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7 Instagram Ads Ideas To Increase Conversions in 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

7 Instagram Ads Ideas To Increase Conversions in 2023

The Types Of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads promote a brand through sponsored posts, videos, or other visual content . Particularly in the Stories, feeds, and other areas where their target audience is most likely to see it.

With Instagram, you can select an appropriate advertising method, from section-based to format-based ads.

Section-based Instagram ads are:

  • Reel ads are short videos similar to Stories.

  • Feed ads support all ad formats, including Shopping, Collection, Carousel, Video, and Image Ads.

  • Explore ads are videos and images only that appear among other content through the Explore page.

  • Stories ads – You can use video, images, carousel, and collection ads within these advertisements.

For your campaigns, you can also use format-based Instagram ads:

  • Video ads can be taken in square or landscape format and run up to 60 seconds.

  • Photo ads are the simplest to produce. Any image post can be turned into an ad.

  • Carousel ads contain between 2 – 10 images that can be swiped.

  • Collection ads are created using several still pictures that function as a video slideshow.

  • Shopping ads enable users to shop for products without leaving Instagram. But, before launching Shopping advertisements, you must first set up your Instagram Shopping catalog.

What Are The Benefits Of Instagram Ads?

Here are some advantages and benefits of using Instagram ads:

  • Instagram has an ever-growing community of users and thus represents a vast pool of potential customers.

  • It is effortless to create an Instagram campaign. Basically, you just need to choose an image or video that you would like to run as an ad.

  • Increased visibility and engagement leads to more followers and an engaged audience and community.

  • Boosting sales and leads.

  • Facebook Insights feature gives you analytics to track your campaigns.

7 Instagram Ads Ideas To Increase Conversions

Now let's see some of the best Instagram ads ideas that will help you  generate more leads and sales. 

1. Take advantage of the See more button

Sometimes, it can be quite challenging to write a compelling Instagram caption. 

You may be tempted to be short and concise, but you will benefit from quite the opposite.

This frequently results in your caption being shown below the fold, forcing potential customers to click the See More button to read the complete advertisement.

 Take advantage of the See more button

Use conversational language that engages and line breaks that improve readability to persuade your readers to tap on Read more and convert.

This is an excellent technique if you want to attract new customers and want them to learn more about your brand.

2. Keep your message brief

Contrarily, if you already have a broad audience of trusted users, you want to retarget them. Again, short and concise messages will work just fine.

Up to 2,200 characters can be used in your ad copy. However, you may not want to.

It depends on how much storytelling and upfront information you want to share with your audience.

In other words, when addressing Instagram users already familiar with your brand, you can make your text relatively straightforward and short.

Here are some tips on how to make a compelling ad copy:

Use engaging language that resonates with your audience.

  • Encourage users to take action using a clear CTA that creates a sense of urgency. (Limited time offer, Buy now, Last chance to buy, and so on.)

  • Talk about the specific objective of your ad. For example, if you want to promote a new product, talk about only some of the range you offer.

           Or, show behind the scenes process, like in the Instagram ad idea below.

3. Make videos that are effective without sound

85% of Instagram users will watch Instagram videos with the sound off, research says.

So, ensure to include closed captions in your Instagram video ad so that viewers can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

This also makes it accessible to people with hearing issues and broadens the appeal of your business.

4. Test your ad

The ideal technique to learn which advertisements your audience responds to is through A/B testing. How is A/B testing done?

Make distinct variations of the same advertisement directed at the same market.

You can put more money behind the ad that is doing well if you can see which is generating the best conversions after the advertisements have run.

5. Use numbers and statistics

Numbers can be highly potent when you want to grab attention and motivate action quickly. This is because numbers rapidly share information, making size and scale very obvious.

As a result, it can stand out among lines of text.

6. Provide social proof

It can help your business's reputation if you include social proof in your Instagram advertisement.

Customers are more likely to trust your brand when they see evidence that other clients and businesses have used your products.

There are several alternative techniques for social proof that you can include to foster trust. For example, the total number of clients and businesses using your services. 

Or customers' reviews and ratings of your products or services.

7. Use scroll-stopping images

Since Instagram is the leading visual platform, high-quality images are a must.

Therefore, you need to invest a lot of effort in ensuring you have eye-catching images or graphics that will capture your audience's attention. It will get them to pause and consider what your brand is all about.

Here is how you can achieve that:

Brand your post using your custom fonts, colors, and logo. This will make your Instagram ad easily recognizable and can raise brand awareness.

adequate Instagram image dimensions
  • Use contrasting colors if they suit your brand, as they will likely catch attention quickly.

Use contrasting colors

Otherwise, consider color psychology and the way color affects consumers' choices.

  • Stay moderate with the amount of text on the image.

Stay moderate with the amount of text
  • Place the image of the product or anything that is the most prominent part of your ad in the center of the image in order to draw viewers' attention.

goodfood advert
  • Don't forget to include white or negative space in your images.

Don't forget to include white or negative space

This is a great way to trick an eye and direct it the way you want to, making the ad look more polished and professional.

How To Beat Algorithm

You could see some examples of the most engaging Instagram ads ideas above. 

Still, many small brand owners have yet to be satisfied with how many people can see their content, sponsored or not. So, how can you get noticed by Instagram's algorithm?

The three key ranking variables in the Instagram algorithm are:

  • Relationship between the content creator and the owner,

  • The interest of the viewer, and

  • How relevant is the sponsored ad for the target audience?

There are some tips you can implement to make the most of the Instagram algorithm:

  • Follow community rules, especially things that are prohibited or labeled as sensitive and thus can be hidden from users.

  • Play around with Reels, since they are more engaging and visually attractive than standard images.

  • According to your analytics, schedule your posts for the most significant impact at the appropriate times.

  • Bond with your audience by replying to comments and direct messages promptly.

  • Use relevant hashtags, or even create your own.

  • Run ads frequently and switch between different Instagram formats.

  • Review analytics to make the most of your ads.


Hopefully, these Instagram ads ideas inspired you to try something new and create ads that will convert. But even if you are motivated, you need a tool to put these ideas into work, right?

Glorify is an online design tool that doesn't require a learning curve and is suitable for those who don't have previous design knowledge. In addition, it comes with features that offer everything you need to create stunning Instagram ads hassle-free.

First, select one of the many Instagram templates that Glorify offers. You can choose between Instagram square posts, Story posts, infographics, Social Profile images, and more.

glorify dashboard

Secondly, select Library from the left side of the panel and add Icons, Backgrounds, Images, or Shapes.

glorify editor

What’s great is that you can quickly personalize design by adding a Brand kit straight from the dashboard. For example, add a logo or custom font and color palette to instantly change the look of your image.

glorify editor

Also, you can add elements or tools like the Annotation tool, Illustrations, Effects, or Graphics to further enhance it.

glorify editor

Glorify offers a range of features for advanced editing. For example, click on the image to remove the background in seconds.

glorify editor

The Background remover creates cut-outs with a clean edge within seconds. But fine-tuning is available with manual commands if you need more advanced editing.

glorify background remover

Every part of the image is customizable. By selecting any element of the photo, an additional menu will appear with available editing options.

If you have an image you need to resize for Instagram, check out our blog article with a detailed explanation of how to use the Smart Resize feature.

Lastly, when you are happy with the design outcome, you can save it or share it via link or email.

Glorify has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is suitable for total beginners. But, at the same time, it is powerful enough for more demanding users.

Its Library has hundreds of templates for social media platforms, eCommerce, ads, ebooks, etc. Another great perk is an option to collaborate with your team members, either using Infinite canvas or working together on a design.

So, sign up today, put these Instagram ad ideas into work, and create designs that will surely increase conversion.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here