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LinkTree Reviews And LinkTree Alternatives - 2021



LinkTree Reviews And LinkTree Alternatives - 2021

What Is Linktree? How Does It Work?

What Is Linktree? How Does It Work?

Like we mentioned, it allows users to share more than one link in their Instagram bio. This was the only tool that allowed people to optimize their Insta traffic and get one bio link that housed all the other links to their content. Some reasons why  Linktree reviews stood out were: it does the job, it’s pretty easy to set-up and use, and it’s super clean. All you need to do is paste the links and rearrange them with a drag and drop interface. After adding all the site links, you can create a button in each case. The target user’s interface is crispy clean and won’t be cluttered even if you share over 27 links.

Moreover, you can set it up within a few minutes. You can add links to your portfolio, YouTube channel, opt-in landing pages, your blogs and so much more. Yet, this impressive tool comes with some limitations, let’s learn about them!

LinkTree Reviews – Should You Use Linktree?

Linktree Is A Free-mium Tool

With the free version of Linktree, you can only do so much. As an online business owner, you have to pay $6/month to unlock the premium features. The LinkTree reviews premium-tool include:

  • The ability to add unlimited links (which is available in the free version).

  • Do some tweaking to the background theme to match your brand (in the free version, you get four background theme options).

  • You can see the number of times each link has been clicked (which is available in the free version).

  • You get 5 extra background themes and an option to add a beautiful background image.

  • You can change the title to remove the Linktree branding.

  • It allows you to fully customize the interface to match your brand. Now you can add a profile image, change button styles, edit fonts, and colors.

  • Daily analytics with highlights of the links with the highest number of clicks.

  • You can re-target your visitors on Instagram and Facebook by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.

  • To manage your Linktree links, you can add other admins or a team.

  • You can add thumbnail images to every link button.

  • You can time or schedule when your links go live.

But do you need to pay, when you can do it yourself for free?

LinkTree Reviews – An Undoing To Your Brand

Although Linktree has put in lots of effort into designing themes and background options that you can use for branding, will they match your visual branding needs? Furthermore, you’ll have the Linktree name on your Insta bio URL, at the top of your Linktree landing page, and a Linktree logo at the bottom of the page (in the free version). People who are not familiar with website domains and internet marketing tools might get confused about your website with Linktree. Additionally, if you wish to get rid of this confusion, you have to invest around $72 annually. This sounds way too much!

LinkTree Reviews – Add All Your Links On Insta Bio For Free

The whole point of advertisement and marketing is to expose your brand to your target audience. The best way to promote familiarity with the brand, its unique values, and why it stands out from the crowd is by exposing your name or the name of your business to your audience. Instead, here you’ll be exposing Linktree’s name and logo (if you opt for their free version).

Some Best Linktree Alternatives In 2021

Alternative To LinkTree – If A Website Isn’t Your Thing – ContactInBio

Best Linktree Alternatives

Some don’t want the hassle of designing and updating their websites. However, you are 100% committed to marketing your brand on Instagram. With the lifetime ContactInBio Business Plan ($91), you can link your YouTube channel, Etsy, Teachable, Social Media platforms, and Facebook Private Group. Moreover, you can add a contact form, email list opt-in, etc. If you are starting your business, go for the annual LinkTree alternatives, which are around $48. This tool is a landing page in itself!

Alternative To LinkTree – Best Freemium LinkTree Alternatives – Campsite.Bio

Best Freemium Alternative to Linktree

Although this tool is pretty similar to Linktree it comes with much more features that make it one of the best LinkTree alternatives. Some of the free features that you can find at Campsite.Bio includes:

  • The ability to add unlimited links.

  • You can add a brief about the info and change the title.

  • You can connect with your Instagram for images on your links.

  • You can tweak some fonts and colors on your landing page.

  • Add your social media accounts.

  • You can see your links analytics such as how many times people clicked it.

TTheir free plan will always remain free and is considered one of the best LinkTree alternatives. Though, you’ll still get their name on your URL and landing page title. If you wish to get rid of them, you can opt for the Campsite Pro plan with just $7 monthly which includes:

  • All the free plan features are mentioned above.

  • You can customize the domain (

  • You can hide their branding and control the meta-data which includes description, title, and images.

  • You can schedule your links to go live with your other posts/content.

  • To grow your email list, you can integrate with Google Sheets and MailChimp.

  • To get a detailed view of your traffic, you can integrate with Google Analytics.

  • You can add your Facebook Pixel ID for re-targeting.

  • You get priority support.

  • Plus, a 10 days free trial with cancellation.

Alternative To LinkTree – Pricey But Cool – Link In Profile

Pricey But Cool - Link In Profile

This tool can be considered as a next-generation Linktree alternative. However, the Personal Plan is pretty pricey as it starts at $9.99/month. Also, its user interface can complicate things for your visitors. But it’s super easy to set-up and takes less than one minute. Simply, sign-up for an account, link your Instagram account and add your dedicated landing page to your bio. Whenever you post pictures on your Instagram, simply paste a URL on the caption. Now, on your Link In Profile landing page, the links on all your post’s captions will appear automatically.

Alternative To LinkTree – Basic With Hidden Charges – LitUrls

This basic Linktree alternative is pretty easy to use. Though they market it as free, it comes with some hidden charges. After you set up for the free account, your profile will default to their Pro Plan that costs around $5/month. There’s more! Although, if you choose to pay for the premium features and the features are almost similar to Linktree. You have to pay an additional tax of $0.65. This makes the total around $5.65 per month. Moreover, there’s a heavy presence of LitUrls branding on your landing page.

Alternative To LinkTree – Free For Life But With No Customization Options – ManyLink

Free For Life But With No Customization Options - Manylink

Yes, this tool is free! You might want to try Manylink. As of now, they don’t include a paid plan, however, they might in the future. This tool’s dashboard interface looks pretty basic, but the landing page user interface looks pretty bulky with a heavy presence of their branding.

Alternative To LinkTree – Create Your Own

We would 100% recommend you create a landing page on your site. It can be your blog, website, business website, portfolio site, or any site that you manage. When you go with this alternative, you get to have total control over the link and your brand!

Final Thoughts: Login Into The Best LinkTree Alternatives – 2021

Try not to overlook creating a landing page for your Instagram bio link because you can lead your audience to various platforms of yours. We hope this guide helped you and you were able to create a beautiful page for yourself!

LinkTree Reviews And LinkTree Alternatives In 2021 FAQs

1. What is better than Linktree?

Squarespace can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Linktree because:
– It’s much more customizable.
– It’s better for your SEO.
– Keep all your site analytics in one place.
– Only one platform to manage all your site traffic.

2. Is Linktree banned on Instagram?

You might notice that Instagram is marking some Linktree links as spam. This might lead to the link in your Instagram bio get blocked. So, your audience can no longer use it. Moreover, you don’t get any notification when it happens to you. So, there’s no way of knowing if your IG bio link has stopped working.

3. Is Linktree a good idea – LinkTree reviews?

As a Linktree concept is a great thing. The basic idea of routing your audience to one place which consists of all your social links or content is great. Especially, if you can only use one link in your bio.

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