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Instagram Trends of 2020: 8 Big Trends To Learn From



Instagram Trends of 2020: 8 Big Trends To Learn From

Instagram Trends 1

What’s Trending on Instagram Today? The 2020 Trends

There’s no doubt that amidst this global pandemic, the year has been still very trendy. New Instagram trends came in and went off in a click, while none of us had any idea that 2020 would be like a rollercoaster ride and so much craziness would be around, still there’s no denying the fact that Instagram presented us with some of the coolest features this year!

Instagram Trends 2

From the new lockdown Instagram trends like Instagram reels to supporting local businesses, we’ve got it all covered. Below is the complete breakdown of all the coolest and the most popular features of Instagram in 2021. This blog will give you an idea about how you should keep your Instagram game or feed updated. stay tuned, to the blog as we have covered all a variety of topics like art & craft to Insta activism and authenticity.

Instagram Trends of 2020-

1. IGTV Series

It’s now a well-known fact that video content is one of the most entertaining as well as engaging forms of digital media. Whether it’s IGTV, Instagram stories, or even YouTube, video content is the type of media that is watched most by all of us. So, the basic upliftment of your IG profile would be to inculcate a lot of videos that are entertaining and fun to watch.

IGTV Series

You can create different types of videos you want to on Instagram. From fashion to comic vines or even creating your very own episodic series is also something very unique you can opt for. Videos are the new Instagram trends that help increase your engagement and reach of your Instagram profile. And if your video is on point, then they’ll keep on bringing back your as well as new followers onto your profile. If you’ve not started creating videos already, now is the perfect time to start with your camera and do some “Lights, camera, and action!”

IGTV Series 1

With the right type of marketing and publicizing your content, which you can easily do by writing-related titles, themes, descriptions, and of course, using hashtags. You can change the game of your existing Instagram profile. An important thing to keep in mind while shooting videos is to not make the videos unnecessarily lengthy and boring, rest you are good to go!

2. DIY Memes

Do-It-Yourself or DIY would be the word which you would already probably hear a lot off late. In this era of doing and curating things on your own, you can be as experimental and creative with your content and break the roofs of generic things. Apart from the word DIY Instagram trends, MEMES is something that one comes in touch with on a daily basis! You go to any social media platform all you would hear is MEME, MEME & MEMES! People love content that they can relate to and also which has some comic relief in it, as it’s a great stress buster. While meme is something which is known to everyone for years, now you can make yours too. 2020 is all about creating your own customized memes.

DIY Memes

All you need is some sense of humor and relatability to different contexts and you can slay the DIY meme game very easily.

3. Monochrome Aesthetics

Monochrome styling or techniques is a topic which we can never end and also be out of the sensational Instagram trends. As simple as the technique is of this colouring palette, it’s immensely aesthetic and visually pleasing to look at. The chicness of the method is quintessential of all those aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds.

Monochrome Aesthetics

If you’re a person who likes to make bold statements then you can easily go for contrasting monochrome edits. This trend is the easiest and safest to follow for creating a niche on your profile.

Monochrome Aesthetics 1

4. Illustrations

From being extremely artsy and crafty content, Instagram is flooded with illustrations in 2021. Whether you want to create doodles or mandalas, Instagram is the right place to showcase your artist’s side. You can aid your illustrations by using adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, or even procreate. Digital art is something which is very new and unique so if you find this interesting enough then you should actually try it on!


5. Puzzle Grids

As complicated as it may sound to you, these puzzle grid Instagram trends are actually pretty easy to create puzzle grids. All you need to have is an extremely unique idea to make a basic template. This trend is igniting at its pace and people are drooling over the final results of it.

Puzzle Grids

The super-stylish puzzle grid is something where you incorporate a lot of images and change the dimensions according to your vibe and mood. The bigger pictures seamlessly blend from one corner to the other of the grid. And this looks very edgy and fashionable!

6. Collages

The collage trend is something which we’ve known and worked with for a long time. This would not be rocket science for anyone to know, how collages are made and constructed. You don’t need much help to master this trend as this is as easy as clicking one selfie would be! Using a collage, you can merge multiple photographs or videos in the same grid. It is one of the most go-to and easy Instagram trends to follow on Instagram. And people in 2020 are still not over this trend!

You can create any college you want with the right editing tools and vision. One must have a mood board or vision in mind while creating a collage, so that at the end it should make some sense and looks cohesive.

7. Authenticity

No matter how hard you try to follow the above Instagram trends, you can only attain some popularity on Instagram if you are authentic. None of the audiences like to see fake or copied personalities on social media, and what they actually crave is authenticity and keeping things real even on a social platform. You need to be gutsy but at the same time creative with what real and authentic content you are showing up on social media. As your content portrays the personality you actually are.

But do not be too hard on yourself! People are more likely  to love you for who you actually are and not how you falsely portray yourself to be. From creative, professional, and personal levels, one should be extremely raw and organic on social media because people would be able to relate to your character and not crib about it.

8. Content for a Cause

As one of the most popular and engaging social media Instagram trends where audiences come from all around the corner. Instagram is a global platform to showcase and present your thoughts. Thoughts and beliefs which you stand for.

Diverse communities come here and take a stand for the purposes and causes they believe in. Which enables and facilitates a social change. Change towards a good cause! Insta-activism is something that has been very popular and used variously by a wide range of the global population. Hashtags like #metoo or #blacklivesmatter are popularised and used to show the support of the particular cause by this social media platform. The most loved and popular trends would be to stand inequality as a global community in unity and support for a good cause or social issue. We are all in this together!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here