Posted Nov 9, 2022

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10 killer Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts



10 killer Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts

Instagram carousel posts can actually prove to be very effective when it comes to boosting engagement, creating brand awareness and loyalty, and eventually converting sales. Here’s how you can use Instagram Carousel to boost your business-

1.Promote New Products

On the launch of a new product, it might get a little tricky and challenging for a brand to reach out to the masses and publicize the product. When marketing on Social Media, a single post might be underwhelming while too many posts might look like spam. That is where the Instagram carousel comes into the picture – consider it a swipe slideshow of the best product images you own. With Instagram carousels, you can publish a series of pictures in one post, showing close-ups, variations of the product, and just basically displaying the product as much as possible. Carousel especially works great for products like that of clothing and jewelry. Instagram carousel converts a lot of potential sales to actual sales and lets your buyers get a deeper look at the quality of their products.

2. Share a Before and After

There is something just so satisfying about before and afters! It is like instant weird satisfaction at the swipe of a finger. And hence, that is also why before and after visuals make a lot of money. If your brand sells products that have a physical manifestation, swipe posts should be your deal! For example, if you sell hair extensions made from natural hair, you can post a before the extensions and after the extensions look. This also helps the buyers visualize themselves post usage of your products and influences them to buy it. As they say, what shows – sells!

3. Offer Personalized Recommendations while Publicizing

A lot of brand owners use this technique to increase reach and engagement. An Instagram carousel post can be put to use to reach out to your targeted audience by offering recommendations through image posts. For example, Kylie Jenner uses carousel posts when a new product is launched by her to show how the product can be put to use. A lot of clothing brands also use carousel posts to recommend how their products can be styled. Engagement works great when it comes to spreading awareness about your brand and to get people interested in you.

4. Share Stories you Otherwise Doubt

How many times has it so happened that you wanted to upload a picture on your brand’s account but you did not because you thought it was not aesthetic enough? Don’t worry, we have all been there, done that. But with Instagram Carousel, you need not fret! The first image that you put on your carousel is the only one that appears on the feed. Hence, all you gotta do is to make sure that the first picture is in sync with all the other images on your feed and you are freed to add any photo you want in the other succeeding pictures of the carousel! This also works great when you know a particular picture needs to be seen by the public but it just is ‘too grainy’ or probably ‘not very appealing’ so it does not cut the slack for a post on its own. You can share pictures of activities relevant to business but outside of work, share photos of your team members or even talk about your plans without the fear of disrupting your feed’s aesthetic – while creating a connection with your audience!

5. Publicize Positive Customer Reviews

You may go about talking highly about your products but they mean nothing until the claims are viable. When you feed your buyers with reviews that you have already received from previously served customers, it rings a bell in the reader’s head. They are more likely to believe what has come from another use as it is obviously already tried and tested by someone. Sharing positive reviews creates a sense of trust and encourages more sales!

6. Upload Variations and Boost Engagement

By sharing several variations of one product, you create engagement possibilities which means more people viewing your post and hence, Instagram’s algorithm working in your favor. This works since Instagram starts showing pictures with high-engagement on the feeds of the people who are following you by default. Just add a few side images with the main shot of your product to get people interested in seeing ‘what else’ and feature your product in ways not seen otherwise. Also, if not variations of one product, you can also display the best of your products, that sell the most, in one carousel, and get people to check you out. For example, if you sell bedsheets, you can put pictures of your best selling bedsheets in one post that will make people curious as to what else you offer. This one’s honestly a win-win!

7. Engage with a Call to Action

“Call to Action” is essentially a technique that creates urgency in the user to take action. It is usually clear and specific like “tag a friend” or “comment and let us know” or “poll posts” or even “giveaway” posts for that matter. You basically put out an irresistible post that drives user attention, gets them involved, and eventually drives your sales. With creative CTAs on your Instagram carousel posts, you can get the attention of a lot of people and have your post boosted organically.

8. #Throwbacks

A raging trend in general, throwbacks can actually work great for brands too. As a brand, you have new people following you every day. What happened at your brand 6 months ago, like a launch event or probably an award that was received, could be unknown to new followers. With throwbacks, you show them what they have been missing and also get a chance to display the best of your brand without seeming like a spammer.

9. Collate User Generated Content (UGC)

Apart from just reviews, rounding up some User-generated Content (UGC) can also get some viability to your brand. With a well-thought-of UGC strategy, you can boost brand loyalty and also drive more product sales. The users can relate to such posts and especially when they see pictures, they are double-sure. For example, the brand “Lush Cosmetics” shares pictures of every user who has bought and displayed their face masks, bath bombs, etc on the official account of Lush Cosmetics in the form of stories or on the feed. This way, they not only make the customer who has bought the product feel important but it also works as a peer-to-peer recommendation. If you see a picture of a regular person wearing a face mask and talking highly of it, chances are, you will be lured into buying it too. Hashtags, tags, and mentions are the key players in this area.

10. Step-Up the Creativity and Aesthetics

More than anything else, the Instagram carousel posts work the best to enhance the general appeal and aesthetics of your feed. With the freedom of carousel posts, you do not even have to worry about posting landscape shots in all of their glory. Carousel posts also add a lot of depth and dimensions to your account while offering you the choice of posting content in versatile ways. The creative-freedom with carousels is endless and hence, so is the possibility of making your brand a seriously good-looking brand on Instagram!

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The path to Glory begins here