Posted Jan 25, 2023

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Social Media

Top LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices 2023: Explained

Social Media

Social Media

Top LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices 2023: Explained

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

What do you mean by a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page allows a company to promote its branding by posting, updating, and engaging with the customers. It can be created by any company with a company name, work email, and a website within 5 minutes. It will help drive quality leads, increase traffic, and promote the brand to the world’s largest professional social networking platform.

LinkedIn provides a great way to help businesses, companies, organizations, and brands to empower and engage with the professional community. It allows you to post, respond to comments, discover related content, drive traffic, increase engagement and qualified leads using the specific CTAs with access to a simple analytics dashboard.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page?

Here are the steps to make a company page on LinkedIn for your business or company:

  • Click on ‘Create a LinkedIn Page’ located under the ‘Work’ tab of your LinkedIn account

  • Select the option that describes your brand the best as per the brand type and company employee size: This is because the platform creates pages based on the kind of company they run. For instance, is the brand a small business, medium to large business, or an institution? Once you select this feature, it allows LinkedIn to understand what the company stands for and how they can serve you better.

  • Next, fill in the details on the next page, where you can talk about all that the company entails, your LinkedIn public URL, and your website. The next page will ask for other company details like the Industry, company size, and company type, whether it is self-employed, public, or is a partnership.

Note – This is where you can include the logo and the tagline of the company. For reference, the recommended logo size is 300 x 300px (JPGs, PNGs, JPEGs) while 1536 x 768px is for the LinkedIn company page banner image. Make use of the Glorify App that works best for the creation of these banners in a professional and creative way in just a few seconds. Register for free now!

  • Verify the authorization of the company by checking in the checkbox and hitting on ‘Create Page’.

Best Practices of a LinkedIn Company Page

Now that you know how to create a company Linkedin page, you might need to know of the best practices that will help you in marketing your page in all sections and help you grow your brand on the platform, and here’s how:

1) Automate the updates in the right way

Automate the updates in the right way

Irrespective of the diverse thoughts regarding automation, LinkedIn’s own rules and terms should be the reason for you to avoid this marketing strategy, systems, and tools. For instance, there are few that must be avoided, such as the use of any tools, bots, or systems to scrape or copy the profiles or any data of the user from the platform.

On the other hand, automating your company’s LinkedIn content or posts on a daily basis is a good way to save time, especially for business owners, social media managers, and marketers. This is because they might not have so much time to constantly find, upload, and share rich posts on your LinkedIn company page to build the industry and grow the brand. Therefore, this content automation would do the work.

2) Add Call to Action (CTA) to engage the followers

Add Call to Action (CTA) to engage the followers

It is very important for a business to not only make progress in terms of traffic but also be able to convert the new viewers into clients or customers. To do so, LinkedIn allows businesses to add a clear and relevant call to action button on their profiles.

After the LinkedIn company page is published, add a CTA button by editing the company’s profile and choose the ‘buttons’ that suit best for your company’s image.

3) Maintain the rate of creation and regular content sharing

Maintain the rate of creation and regular content sharing

There is no other way to build up your LinkedIn company page other than building great pages with relevant hashtags. This will help the company associate with a certain style, growth, engagement, relevance, attract customers and clients as and when they search on the platform. As simple as it gets, good content leads to a good business strategy.

The importance of a good social media marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough, be it via posts, a video, using hashtags, or images. Therefore, all of this boils down to a good quality post, and the best way to indulge in a quick creation is via using the Glorify App to help create an effective content strategy for your LinkedIn page. Register for free now!

Also, as per LinkedIn, LinkedIn company pages that engage weekly tend to see a 2x lift in the engagement with their content. So, for better results stick to one or two posts daily or at least four times weekly, as LinkedIn users are a bit ‘slow’ in terms of content consumption.

4) Repost best posts to create a good social circle

Repost best posts to create a good social circle

This is the easiest and the best way to promote your company page on the LinkedIn platform as opposed to the other social media platforms.

LinkedIn company pages allow you to add the content of your employees on your company’s LinkedIn profile. In this way, the users will be able to easily learn about the company page and get to connect with people working there.

So, make sure of two major points here,

  • Add all employees to the company page on LinkedIn

  • Repost the best posts of the employees for better reach and boost

To Conclude:

Social media might come across as a dicey platform but engaging with the viewers through the company pages helps the viewers connect to the brand on a different level, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, having a LinkedIn company page is quite different as it helps group all the employees on the platform and helps build up awareness together via the LinkedIn page. Not only that, amongst all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the only medium that accumulated on a professional group including the huge companies.

Perhaps, make use of the space, create good quality posts with the help of Glorify, and grow in unity. Feel free to comment in the comment session below for any queries.

Top LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices in 2023 FAQs

1. How do I make a good LinkedIn company page?

– Make sure to update the company’s profile image along with the banner
– Write a good brief in the “About Us” section with relevant keywords
– Do not leave out any other key fields
– Create a showcase page or pages and a career page
– Give our endorsements
– Keep an eye on the competitors

2. What to post on the LinkedIn Company Page?

– Videos
– Images with statistics
– Product launches
– Feature enhancements
– Companies wins and milestones
– Highlighting the leaders of the company
– Drive registration for the events hosted by the company or sponsoring
– Promote relevant eBooks

3. How to attract followers on the LinkedIn Company Page?

– Specify the kind of business
– Include the link of the LinkedIn profile in the email signature
– Place Linkedin follow widget to the website or the blog
– Post content on a regular basis
– Run PPC campaign
– Follow competitors to build a connection
– Tag employees to drag their followers

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