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Social Media

18 Instagram Stories Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Social Media

Social Media

18 Instagram Stories Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Instagram provides unlimited potential for companies and retailers. You can run publicity advertising, showcase your goods or functionality, and actively encourage your brand’s acts from the app. The app also has many integrated forms to directly connect by commenting and direct messages with your company.

We understand the power of an Instagram story and in order to help you leverage the most out of yours, here are some easy, helpful, DIY instagram story hacks that will take your stories to a whole new level!

Continue reading to learn how these 18 Instagram story hacks will make a fun, creative, and powerful story!

Instagram story hack #1: Add pictures to your story directly

Did you ever want to include more pictures in a single Instagram story or have multiple pictures? Or add a particular GIF in the GIF library of Instagram?

Choice 1: Copy a picture from Your photo library

Did you ever want to include more pictures in a single Instagram story or have multiple pictures? Or add a particular GIF in the GIF library of Instagram? Well here’s an instagram hack to sail your boat.

Start with a picture opening and clicking on the key “Export.”

Add pictures to your instagram story

Click “Copy” now and go straight to your story on Instagram.

How to post directly to instagram story

Select the “Paste” function in a double screen.

copy paste an image in instagram story

You must now see the picture you clipped previously in your story.

how to post an image in instagram story

Choice 2: Utilize the Gboard App from Google

The second approach is to download the Gboard program from Google and add images to your keyboard directly.

To do this, just open a story and click the Gboard’s window.

gboard app to post on instagram

Click the Google logo “G” and enter the search function for a request.

use gboard app to post as an instagram story

You can scan for pictures and GIFs to add.

scan pocture to add in instagram story

After you find what you need, just tap the picture or GIF to copy it, and then click on the screen to paste it once!

add image or gif to instagram story

Only note to verify the rights to use or to create the picture if appropriate.

Or you can add the colors of your brand to a story and then use a color dropper tool for the precise color of that object. If you want to include the brand colors, you can add an element that contains the colors to the story.

Instagram story hack #2: Transform the Live Photos into Boomerangs

The live photo must be taken during the last 24 hours to make it function!

Just open Instagram Stories, select and swipe up your camera roll for a live snap.

Transform the Live Photos into Boomerangs in indtagram

When you have chosen the word “Boomerang” appears shortly, click firmly onto the display for a few seconds.

Now your clip has changed into a Boomerang!

change live photos into boomerang

Instagram story hack #3. Add to your story your brand fonts

  • Start with Over Mobile App download. AirDrop your. OFT font file on your mobile device once it is downloaded.

  • Choose over from the pop-up menu.

  • And this is it. Now you can add your company fonts while creating a story.

Add to your story your brand fonts

Instagram story hack #4: See How Many Times Your Post was accessed on Stories

  • Instagram gathers a lot of large data, including the number of views, saves, charts, and more, about your Instagram post. But there’s one set of information you might be lacking out on story reshares.

  • In your Instagram Insights, you simply can’t find this. Conversely, you’ll have to select the ellipsis in the upper right corner of a post to pull up a menu with the feature to “ View Story Reshares.

  • This will draw you to a screen with a page of your recent public reshares.

  • Click one of the reshares and watch it live on the account of the customer.

  • If you don’t get the choice to see reshares, this indicates that your post isn’t presently being shared in anyone’s stories!

  • This instagram hack can be especially useful if you want to share Instagram stories with user-generated content! For instance, you may want to share how your supporters respond to a big announcement if you have just released a new product.

view instagram story reshares

Instagram story hack #5: Left, right or middle match your text.

  • Some of the Instagram story font types do not have the choice to be left or right-aligned.

  • In the upper – left corner of the page, you can normally tap the alignment button to adjust the alignment of your text. Your texts would automatically appear focused if you do not have the button (as is the case with New, Neon, and Strong fonts).

  • Only type a message with a font without the alignment button in Instagram Tales.

  • Now clean your text with a finger left or right. This should alter the orientation of the text.

Match your text in instagram story

Instagram story hack #6: Edit much more color combinations in Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Stories has a secret trick that enables users to access all the colors that your text might require!

  • Create your Instagram Stories and pick the tool for a brush. Now tap and hold any of the regular color choices in the lower part of the display to open the color slider.

  • Now just swipe the slider to select your story with a custom color.

  • Also, you can use the Color Picker tool to detect the exact brand color from your template if you use an Instagram Stories template that you built with the brand colors!

  • You can make a color variation (or rainbow) effect with your text using the tool to select color!

  • Open Instagram Stories to do this and type a post. To illuminate the text, click and select “Pick Everything.”

  • Click and drag one finger at the bottom of the screen, while your text is highlighted, to open the entire color spectrum. As you did earlier.

instagram stories hacks

With a finger holding on the color slider and a finger on the highlighted text, drag both fingers simultaneously to the left of your screen.

When you drag your finger along the color spectrum, your texts begin to change in color, letter by letter. For additional color variations to this instagram story hack,  you can shift your finger faster or lighter, or adjust the direction in which you pull the fingers on the screen to produce completely various effects.

instagram story hacks

Instagram story hack #7: Create a “Glow ” Effect to the Emojis

  • If you ever chose to make Instagram Stories pop out with your emojis, there is a secret method to make them glow.

  • Open your story simply and pick Neon fonts, touch the screen to access the tool.

  • Now there should be a nice shine behind when you insert an emoji!

glow effect to emojis in instagram story

Instagram story hack #8: Build your stories with a solid color

  • This color fill hack is very useful to share a canvas instead of a picture or video with drawings and text!

  • Click on the pen button at the top right corner and pick a color.

  • Then press and hold 1-3 seconds on the screen until the display is color-filled.

  • Note: Whether using a marker or a neon brush or if using the chisel-tip brush, the screen would have a solid color fill.

  • You can use the eraser tool to build some sort of “scratch card” result which is great for surprises if you want to take this Instagram story hack a level forward!

attach solid color to instagram story

Instagram story hack #9: Start creating fun effects using the Eraser Tool

  • The eraser tool can be used in your Instagram stories to produce all sorts of fun looks.

  • To zig-zag around a person or thing, you may choose the drawing tool.

  • And use the eraser tool to delete curving pieces to achieve a 3D action.

fun effects in instagram stories

Instagram story hack #10: Insert a backdrop just before You Share a Feed Post to Instagram Stories

  • Start with the Mobile App and build a new story by accessing the “transparent” screen and selecting the size of the story.

  • You now have to put a backdrop on your smartphone.  Once it is available, scale it to fill the gaps.

  • Using the Mask tool next to build your post in a tiny transparent circle.

  • Export the picture as a PNG, eventually.

  • Then, just copy and paste the background picture from your photo library when you upload a feed post for Instagram Stories.

insert a backdrop in instagram story

Instagram story hack #11: Cover up the Hashtags

  • Often hashtags can mess up the look and feel of the Instagram story you want to upload, but fortunately, there is an instagram hack around this one!

  • If in your Instagram stories you want to conceal hashtags, enter in your hashtags (up to 10 might be included) then select them to make them tiny.

  • Position a GIF or photo sticker over the hashtag so it is overshadowed!

  • Remember, Instagram will not register you if you make your hashtags too tiny. So, the best way to conceal them behind another design feature or mask them with the backdrop.

hashtags in instagram stories

Instagram story hack #12: Transform your script with a drop shadow effect

  • You can try adding a shadow effect to your text if you’re searching for a simple way of adding some spark and creative flair on your Instagram story.

  • Create your story and touch the screen to pull up the text tool. Write your text, pick your font, and pinch your fingers to resize your font.

  • Repeat the process with the same font and size of your post, but in another color!

  • Now only position the top layer of text to slightly remove from the middle of the lower layer of text.

shadow effect in instagram stories

Instagram story hack #13: Share several questions on a single story

  • The Instagram Stories question sticker has received a huge amount of support from business owners on Instagram — they’re a great opportunity to showcase to your supporters that you’re sociable there’s an actual human behind your account. You can request advice or offer the opportunity for your audience to talk about their thoughts — anything that helps you get deeper into your audience.

  • Just create a story in which you share the answer to the question.

  • Take screenshots now and remove the story.

  • Now open the snapshot and create a second story with another question sticker.

  • Continue to do so until you have a range of questions on one story.

  • And this is it! Your supporters are going to thank you for saving their thumbs!

Share several questions on a single instagram  story

Instagram story hack #14: Pin Text, logos, emoticon, and GIFs to Your Instagram Stories

  • You can impress your followers and keep them interested by placing innovative elements into your Instagram Stories videos.

  • Just select your video and add a creative element such as a text, an emoji, or GIF. To do this.

  • Click now and keep the added feature.

  • Place your artistic piece on the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to move through the video.

  • Click “Pin” once you’ve found the position in your video.

Pin Text, logos, emoticon, and GIFs to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram story hack #15: Use the Giphy App to update GIFs instantly to Stories

The partnership of Instagram with GIPHY was a major success both for companies and users of Instagram. But in fact, there is another way of adding GIFs to your stories: the GIPHY application!

When you are on your GIPHY Mobile App, you simply activate Instagram by clicking the Instagram icon under any GIF.

You see the two-way screen: insert the GIF to your feed, or attach the GIF to your feed as a story.

Use the Giphy App to update GIFs instantly to Stories

Instagram story hack #16: Creating ImgPlay GIF-like content

Look no further if you are looking for a way to make your own Instagram GIFs with this instagram hack! ImgPlay is the fastest way to make GIFs from your photo library using images and videos!

ImgPlay lets you cut sections of your video to produce a slideshow or GIF by selecting several photographs. You can also change your device’s existing GIFs through the app.

You can alter the playing speed and length once you have built your GIF, add text, subtitles, and other adjustments using the bottom bar icons.

Upload your latest GIF to Instagram Stories once you have completed it!

Creating ImgPlay GIF-like content in instagram story

Instagram story hack #17: Plan in preparation for your Instagram stories

Instagram Stories updates are only scheduled and scheduled for a few minutes, and anything is possible from your laptop. You will get a push-notification to your device when it’s time to make your Instagram Story live, and you can share your posts with your supporters on just a few clicks of your smartphone.

Plan in preparation for your Instagram stories

Instagram story hack #18: Start creating Line Breaks

  • You can add a background image to the spaces (as Instagram always will read this as text in your fonts) by creating a keyboard shortcut which consists only of the spaces, but this will seem like a simple colored box in your article!

  • Everything you need to do is to copy the space on your mobile device between these brackets. Then open the settings for your phone and go to General, Keyboard, and “Text Replacement.”

  • In the top right corner click the “+” button and then press on “word” to add space. Your shortcut can then be named.

  • Now return to Instagram Stories and tap the screen for the text tool to open. Type the shortcut, then pick the substitute for the text.

  • Place the text on the bottom of the screen, and add color to it.

  • You’ve got a colorful box behind your text now!

  • Congratulations! This easy instagram story hack got you an appealing colorful box behind your text now!

Start creating Line Breaks in instagram stories

Concluding Thoughts!

Hopefully, these Instagram Stories hacks help you create some fun, artistic, and creative Instagram Stories that set you apart from your competition!

Instagram Stories Hacks – FAQs

1. What is an Instagram story?

Instagram stories are a special way of sharing their day-to-day lives with the world in photos and videos. At times you might want to save a story that is not sponsored in the app, how you enjoyed it. To help people download Instagram stories and view them online, was developed to solve this problem.

2. Could you save an Instagram story?

At times you might want to save a story that is not sponsored in the app, how you enjoyed it. To help people download Instagram stories and view them online, was developed to solve this problem. Storydownloader is a popular on-line story-downloading application.

3. What are the Instagram story ads?

Instagram Story Advertisements are available in Instagram Stories on top of your News Feed. Of course, Instagram stories themselves are full-screen and vertical, so the story is all you look at on your smartphone.

4. How to add multiple photos to your Instagram story using a collage app?

Here’s a cool instagram hack to add multiple photos to your Instagram story-

Download the Instagram Layout app from the app store
Open Layout
Select the photos you want in the collage
Choose the layout that you want to use for your collage

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