advertisements are an ideal way to illustrate the operating and entertaining message of your company or literally how your product is working. Besides, the moving design of video advertising tends to attract the interest of the audience by showing Instagram feeds.

In 2017, Facebook also updated advertisers to use GIF videos in their ads.

Video Ad specs Instagram:

  • Subject: 125 characters  

  • Form of media: video.

  • Video size suggested: 600 x 600 (square) or 600 x 315 (land) pixels

  • Ratio aspect: 1:1 (square) or 1.9:1 (plot)

  • Minimum resolution: 600 x 600 pixels

  • The highest resolution is 1080 x 1080 pixels.

  • Length: 3 seconds minimum

  • Duration upper limit: 60 seconds

  • Size: 4 GB maximum

  • Frame speed: max. 30 fps

  • File type: .mp4 container

  • Video: H.264 encoding, chosen high profile, square pixels, frame rate fixed, incremental scanning

  • Audio: AAC compression stereo, 128kbps + choice.

4. Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are commonly confused for Carousel Ads. There is, however, a definite distinction.

The Slideshow Ads can be used to create a looping video ad in up to 10 images and music.

Use the Facebook Advertising Manager to set up slideshow advertising where you can pick your Instagram ad for videos, music, video subtitles, and a preview. You can also select to transition or concentration images.

Instagram Slideshow Ads size

Slideshow Instagram Ad Specs:

  • Caption: roughly to 125 characters

  • Form of media: photos and music

  • Total time of image: up to 50 seconds per image

  • Picture structure: min. 600 x 600 pixels, max. 1080 x 1080 pixels. You can cut your slideshow to be squared if you use pictures of various sizes.

  • Formats for Music File: WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC. To use the music you should have all the lawful rights!

5. Instagram Lead Advertisement

Instagram Lead Ads help to gather useful insights from potentials without guiding them off the Instagram platform. By clicking on your Lead ad, you will be directed to a new website with a lead form requesting your name and contact information (e.g. full name of the individual, email address, telephone number, etc.). You would also need to use the privacy policy of your organization when setting up Lead Ads (as you acquire user data).

Instagram lead advertisement size

Instagram Lead Ads: Instagram Ad Sizes and Specifications

  • Caption: near to 125 characters

  • Form of media: photo

  • Suggested size of photo ad: 1080 x 1080 pixels (standard Facebook ad picture) or 1200 x 628 pixels.

  • Format of image: .jpg or.png

  • Maximum Size of file: 30 MB

  • Other conditions: Confidentiality Policy

6. Instagram Stories Image Advertisement

The user base has expanded considerably since the introduction of Instagram Stories in early 2017. Also, when looking at stories from relatives and friends, audiences seem extremely interested.

Retailers now also can feed people’s Instagram stories. Image Stories can be created as Advertisements that contain up to six photos to be enjoyable and interactive in telling a story of your product.

Instagram story Advertisement size

Tip: You will need to pick “Stories” in the Placement category to construct Instagram Stories Ads.

Instagram Ad Size and Specification:

  • Caption: not presently viewable. Some text should be included in the image file

  • Size: vertical full-screen ad (9:16)

  • Resolution suggested: 1080 x 1920

  • Minimum Resolution: 600 x 1067

  • Form of file: .jpg or.png

  • Maximum picture size: 30 MB

  • Photo contents: 5 seconds viewable

7. Instagram Stories Video Advertisements

You should start creating Instagram Stories Video Ads if your brand shines amongst the competitors marketing on Instagram.

Video advertisements size

You can post a video up to 15 seconds in length with Instagram Stories Video Ad type.

It is an extremely enticing way to view your product, create the character of your company, and to engage your viewers by remembering your products.

Instagram Video Story Ad Specs:

  • Caption: not presently accessible. Some text should be included in the image file

  • Size: vertical full-screen ad (9:16)

  • Resolution suggested: 1080 x 1920

  • Lower limit Resolution: 600 x 1067

  • Form of file: mp4

  • Maximum Size: 4 GB Video

  • Maximum Duration of video: 15 seconds

  • Video codecs suggested: h.264, VP8

  • Audio codecs advised: AAC, Vorbis AAC

Finishing Lines-

Please note that in the Facebook Ad Manager and the Facebook Power Editor, you can configure up your Instagram ads anywhere that you want. No Instagram-only platform is available to build your advertising campaigns.

We suggest that you test different types of ads to detect which are most appreciated by your potential customers on Instagram and achieve the desired result.


1. Are Instagram advertisements similar to Facebook ads?

Fortunately, all Instagram ads are similarly targeted at location-based ads, demographics, desires, behaviors, and more as Facebook ads. Your project at the most fundamental level should concentrate on a certain region, gender, and age demographic.

2. How do you evaluate Instagram advertisements?

To check up to five different ad groups with various placements choose Placement. You can see how an ad in the news feed is contrasted with an ad in stories for Instagram advertising. The news feeds of device (iPhone vs. iPad) and system software (iOs vs. Android) can be separated in Instagram test ads as well. Accurately adhering to recommended instagram ad sizes is also important.

3. How do you monetize ads on Instagram?

You can choose from three ad targets for Instagram advertising – clicking your site, downloading your mobile app, or watching a video (up to 30 seconds). Three main ad units can be used under these goals: image, video, and carousel advertising.

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The path to Glory begins here