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Social Media

Best & New Social Media Management Tools in 2023 For Small Businesses

Social Media

Social Media

Best & New Social Media Management Tools in 2023 For Small Businesses

It allows you to retain control of social media management responsibilities and empowers your employees to pitch in with content and posts. Furthermore, small business owners find a group of social media management tools. These tools offer the same basic services and also include different safeguards for your small business’s social media strategy daily.

social media management tools

In this article, we’ll focus on the core features of every social media management tool, their advantages, and which ones are the best for small business owners. Let’s dive right in!

Does Your Small Business Need Social Media Management Tools?

Social media platforms allow users to post from both, their desktop and phone. It can be through applications or a web browser. So, why is it worth investing in a platform that handles social media management for small business accounts?

As a small business owner, you need to consider the steps that are required while posting a social media update. You have to begin with writing copy, then find images, login, copy-paste your copy and photos, then hit publish. Even before you post something, you need to spend time writing and taking photos. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you need to do so much more which is a decent amount of work. Business owners can agree that they barely have enough time to manage business-critical tasks, let alone curate social media accounts. Fortunately, these SMM tools help out small businesses and take most of the manual labor out of the posting process.

Features Of The Best Social Media Management Tools – 2023

Organize Your Accounts In One Place

If a small business has a robust social media strategy, it’s hard to go back and forth and publish across various platforms. With the help of these SMM tools, you can manage all your accounts in one place. Now you get an overall view of what you post, as well as each reply, share, and direct message you get.

Schedule Your Posts With The Help Of These Social Media Management Tools

Schedule Your Posts in social media

Usually, social media platforms don’t allow you to schedule posts to go out in the future. Although some do give you an option to schedule, it isn’t easy to look at all of the posts you’ve queued up to go out later. With the help of these tools, small business owners have a robust calendar to view their posts. The calendar allows you to look at a daily, weekly, or monthly breakdown of your scheduled content across each platform.

Delegate Posting Duties Safely

These free social media management tools help you limit the number of people who know your account details like your various account’s email address and password. When you give out your credentials to an employee, there’s a risk of a misfired post, unsanctioned message, or a potential business social media disaster. With these tools, small business owners can add a layer of security between employees and their accounts.

Approve Posts Before They Go Live With The Help Of These SMM Tools

Making sure that the posts you’ve created are ready for public consumption before they go live is very important. Most social media management platforms have authorization options that act as an add an extra layer of review before posts go live. So, monitor every post before publishing to prevent any embarrassing status updates from going online.

These Best Social Media Management Tools Help With Better Analytics

Analyze the customer data

It’s crucial to measure your social media stats and read valuable market research about your customers. Usually, social media platforms show you the basic social media metrics for your account, such as likes, follows, and engagements. However, with these best social media management tools, small business accounts can find the historical data of their post-performance, follower acquisition trends, and their most influential followers are. With these insights, you can maximize your social efforts and understand what’s working for your brand.

Social Media Customer Service Simpler

The two major pillars for modern social media strategy for small business owners are social listening and customer support. Your social media platforms allow you to speak directly with individual consumers, address their concerns. With the help of SMM tools, you can create conversations that can turn potential buyers into loyal customers.

The Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Business Owners In 2023

1. Glorify App – Design Social Media Management Tool

Glorify - A social media management tool
  • This versatile, multi-functional marketing graphics tool is perfect for business use.

  • It has software that was designed by digital marketers for e-commerce marketers.

  • Even with zero knowledge of graphic design, it allows users to create high-quality graphics.

  • Additionally, it’s the “only” product’s images creating software as there is no software that offers such great benefits at such a great price.

  • This software has an ever-growing templates library that offers a template for various platforms and they’re compatible with different social media platforms.

  • There are pre-installed effects that you can add to your designs. Also, it includes the shadow effects and reflections to make the design picture look more real.

  • As we know, each social media network has different dimensions of images, so this software comes with an in-built image resizer. Now you can convert any image or design to your social media preference, such as Facebook cover or advert, Instagram post, or Pinterest graphics, etc.

  • Furthermore, it features a built-in logo maker that will help you generate your business logo easily. Now, you can easily create a simple yet catching logo, without any graphic designing knowledge.

  • It offers a free trial, and a pro plan for $12.99 per month, and a business plan of $37.99 per month.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - A social media management tool
  • This social media manager allows users to monitor and post to all of their social media accounts in one place.

  • To this day, this platform remains competitive in terms of features, easy use, and pricing.

  • Within one environment, users can manage their multiple social media handles seamlessly.

  • Moreover, it offers features such as intuitive analytics, team management, post-approval processes, and social listening tools.

  • For one person, you can opt for the $19 per month plan (note that you’ll not have any additional seats in the program unless you upgrade).

  • For multi-user, the plan starts at $129 per month, which offers you support for 20 social profiles and three user seats.

  • For larger plans, it starts at $599 or more, it depends on your needs.

3. Planly

  • Easy-to-use, simple social media scheduler for all types of social media users

  • Pricing plans make it suitable for content creators, marketing teams, and agencies

  • It comes with unlimited media storage, where you can keep photos and videos

  • Drag & drop social media calendar makes it easy to upload media, schedule posts, and change their time & dates

  • Auto-posting TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories without push notifications

  • Ability to connect Facebook Business pages and Groups, LinkedIn personal profiles, and business pages

  • Comes with free and three premium plans, each with a 14-day free trial

  • Entry level plan is free where you can add 2 social channels from any supported network (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Business Profile)

  • The premium plans start at $15 to $80 on a monthly basis. You can save 20% on a yearly subscription.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social - A social media management tool
  • This tool offers a specific social media management package for small businesses.

  • Due to this option, entrepreneurs get a price-conscious package that accesses their exceptional content management, social listening, analytics, and post scheduling tools, and the right number of seats to let several employees access the platform.

  • This tool makes social media management easy as it offers an intuitive workflow and the ability to schedule posts or to let the program’s algorithm optimize your post time for maximum visibility.

  • The packages start at $99 per month.

  • However, most small businesses can opt for the Corporate package which is around $149 per month.

5. Buffer

Buffer - A social media management tool
  • This social media management tool is easy to use for small business owners.

  • It’s similar to Sprout and Hootsuite.

  • However, it includes a more robust mobile experience.

  • If they’re on mobile, users can post on the go without having a limited set of functions.

  • Although the entry-level plan is free, it doesn’t include features such as scheduling or social analytics.

  • At $15 per month, the pro-level includes these features and more.

  • Additionally, Buffer doesn’t offer social media monitoring or customer service functions at any level.

  • So, you need to consider whether these features are important to you.

6. Everypost – Social Media Management Tools

Everypost - A social media management tool
  • This simple, affordable social media manager provides its users with the basics of social media management.

  • It offers social media posting, collaboration on posts, and scheduling options.

  • This tool doesn’t offer some advanced features including analytics or post-approval processes.

  • However, it does provide a broader array of plans which will cater to your company’s needs.

  • Free membership does exist, however, most small business owners need to purchase the $9.99 per month pro plan to make this tool a viable option to run their social channels.

Final Thoughts: Using The Top Social Media Management Tools – 2023

Remember to do your homework before using either of the social media management tools for your small business. Not just comparing prices, you need to think about your foray into social media as it should begin with a cohesive strategy, a reasonable sense about how often you wish to post, and a good understanding of what your followers wish to see. After you have decided upon your social media plan, pick a social media management tool that fits your needs!

The New And Best Social Media Management Tool, 2023 For Small Businesses FAQs

1. What are the best free social media management tools in 2023?

Here are some free social media management tools for you in 2023:
– Buffer.
– Canva.
– Hootsuite.
– Later.
– TweetDeck.

2. How do small businesses manage social media?

Here are some essential tips for small businesses to increase their – social media marketing:
– Identify your audience.
– Build relationships through engagement.
– Search for new opportunities.
– Make a social content calendar.
Post your content at relevant and optimal times.
– Find the best hashtags.
– Audit your social media presence.
– Use the best SMM tools for better authorization

3. What tools does a social media manager need?

Here are the 5 SMM tools that a social media manager needs:
– To design shareable images – Canva for Work.
– To get more out of shares – Sniply.
– To create targeted Twitter audiences – BuzzSumo.
– To analyze your competitors – SumoRank.
– To dig deep – Followerwonk.

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