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Time For A Logo Redesign? Here’s everything you need to know about why and how to redesign a logo



Time For A Logo Redesign? Here’s everything you need to know about why and how to redesign a logo

Google logo redesign

Glorify gives you a detailed article about how to determine and when to update your logo.

A logo redesign may sound overwhelming and hard to prioritize, but a transformation still has to be made when required. Setting five important questions will help you to figure out whether you should commit to what you have or attempt for something different. Glorify gives you a detailed article about logo redesigning: When, why and how to redesign a logo!

5 key questions to consider when a logo is in the redesigning process-

1. Has your company grown or changed?

Perhaps you’ve just added a whole range of new items or extended your office or recruited a lot of new staff. It may be time to update and redesign your logo when your company has grown or improved in some way.

Dominos logo redesign

2. Have you got new opponents?

By demonstrating to your current customers that you are new, up-to-date, and also to potential clients, a logo redesign will benefit you.

Warner bros logo redesign

3. Have you been communicating with the modern demographic?

You have powerful, dedicated, and pleasant existing customers, but are you prepared to discuss with millennial customers? The advertising specialist may demand a brand logo redesign if your answer to that question is no. A new logo will help bind you to a younger audience and retain your client base.

Logo redesign

4. Did the ideals or objectives of your brand change?

If yes, it will obviously change as your company expands and your logo should hence be redesigned. If you find that the essence of your organization is changed from when you began, your logo should represent such transitions.

Adobe logo redesign

5. Has your logo been around for (way too) long?

It’s a straightforward and easy question, but one worth knowing. It might be time to reach the new age because your logo was built in the ’70s. Your old logo design style is possibly not only bored with artistic aspects but also incompatible with the various technical equipment that displays the logo – mobile equipment, iPad, or such like. It’s time for a logo redesign!

Mastercard logo redesign

Logo redesign vs. logo refresh: what is best for you?

If you responded to one or several of the earlier questions yes, then there will definitely be scope to redesign your logo, but there is more than one approach to rebuild your logo. You can just refresh or update your logo.

For the beginners, you can choose to just refresh or update your logo. Refreshing is a somewhat significant strategy. Think of it as a logo redesign in the form of a logo make-up that fits with existing design components. A designer refreshes the logo by inserting messages, changing colors, or standardizing the whole look, which will allow a slight change to what is still existing.

On the other side, a logo redesign, it should not be undermined, is like intense action. This strategy can involve new texts, a fresh color palette, as well as a new title. It is essential to determine 3 questions before selecting a path for your logo redesign, which include:

1. What is it with my existing logo that isn’t operating?

You have to deal here with what is inaccurate, outdated and irrelevant in the current logo and where it is appropriate to make all the tweaks. The single most important reason for the logo redesign and update must be identified.

Airbnb logo redesign

2. What components need to remain in the new logo?

You may be prepared to fully reinvent and redesign your logo, but remember the existing structural elements that efficiently reflect the organization, before you fully dismantle it. This may include a particular color, form, or capitalization of the title.

Statwork logo redesign

3. Will the new logo have a great relationship with my client base?

The pictorial link that your clients have to your old logo is a big challenge while revamping your logo. Take some time to consider how your clients relate to your logo and what major outcomes could a logo redesign yield.

My rent source logo redesign

How to redesign a logo: The logo redesign procedure

You answered major issues, did the work required, and are ready to continue with the redesign of your logo. Kudos! For both you and your business, this is a significant move. Although most processes of a logo design are going to be the same whether you are on your first or twentieth logo, a few items you can note if you are already focusing directly on a logo redesign:

  • Try to avoid contrasting the latest logo choices as a sign of progress immediately with the old one.

  • Concentrate, instead, on how you reflect or communicate to your clients with the new logo.

Carrefour logo redesign procedure

Want to redesign your logo but lack the time and experience to do it ASAP? Glorify to your reduction!

Redesign your logo with Glorify! The Glorify logo maker tool offers you hundreds of logo templates that are so easy to use and generate the most awesome looking logo, making your logo redesigning journey a tad bit easier!

  1. Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

  2. Explore hundreds of pre-designed logo templates under the logo maker tool

  3. Pick a template that suits your interest and needs the best – or even start from scratch

  4. Upload your own product pictures in the template

  5. Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, and fix the images

  6. Your redesigned logo is ready to be shown off!

Finishing Thoughts-

You would have to move from where you previously were to where you are now to fulfill a transformation from the old logo to the new redesigned logo. This begins with determining if you can push out your new logo for a duration of time or launch your new logo on a fixed target date and announce the event with an official declaration. Once you redesign your brand logo, be prepared to change your logo everywhere, across any channel and business content. We hope our guide helps you through the journey. Have questions unanswered? Let us know in the comment section below,  we are here to help!

Logo Redesign FAQs

1. What to search for in a revamped logo?

It is apparent that the revamped logos are very basic compared to their former designs. After the template has been refurbished, the logo looks new and sleek.

2. How to boost the versatility of your logo design?

Find ways to simplify the logo design by offering simple combinations. Let go of your worries that your brand could be rebuilt. At some point, most logos get old and redesign helps you to refresh your brand identity. If all the indications mean it is time for a new logo, then take advantage of the experience.

3. How relevant is a logo redesign?

Making tiny, progressive adjustments over time in the form of logo redesigning is one way of keeping your logo fresh and meaningful without giving up your brand style. Consider deeply about the reasons you want to update your logo before you hurry to redesign it. Watch the importance of a partial or full upgrade to design a permanent logo.

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