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A Complete Guide On Instagram Captions: Make Your Posts Stand Out



A Complete Guide On Instagram Captions: Make Your Posts Stand Out

What is the importance of good Instagram captions? And what makes a good Instagram caption?

importance of good Instagram captions

An Instagram caption per se is the text under your posts that help the audience or the viewers with the descriptions of the post. This space could include hashtags, mentions, as well as emojis as per choice.

The best Instagram captions are observed to be those that are interesting and attention-seeking for more engagement in the form of likes, comments, tags, and followers. This in turn helps in better ranking and is a great way to reach out to more audiences with better reach.

On the other hand, a great caption of an Instagram account is one that has context, showcases the brand, and is eye-catching to the viewers. However, writing long essays that are filled with hashtags and emojis could get really tiresome and might as well look similar to the historian transcripts. So, make sure you keep your Instagram captions short, simple, quirky, and to the point.

Read below for more tips!

Best ways to created Perfect call to action Instagram captions

Curating funny and captivating Instagram captions is an easy formula that you can follow as and when you are creating user-generated content.

1) Know your Instagram users or the audience

Know your Instagram users

The platform has more than a billion users, but irrespective of that, knowing your target audience is a necessity. And, the best way to classify them is by age.

This will help you think and curate content that adheres to your target audience as they are the consumers and will help build on your viewership. Adding on, make sure you tailor your message for the Instagram caption and adjust references accordingly.  

2) Know and amplify the voice of your brand

amplify the voice of your brand

It is extremely important for good Instagram captions to be attention-grabbing and one that reflects your brand voice and tone. To make it easier, you may also like to jot down the points of the values of what the brand embodies to strengthen your Instagram marketing strategy.

3) A valuable caption will add to a great strategy

A valuable caption will add to a great strategy

It is understandable to have Instagram captions that are fun and interesting as Instagram is quite an informal platform. However, this does not mean that the caption mustn’t add value to the readers. Find a balance between the two!

4) Add a CTA (call to action) in your perfect Instagram post

Add a CTA in your perfect Instagram post

While you add context, do not forget to invite people to leave likes and comments or tag a friend, and also be provocative enough for your audience to interact and share. You could also choose to add a call to action for a give-away or a contest on your Instagram captions.

5) Plan and manage your posts, even if it’s on Instagram stories

Plan and manage your posts, even if it's on Instagram stories

Even if the announcement has to be a quick one for a new product, good content that engages must be consistent. You must aim to post 1-2 times a day, every day, and we know the best way to do so is by planning your posts, monthly or weekly.

Here are a few brownie points to help you manage perfect captions that will help in engagement each time you create good Instagram captions!

  • Take a look at the length of the Instagram caption: The Instagram mobile app only shows the first three lines of text, so maintain the caption under 125 characters.  

  • Maintain the interest of the readers: As only the first three sentences are visible on Instagram captions, make sure to keep the viewers hooked from the beginning.

  • If not happy, keep it concise, edit, rewrite, repeat: Planning your Instagram posts is essential as each word counts, so make sure it’s to the point and has all the information needed.

  • Add hashtags: Best Instagram captions use hashtags that resonate with the target audience. Also, make sure to use relevant keywords, in the comments session for more space, and add after a line breaks.

  • Tag people: If you are posting a feature, do not forget to tag the concern in the Instagram captions.

  • Use emoticons: Use emojis in the Instagram caption as they are eye-catching, attractive, and interactive in nature!

How can you Add, Edit, or Delete Instagram posts?

To add, edit or delete the Instagram posts, you can simply:

  • Tap on the three-dots menu that is above the photo or video

  • Click on ‘Edit’

  • Now by choosing the relevant options, you can replace, delete, or add a new Instagram caption

  • Once done, tap on ‘Done’

What to add in the bio session of Instagram?

add in the bio session of Instagram

Believe it or not! Many people choose to make assumptions based on your Instagram bio or via the link in your bio. Instagram bio, hence, is as important (if not more) than instagram captions. As per their reads, they make a decision on whether they would like to hit the ‘follow’ button or not.

This is basically the homepage of your Instagram feed. This is why you must make sure to portray your company’s personality in these 2-3 lines, which also work as taglines. So, make it count!

To help you write a cool Instagram caption for the bio that will help you catch the attention of your audience and get more followers, here are a few tips:

  • Use Instagram captions that portray a story of the product you market in and add a ‘click the link’ line for traffic on your website

  • Use make use of funny captions to draw attention to the campaign

  • Avoid old Instagram captions and use ones that are relevant to the times

To Conclude:

It is perhaps a make or break deal when it comes to choosing the best Instagram caption as you only have up to the first top three lines to hook the Instagram followers. This will also help your company in targeting and tailoring the audience as per the requirement. Adding on, do not forget to upload Instagram stories too with the ‘link in bio’ to amplify the brand voice and also tag people for them to further tag their friends.

Designing your posts with Glorify App will give you peace of mind, clarity, and quick space to be prepared. So, start your free trial today!

A Complete Guide On Instagram Captions FAQs

1. How do I make my Instagram feed stand out?

Here are a few ways to help your Instagram feed stand out:
– Know your audience
– Choose a color scheme and theme as per the company or feed
– Design grid and then break
– Edit images before you post
– Grow followers with the stories and hashtags

2) How do you make a catchy Instagram caption?

– Make the initial three lines catchy
– Include a CTA or a question
– Create valuable captions
– Draft the Instagram captions first and go through them on a separate platform
– Use the storytelling technique
– Use emojis
– Make sure to be under the word count and caption length

3. How do you put line breaks on Instagram captions?

– Open the Notes app on your phone
– Draft your caption there
– Hit ‘Return’ when you want to add a space in the text
– Add in a series of underscores “_”
– You have your line breaks

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