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LinkedIn Cover Photo Dimensions - The Definitive Size Guide 2023

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

LinkedIn Cover Photo Dimensions - The Definitive Size Guide 2023

What Is A LinkedIn Cover Photo?

The LinkedIn background photo, also known as the cover photo, appears above the profile's about section and profile image. 

adidas linkedin cover

A cover photo is often overlooked by its users. Although it has many benefits.

For example, LinkedIn profiles with photos receive 36 times more messages and 21 times more views.

You gain an immediate advantage when you modify your LinkedIn banner image, regardless of whether you're an individual, a personal brand, or a business.

Why Is LinkedIn Cover Photo Important?

While it may be simple for businesses to include their corporate logo in their cover image, people who are trying to advertise themselves to peers and future employers must be a little more inventive.

The LinkedIn cover photo you select should, however, be representative of you, your field, and your abilities, just like everything else related to branding.

Choosing a distinctive image is a beautiful approach to help you stand out from the crowd. Even though using the default LinkedIn background photo is a good place to start while you brainstorm ideas.

Your cover photo is a chance to showcase your brand and personality. But, at the same time, your profile picture should be conservative and professional.

When utilized properly, your LinkedIn cover photo can assist in developing a better understanding of your personal brand.

What Makes a Stand-Out LinkedIn Cover Photo?

As we mentioned earlier, a profile picture can be a logo (if you want to represent your brand) or a headshot (if you want to represent yourself).

You can be a bit more creative when choosing a cover image, but either way, you should follow these guidelines:

1. Use a crisp, high-resolution image with the correct size.

High-resolution images will ensure that your background image will appear smooth when uploaded. Of course, you should also make sure that the size of the LinkedIn cover photo is correct.

2. Use an image that shows what is that you do

Try to come up with a distinctive representation of your industry.

To ensure that your cover image will stand out, look at what other experts in your industry are using as their cover photo. 

For example, feel free to put it as a banner if you feel like the lounge area, outdoor space, or well-equipped office is something you are proud of.

3. Use the image of your workspace or your colleagues

One excellent technique to demonstrate your work ethic and professionalism is by using a photo of your workspace. For example, if you feel like the lounge area, outdoor space, or well-equipped office is something you are proud of, feel free to put it as a banner.

4. Use your brand’s logo 

If you are a small business owner, there is no better place to advertise than a Linkedin cover photo. Remember to incorporate your brand's colors and adjust them to match your profile image.

5. Use a personal photo

If you are an experienced traveler, why not use a stunning image from one of your journeys? Or, if you have a food blog, what is better than including a glorious photo of your signature dish?

6. Use an abstract image

If you need help finding an adequate image or are uncomfortable sharing personal photos, use an abstract image. It can be anything textured or geometrical but something that still catches attention.

Check out these content suggestions for your LinkedIn Company page if you need additional inspiration.

What Are The LinkedIn Cover Photo Dimensions?

LinkedIn only supports JPEG or PNG file types.

In order to fit the screen, your cover image may be cropped horizontally or vertically.

You should always choose a high-quality image with little to no text for the best display across all devices and screen sizes.

Note that both light and dark backgrounds will display your logo's image.

But, if your logo has transparent parts, a white background will be displayed.

Test it before settling on the final version to ensure your logo appears correctly on both light and dark backgrounds.

linkedin dimensions

If you use the minimum required image size for the cover image – 1128 x 191 px, keep in mind that the image will likely appear smaller. 

So, it is the best practice to use the recommended LinkedIn cover image size, 1128 x 191 pixels.

Also, the recommended image aspect ratio should be 129:8, and its size can't exceed 8 MB.

How To Create LinkedIn Cover Photo Using Glorify

If you are reading this article, you want to maximize the potential of your LinkedIn profile and take advantage of everything else this network has to offer eager professionals and business owners.

In light of this, let's see how to use Glorify to design a distinctive and expert-looking LinkedIn banner.

Glorify is among the best solutions for designing a LinkedIn cover photo and also comes with a forever-free plan.

This online tool provides pre-made LinkedIn background image templates, making the procedure incredibly simple and enjoyable!

With its intuitive interface, creating a cover image is simple, whether you want to start with a blank canvas or customize a pre-made template.

Step 1. Choose a Template

Glorify has a library with hundreds of templates.You can find a suitable template for the following:

  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)

  • Ecommerce (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, etc.)

  • Adverts,

  • Mockups,

  • Blog posts,

  • Infographics,

  • Ebooks, and more.

glorify dashboard

There are two options available – Linkedin Company BG and LinkedIn Profile BG, to choose from.

glorify linkedin banner dimensions

 Step 2. Customize the template

The excellent feature Glory offers is template bundles. So, for example, when you find the design you like, you can use it across platforms without manually resizing or adjusting the image.

glorify bundles

When you select the design you like, an editor will open. Then, on the left side, the Assets library will open by clicking the + Sign.

You can add Shapes, Icons, Backgrounds, Brand kit, Icons, Illustrations, and much more from this panel.

glorify assets library

The Brand kit feature allows personalizing every design in seconds. You can add your logo, custom color palettes, or fonts straight from the dashboard.

glorify color bundles

By clicking on the text, the editor on the right will appear. Here you can change the font, upload your own, or otherwise change the appearance of the chosen text.

glorify text editor

On the right side of the dashboard, you can find additional options, like the background remover, drop shadows, filters, layers, and more.

glorify background remover

Get creative and take advantage of the free and intuitive tools Glorify offers. 

Step 3. Save and share your design

When satisfied with the end result, you can save it in different formats – PNG, Transparent PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, or SVG PDF.  Or, share it via link or email. Also, you can invite team members to view or edit the design. 

This was a short overview of what Glorify has to offer. But that is definitely not all.

Some of the most prominent features Glorify has are:

  • Infinite canvas – Gives you and your team an unlimited space to brainstorm, create strategies, be inventive, organize your resources, etc.

  • Mockup feature – Create realistic, 3D mockup scenes using hundreds of templates.

  • Brand kit – Apply custom font, colors, and logo to every design within a click.

  • Template bundles – Use one design across platforms.

  • Photo editing features – Customize and edit any image with powerful features like the Background remover, Smart resize, Annotation tool, Shadows and reflections, etc.

And lastly, Glorify's library is packed with icons, illustrations, images, 3D models, and more that will make your LinkedIn cover image stand out among competitors.


A LinkedIn cover photo may not seem like a big deal compared to other things an average business owner has to worry about. Still, it can mean a difference in how your brand is perceived.

Suppose you want your brand to grow and be recognized. In that case, you should pay attention to using high-quality and adequately sized images.

Different LinkedIn cover photo dimensions can be a headache to keep in mind. Still, in the end, it all works to your advantage.

But, with Glorify, you can create a stunning image hassle-free and differentiate yourself from the competition.

So, sign up for free today and begin your creative journey.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here