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How To Design A Logo With A Tagline or Slogan



How To Design A Logo With A Tagline or Slogan

Creating your own logo with a tagline can add so much value and information to your brand. It gives customers an immediate idea of what your brand stands for.

Logos with a tagline

However, designing the perfect logo with a tagline can be challenging. You need to make sure the tagline suits your logo and what your company stands for. In addition, the colors and design should give off the same vibe that your slogan communicates.

Glorify has put together this insightful article about logos and taglines as your one-stop answer to “How to design a logo with a tagline". Let’s take a further look!

What is a logo tagline?

A logo tagline or slogan is a brief, inspiring statement of the vision and mission of your company. A strong tagline separates you from the competition and sums up your company values.

Usually your mission statement remains internal in order to help direct everything from ads to marketing strategies. Taglines take it and broadcast it to the world. It is an effective way to express the meaning of your brand.

Logo with tagline

When does a logo need a tagline?

Taglines give your logo a visual boost and a new chance to clarify what your company is all about. However, not every logo needs a one. Here are some situations where we highly recommend supporting your logo with a tagline.

Brand logos with tagline

1. You have a small customer base

If you are a small brand just starting out, a tagline is the perfect way to establish brand awareness. It helps increase your social media presence and boost marketing strategies.

A small non-profit medical or educational organization, for example, may be unable to reach a large audience. When wondering how to design a business logo for your startup, make sure that you incorporate a tagline into your logo design. This will allow you to connect more with existing consumers and attract new ones.

Mind logo with tagline

2. The market is saturated

A logo with a tagline is a good way to differentiate yourself in a saturated market where the competition is fierce.

Take a look at the Apple tagline “Think Different”. This has worked wonderfully as a marketing strategy that targets creative visionary consumers.

Apple logo with a tagline

3. A new brand is being established

In order to increase your reach and attract customers, you need to be as transparent and descriptive as possible. A weak brand image and message can come across as amateurish and unprofessional, especially at a launch.

A simple and transparent message will give new users a better understanding of what to expect from your brand.

Brand logo with tagline

4. You’re redesigning

Rebranding is not a walk in the park. Don't be fooled into thinking that a few tweaks is all it takes. It needs effort, resources, hard work and sacrifice, but when your company (and your earnings) level up, everything will be worthwhile.

Adding a tagline to your redesigned logo will give existing customers something to talk about while increasing brand awareness among new customers.

Airbnb brand logo with tagline

5. Your logo should be more expressive

If your logo is conceptual or follows a minimalist look, design a variant with a simple tagline that illustrates your product offering more clearly. By incorporating a short, clear slogan, both the logo and brand identity are made much simpler and more exxpressive of the company's purpose.

Neuro bloom brand logo and tagline

What to consider when designing a logo with a tagline

When creating a logo with a tagline, you can't just wing it. Here are some useful tips to consider if you've decided a tagline is what your brand needs.

1. Begin with your brand image

Understanding your brand is a must before you dive into deciding a tagline. The words chosen should reflect your brand image and not contradict it or cause confusion.

Vincent victoria brand logo with tagline

2.  Work with positioning and size

Your tagline may be amazing, but you must ensure that your brand title and logo are not overshadowed. Taglines work best when they are smaller than the product title, simple and easily understood.

The typeface hierarchy is a simple way to test this. What do you first see when you look at your design? Does the tagline dominate the scene? Construct a sound picture by defining the golden ratio of the main logo and tagline.

Pizza fit brand logo with tagline

3. Create logo variants

Though taglines do add value, the best logos function independently with or without a slogan. Create logo variations with and without the taglines so that your brand is effective on a range of media platforms at any size or scale.

Twitter logo with tagline

For instance, for social media profile photos and app design, many digital marketing platforms need incredibly small logos. With an icons-only logo variation, the UI functions more smoothly and is optimized. Having a variation of your logo without the tagline also makes your brand safe for the future if you no longer want it.

How to design a logo with a tagline using Glorify

Step 1: On your dashboard, click the Create Design on the right panel.

how to create a logo in glorify

Step 2: Click the Branding and then click Logo.

how to create a logo in glorify

Step 3: Choose a template from the logo's library or start from a blank canvas.

glorify editor

Step 4: Modify the text as you want.

how to edit text on glorify

Step 5: Change the colour palette from our colour palette library or apply your brand colours as you like.

glorify brandit feature

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your design you can download it.

how to download your logo in glorify

Summing up

Whether your company is still in the launching process or going through a rebrand, using a tagline or in your logo can be a good idea. However, there are many things to consider before adding a tagline to your logo. These factors along with useful tips have been highlighted in this article.

If you want to experiment with logo design instead of going through costly outsourcing, Glorify is the ideal tool for you. The design process is simple yet effective and results in professional logos that can be used in the international market.

Excited to start designing your own logo with Glorify? Then get started today!

How to design a logo with a tagline or slogan - FAQs

1. Can I add a tagline to my logo?

Yes, you can definitely add a tagline to your logo if it suits your brand image. There are no solid rules that decide which logos should use taglines and which should not. However, using a tagline for the sake of it defeats the purpose of boosting brand identity and attracting new customers.

2. What is the difference between a headline and a tagline?

In the context of an advertisement or leaflet, the headline appears at the very top while the tagline is used at the bottom of the logo.

3. Should an organization change its tagline?

A tagline is one of the main elements that establishes brand recognition. Changing the tagline of a popular company is not the best idea since it will confuse existing customers. The new tagline will be unfamiliar to potential customers, resulting in decreased traffic and damaging the reputation the company has worked so hard to build.

4. How do you write a tagline for a logo?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a tagline for your logo. It has to be short, effective and catchy. A good tagline should convey an idea of what your company stands for or the services it provides. A tagline should also suit your brand voice and not contradict the tone used in all other marketing content.

5. What are some examples of logo taglines?

Nike -Just do it
McDonald's - I'm lovin' it
LG - Life's Good
KFC - It's finger lickin' good
Loreal Paris - Because you're worth it
Panasonic - Ideas for life
Apple - Think different

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