Posted Jan 25, 2023

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Mockup Trends: Design Tips And Templates For 2023



Mockup Trends: Design Tips And Templates For 2023

What Are Mockups? Why Do Web Designers Use Them For Their Web Design?

Mockups are inclusive of the multiple design elements that help both you and your client to understand how the website design would be perceived to the outside world when gone live.  In other words, a mockup for your website and/or your social media is a representative idea of what your work will look like in the real world, and also allows the designers to make any required changes in the design.

These mockups are a full rendering of your design since they will be viewed across different platforms and devices like – smartphones, stationery, flyers, or even signage. The illustrations are a quick and easy way to help make your designs come across as rather professionally put.

Mockups work as a great example for professionalizing your portfolio, allowing the client to view the finished product, sell or promote a product- that too without a photograph!

Now that you understand the need for a mock in a business, we have listed the top best trends to help make your design professional, attractive, trendy, and inspirational.

Top 8 Best Web Design Trends For 2023

Listed below are the top 8 best web design trends for websites in 2023:

1) Shadow Overlay

This trend is inspired by Instagram’s ‘flat lay’ and works perfectly on mockups to present images of any product or design in a tangible yet realistic manner on the page. Although the style has gained a majority of its popularity due to the increase in Instagram influencers plus their authentic advertising, shadow overlay even now attempts to mimic a product in a modern and authentic manner, associated with the beauty and lifestyle industries.

It helps to create a rather natural-authentic look while instantly adding depth to flat lay compositions, resulting in a more realistic approach.

2) Floating Object

Gained popularity by its suspended and rotating movement in the tech commercials to show the upcoming new physical features, this particular trend happens to blend fairly well with the surreal motion with the help of the realistic-looking objects.

This is best used to narrate any storyline in the images for the websites by simply adding an extra layer of dimension to the design. The floating object mock allows the sense of movement when captured mid-motion as if the designs have happened to come to life.

If you are trying to promote anything that kicks in the idea of motion and playfulness, you know now the kind of trend that can work the best for your product on digital platforms.

3) Isometric Angle

Although this trend isn’t a new addition to the design space, the style was still used recently in a Pixel 4 outdoor campaign and the Galaxy Note 10 TVC. Isometric mocks emanate modernity, a futuristic feel, and are classic, allowing you to add depth to the otherwise flat devices or paper products.

These can be used by the designer to help create a scene that’s realistic and draws in the viewers.

4) 3D Abstract Object

As the words 3D give away, this mockup trend is rather playful, whimsical, and fun, perfect for a storyline to build in the level of excitement or intrigue to your design.

Ideal to custom shapes, colors, or textures, this design continues to evolve in alignment with technological advancements. 3D projects for the site could be one of the many fun ways to highlight the shapes, colors, or textures used in the showcasing design.

5) Repetition

As one can decode it via its title, this graphic design trend tends to repeat itself. Through its high usage in the graphic design world, it’s clear that repetition isn’t going out of trend anytime soon.

The template is widely used to display smaller design elements, such as business cards and postcards that require a strong visual impact. Tried and tested, this technique could surely help you increase the effectiveness of a mockup design, especially when coupled with isometric angles and/or by stacking at varying heights.

6) Color Blocking Background

Color blocking backgrounds make a great trend when it comes to emphasizing the business’s color palette by the web designers for your website as it helps highlight the lines and contrasting elements of the design. The blocking is a rather aesthetical and creative way of interweaving the color of the design throughout your mockup.

Pro Tip – Try to use one color for the floor and the other for the wall, this will help your web design to create an instant dimension and highlight the lines within your design when placed at an angle.

7) Textured And Distressed

This web design trend is used to design posters, stickers, merch, and records in a distressed and textured manner. They are, in other words, like the anti-luxe, gritty, grungy new kid on the block. As compared to the other designs, this web design trend is – anti-design and breaking the rules that not only give the business an edgy perspective but are also authentic with distressed details like rips, crinkles, folds, wear and tear, plastic shrink wrap, etc.

Textured and distressed are perfect to help make your web design look raw, they aim to be realistic to the point of exposing and celebrating the flaws, show off rips, creases, rough edges, and gritty textures, all that pack your design in a plastic wrap and tape.

8) Video Mockups

If you wish to promote a portfolio, an app, or even a piece of UI, videos make the best trend to show justice, as compared to the otherwise static mockups. A video mockup includes 3D scenes, feature picture frames from mobile devices to billboards, highlight every element and feature the design in a more stylish, fluid, flexible, and eye-catching way.

Looking for video editing software? Head over to Glorify as we help you create anything from designs for hoodies, flyers to billboards, and even a simple poster, all just in a few clicks by using our exhaustive library!

To Conclude: Glorify’s Mock-up Design

Creating your mockup using the trendy web design is one thing but for the web designers to create one that could hit the top list, that too in just a few steps using a top software is another. While you look through the web design trends above, don’t forget to check out Glorify’s mock-up as they help you design your website for all the above trends with ease.

Production of mockups and iterating allows the seriousness towards the software more evident that adds on the live website, as and when it goes live, attracting more eye-balls. So, make sure you head over to Glorify’s mock-up now and get started with the aesthetical website already

FAQs: Mock-up Web Design Trends: Design Tips And Templates For 2023

1) What makes a good website in 2023

A good website is engaging, easy to read, and has a consistent tone throughout the website. For instance, if one page of the website is written using the Buzzfeed style listicle and the other in a legal contractual manner, there is a chance that the viewers might simply turn off the site, resulting in less traffic. This is why you must make sure that the copy is to the point and clear.

2) How do I create a 2023 website?

  • Plan plan and plan your website thoroughly

  • Pick domain name and logo for the website

  • Design the website

  • Decide what pages you need on the website

  • Try and use drag-and-drop editors

  • Pick good photographs for the website to have a more authentic viewership

  • Website SEO

  • Create blogs for the website

3) What is trending in Web design?

While both, minimal and maximum have had their fair share, this year the trends for a website design seem to strike a balance between the two. The web designs now strike to be minimalist with a balanced simple touch, stripping away excess design elements.

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