Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Social Media

Instagram Reels- All that You Need to Know About It And More

Social Media

Social Media

Instagram Reels- All that You Need to Know About It And More

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels

After the Instagram stories, Instagram reels is a new feature by Instagram that has caught a lot of attention with people hunting down to explore and find a new way to create and discover short videos. This short-form video or Instagram reels videos on  Instagram is an additional feature on the Instagram Camera and is available in 50 countries, including the United States at present.

How to use these Instagram reels?

But before that, how long is an Instagram reel? Instagram, with Instagram reels, allows you to record and edit 30-second videos together and also add a music clip to them.

Here are a few tools of the Instagram reels to help you create videos on Instagram. These cool editing tools are on the left side of your screen, helping you add the effects on the Instagram reels:

  • Audio:  This helps you choose a song from the Instagram music library for your video. If you wish to add our own video, the features that allow you to do so as well that can be attributed when you share the reel. In the case of a public account, the original will also be available for other users.

  • The effects: Instagram reels have cool effects, such as Green Screen and Augmented Reality (AR) for you to use while creating your reels video.

  • Speed: The creators are allowed to increase or slow down parts of the videos.

  • Timer and countdown: Share your Instagram reels as per the length of the video clip by setting a timer, and also helps you record a clip hands-free.

  • Alignment: This feature helps you make sure your camera roll is aligned, creating smooth transitions between the videos.

What are all the things one could do with these short videos?

Find out what you can do with these Instagram reels along with the steps below:

How to make Instagram Reels:

Use Instagram reels to create reels
  • Download the latest version of Instagram

  • Open the app and click on the Instagram stories camera icon on the top of the screen on the left corner or swipe right to get to the camera

  • Tap on Instagram reels and record a short video of about 15-30 seconds

  • Make sure of the tools on the left of the screen and edit. You can also add your original audio if you do not want to use the already existing audios

  • Once done, share your reels on the Instagram page or story or save them as drafts ad post as and when you wish too  

How to share your Instagram reels:

  • In the case of a public account, you can share your Instagram reel with your followers by posting it on your feed. Or, you can also be discovered by posting your reel to a space in exploring as the audio, hashtags, or effects will appear on certain pages as and when someone clicks on it.

  • In the case of a private account, the privacy settings stay. This means, only your followers will be able to see your reel, also you will not be allowed to use the audio from your Instagram reels, or share it with people who aren’t there on your list.

Don’t know how to share? Here’s how to share an Instagram reel:

  • Once done with editing, move to share screen

  • Now choose to either save it as a draft or change the cover image, add captions and hashtags also tag people

  • You are all ready to share your reels Instagram story or can choose to share via a direct message, irrespective of whether your account is public or private.  

How to watch or find Instagram reels of other people?

Discover other reels one at a time and view or find interesting reels on the Instagram explore. Simply find them, like, comment, and share the reel to your story. Help the creators reach better!

How to attach an existing video to an Instagram Reels?

Attach Existing Videos to an Instagram Reels

Do you wish to turn a favorite video into a Reel? If yes, here’s how:

  • Open the Instagram app

  • Do not go to your profile first but swipe right to go to the camera roll

  • Click on Reels and swipe up

  • Select your favorite video from the list and edit it  

  • Share a reel or two on your Instagram page, story, or save the draft for later.

What are the features of  Instagram Reels?

Features of the Instagram Reels

Here is a list of the cool Instagram features that you can use while you are busy creating your own reels tab for your reels feed.

  • Green Screen: Click on the effects button on the left panel and scroll left. Choose your own media and select the background of your choice, have fun!

  • Aligning and transitioning between the features: Click on the align tool and ensure the device’s camera is in the same position before you record the next clip. Choose the duration, fill until 30 seconds, tap the Align tool, and you’re good to go!

  • AR Effects: Click on effects, scroll down till you find ‘Browse Effects’, scroll again until you find AR effect, now tap on ‘Try it’ and get creative!

Instagram Reels and Marketing Strategy

Instagram Reels and Marketing Strategy

Instagram plays an important role in helping companies to reach a certain crowd that otherwise would be quite a task. The companies can now simply share fun and viral video snippets with their followers to increase user engagement.

Irrespective of you being new in the market or have already been around for years to come, these reels videos are worth the effort! So get created using your business page now!

To know of a few marketing strategies or ideas to use these Instagram reels to your companies benefit, read on:

1) Create Content that Connects

Create Content that Connects

The new Instagram reels are supposed to be fast-paced, spontaneous, natural with fun content while using special effects, add stickers, entertaining, and also grasp the attention of the viewers. This will help the companies show a rather natural side that allows followers to connect better with the company’s personality.

The benefits to use the reels icon include, the increased engagement, grows the audience and helps spread across the explore tab, increasing your ranks!

2) Make the video content educative

Just don’t put up anything and everything on the explore feed but try to be creative and try posting about ‘how-Tos’ and certain ‘tutorials’ to draw the attention of new followers. This could be anything from, providing the viewers with tips, sharing a recipe or two, teaching them how to style a white T-shirt, etc. Make use of whatever is relevant to your business.

3) Share Instagram reels with your products

Share reels with your products

Switching from the 2D approach, try to switch to the new and trendy reels to capture the attention of the viewers towards your products, new styles, and season offers within the given amount of time in a new way.

4) Add reviews and case studies for more weightage

Add the product reviews, in case you sell physical products, collaborate with an influencer, and ask them to film a quick review on your product. On the other hand, you can also ask the customers to review and post user-generated content for a better reach.

5) Repurpose the already existing content

Repurpose the already existing content

If creating new content isn’t possible, simply edit the already existing ones, add slides, ads, and repurpose them into InstagramReels-friendly posts. You can mix video and images to showcase a collection, choose to add funky music, effects, and share them all the way around! You’ve got reels that will capture the attention of your followers.

6) Document backstage content

It could be anything from the backstage of photo sessions, for instance, fashion companies can show a behind-the-scenes of creating their collections, the setup, the crew, in order to connect at a ground level and build trust.

7) Tell your Company’s Story

Tell your Company's Story

Make your Instagram reels that talk about the company that is a short and funny way. Edit with some good background music and effects. Make sure to include old photos and videos as everyone likes a struggle and success story. Speaking of photos, use the Glorify App to create a cover photo to feature on the reels to make it more attractive, of the right size, and appealing now!

Don’t forget to promote the reels on the explore feed for the new viewers and also on the other social media platforms!

To Conclude:

Irrespective of it being available across more than 50 countries, the Instagram reels still seems to be quite appealing and creative. There is a huge amount of the crowd out there that still see reels while sharing with close friends or have just started with multiple clips or simply creating reels and have them saved in their drafts.

They are still in high demand as an interesting video user-generated content. So, while there is still time, hop on much like a frog and get across new audiences. Following the example of TikTok, everyone wants their 15-30 seconds of fame, therefore, it is a good idea to ride the early wave and reach new track records while competition is still manageable.

Get started with your product promotions, use audio that is relatable,  and tab on your profile for creation. It will allow you to grow and promote new products and offers.

Get creative!

Instagram Reels- FAQs

1. What should I know about Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are a new way to create and discover short entertaining videos. They invite you to create fun videos that are shareable. So, hit the record button and edit 30-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools.

2. Should I use Instagram reels for my business?

Of course! Showcase your products now with this new feature. The reels offer a great chance to put up a little show and tell, highlighting the best features of your product and share its benefits. Just in case you do not have a product-based business, it’s ok. Use the reels to highlight your service.

3. Does Instagram reel pay?

Yes, Instagram pays $500 for an in-feed Instagram post and 5-10 images that the brand could use for their own content. And, between $75 and $100 for three Stories slides, $300 for an Instagram Reel.

4. Why did my reels disappear?

In case you are unable to view the reels feature in your Instagram app, it could be due to the outdated version of your Instagram app. So, to use the reels feature, you need to update your app to the latest version from the play store on your android and the APP store on ios.

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