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How to Use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes



How to Use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes

How to Use Instagram Stories for marketing purposes

Your company can use Instagram Stories to involve your passionate supporters while encouraging new viewers to explore your content. In this short guide, we will share stories about your Instagram promotional mix.

How to use Instagram Stories

  1. Instagram provides you with a range of new features, which allow you to build content in your articles. But you can still post your content somewhat quickly.

  2. In the interface, press the camera icon in the top left corner to view the Instagram Stories camera.

  3. Click the white circle at the edge of the screen to snap a photograph, OR

  4. Pressing and holding the white circle will let you record video, OR

  5. Swipe up (or and choose the square gallery icon on the left) for using previously captured shots.

  6. At the edge of the screen, you can choose various functions like type, audio, live, boomerang, Superzoom, Focus, or manual-free formats to play with.

How to Use Instagram Stories

Consider “posting” less” and “networking” more.

Just because stories don’t always hang around, it doesn’t indicate that they don’t have to be thought and prepared. Advertisers should think for like every other marketing platform about their Instagram story.

Posting less Instagram Stories

Consider treating your story as a TV network with a daily routine posting or even repeated “dramas” on some days. Considering in mind how you will share content and how your story will stream will allow you to make your viewers more engaging and loyal.

You even better understand what is going to unfold and how your supporters may adapt.

Using Instagram stickers geotags and hashtags to its best  

With conventional stories, if you are using stickers, location geotags, and the best Instagram hashtags, you can usually boost your visibility. In a picture or video list, you can add a venue, logo, or hashtag.


Geotags will enable you to get spotted in destination-level stories (e.g. Los Angeles or a famous cafe in your area). Frequently tag your location in your Story posts if necessary, you can be positioned in front of people who check-in the same place.

Geo tags in Instagram Stories


Although it is commonly used for social media exploration, it is more likely that hashtags will exclude viewers from your shops and other posts. Only if you own them – if you run a promotion or you have consumers to upload images of them using their item on a branded hashtag are the Instagram hashtags in stories making the best use out of it. Hashtags can also lead you to the list of posts that are connected to your company, at least, if the hashtag is used on the story.

Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Utilize Instagram Live to promote your stories

Instagram Live is enjoyable to watch, but it is a little daunting to get started because it is filmed in real-time.

You can’t monitor live video because it is on-site, but it is an immersive and flexible format.

One of Instagram Live’s benefits is that your followers will be alerted when you begin them (unless notices have been switched off). You can post your stream to your Story for the next 24 hours once you have completed your live webcast.

Instagram live in Instagram Stories

Attract an audience to your website and products

Links in your Instagram bio

Add important links to your Instagram account. This helps any new or existing viewer to directly come to your profile page and firstly see it and then they can have quick access to whatever link you’ve provided, it can be your website link or even your own YouTube channel.

Links to your Instagram bio

Links in Instagram Stories

You can also include links in your posts for Instagram Story, drive users to your homepage, forum, product pages, or anywhere.

In Instagram Stories you can also use advertising to create clicking posts for your viewers to buy products. To view your products, just use product stickers. Your audience will tap for more knowledge and shopping.

Links in Instagram Stories

Customize stories into Highlights

The stories will continue as highlights as you will pin it on your profile.

These highlights include stories that can be curated in ways that help in particular subjects and themes.

Instagram Story highlights

Review results with Instagram Analytics

It can be difficult to determine how your stories work for your account.   But for Views, you don’t have many cues (you can see who’s seen your story by sweeping up) and responses (when your audience messages you on your story).

But with a business profile, enjoy a wide range of messages for a more constructive feedback mechanism from your stories.

Instagram analytics

See indicators like impressions and reach, but also steps taken in your stories, like the number of individuals watched, answered, or bounced back.

Using this insight to find out where you get the most and where you lose focus. You will refine your material over time whether your stories are too easy or too difficult.

Finishing Lines-

Does your Instagram strategy use stories? So far, what’s your engagement? In the comments below, share your thoughts. If you want more suggestions for Instagram Stories, check out our website for more such content.

How to use Instagram Stories to Promote your Business FAQs

1. How does Instagram’s story help advertisers?

Instagram Stories provide advertisers with a range of ways of promoting quick user engagement. With features such as geo-marking, hashtags, polls, stickers, and more, it’s easy to increase brand participation. Only a bit of imagination is required.

2. How to look at your views on Instagram

Take a glance at who follows your story for up-to-the-second analysis.
Tap the icon in the top right corner of the application’s homepage
In the lower right corner, your story has the view  
Review the list of users who looked at your story
You can also tap the graphical icon to see Insights if you have a Professional (i.e. creator or business) profile.
Although the stories last just 24 hours you have a 48-hour list of viewers and 14 days.

3. How do stickers work?

There are several different types of stickers but each serves a feature, as:
Increase your access and views with hashtags and places
Express a present, emoticon or music, mood.  
Promote participation through polls, countdowns, or questions

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