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Picsart vs. Snapseed - Which One Is Better For You

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Design & Inspiration

Picsart vs. Snapseed - Which One Is Better For You

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Overview

What is Picsart?

Picsart dashboard

Picsart is a free online photo editor that offers users a wide range of tools for editing photos. 

It includes basic features such as cropping and resizing as well as more advanced features like layers and masking. 

Picsart also offers a wide range of filters and effects that can be applied to photos.

What is Snapseed?

snapspeed app

Snapseed is another free online photo editor with a similar range of features to Picsart. 

You can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of your photos and apply various filters.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Features

Features are one of the most important aspects of any photo-editing tool. 

It is the features that are a distinguishing factor and that make one tool more appealing and popular than the other.

So let’s check how robust Picsart and Snapseed’s features are.

Picsart: Features

Picsart has more features than Snapseed, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a better app. It all comes down to what you're looking for in a photo editor.

Picsart offers two sets of editing tools:

  • Photo editor

  • Video editor.

Photo Editor

You can find many useful features in the Photo editor.

For example, you can:

  • Remove background and objects

  • Change background

  • Apply sketch effects

  • Make collages and stickers

  • Amplify your designs with the AI image generator

  • And many more.

When it comes to photo effects and filters, the access will depend on whether you are on a free plan or not.

Picsart Features

In general, you can access effects and filters such as: blurring, sharpening, B&W, color changes and toning, color exposure, light filters, etc. 

Of course, you can also do basic editing like cropping, resizing, upscaling, etc.

What else can you do with Picsart?

You can also add text to images and change fonts, size, color, alignment, etc.

Picsart Features

Furthermore, there is also the Text Library, where you have text templates you can instantly use or edit further.

Another handy feature is the Batch Editor which allows you to edit up to 50 photos in one go.

Video Editor

Video editing features are equally impressive.

With Picsart, you can:

  • Crop and trim Videos

  • Do Promo Videos

  • Make Slideshow 

  • Resize Videos

  • Add Audio to a Video

  • Add Subtitles to aVideo

  • Add Text to a Video

  • Create Social Media Videos Maker, etc.

Now let’s see what type of features Snapseed has to offer.

Snapseed: Features

Snapseed offers fewer photo editing features than Picsart, but this doesn’t mean they are of lesser quality.

Thus, with Snapseed you can:

  • Do retouching

  • Use merge tools

  • Adjust layers

  • Tune images by applying Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Shadows, and other tools.

  • And many more.

Snapseed features

Regarding the filters, with Snapseed you can apply the following filters:

  • Lens Blur

  • Glamour Glow

  • Tonal Contrast

  • HDR Scape

  • Drama

  • Grunge, etc.

Snapseed features

What makes Snapseed special is that it enables you to do editing in different resolution levels using 4K and higher resolutions.

Moreover, Snapseed allows you to edit RAW files.

Another little gem that Snapseed offers is the histogram tool. It lets you determine proper image exposure and adjust the percentage of light within an image.

Snapseed features

Picsart vs. Snapseed Features: Final Verdict

Both tools have unique advantages and the winner depends on your needs. 

However, my personal pick regarding the features would be Picsart due to the sheer amount of editing tools and possibilities.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Templates

Templates are precious and helpful assets, especially for non-designers and beginners.

They save lots of time and effort and help newbies create product images almost effortlessly.

Picsart: Templates

Picsart offers a variety of templates filtered in the following categories:

  • Social media

  • Marketing

  • Personal

  • Printable, and

  • Business.

Picsart Features

Each category has multiple subcategories you can choose from.

In addition, you can also do the filtering depending on whether the templates are free or premium and have a personal or commercial license.

And although it doesn’t directly fall into the template category, you can also choose from various categories of stickers and relevant hashtags.

Picsart Features

Snapseed: Templates

Snapseed doesn’t have templates, which is probably the most striking difference between these two tools. 

Therefore, you can only tweak and edit images you already have or have uploaded.

Picsart vs. Snapseed Templates: Final Verdict

Again, depending on what you’re looking for in a tool will decide your favorite in this category.

My points go to Picsart because I find templates a great time-saver.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Ease of Use

The learning curve is also a significant factor in choosing the right tool.

It is especially important if you are a newbie.

Picsart: Ease of Use

Picsart is an intuitive platform that works on a drag-and-drop principle.

Furthermore, it has a neatly laid-out dashboard with a sidebar that hosts all the features and tools.

Snapseed: Ease of Use

Snapseed also has a neat layout. You can switch and choose different tools and filters by clicking on the icons.

Snapseed features

Some tools require you to have more photography background, but overall, Snapseed is also an easy-to-use tool.

Picsart vs. Snapseed Ease-of-Use: Final Verdict

Both tools are easy to use, so I’d call it a draw. It primarily depends on whether you prefer doing edits over the mobile or the computer.

And the last category we’re going to cover before moving to pros and cons is pricing.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Pricing

Picsart Pricing

Picsart has three plans: one Free and two Premium ones. Premium plans have a 7-day free trial.

Picsart Pricing

Snapseed Pricing

Snapseed is a free app.

What better way to summarize the story of Picsart and Snapsees than checking their main pros and cons.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Pros and Cons

Regardless of the tool you might choose, both are feature-rich with a plethora of tools and filters to make your photos look their best.

However, both have shortcomings that are important to know before making your decision.

Picsart: Pros

✅A vast number of editing tools


✅ Available on multi-cross platforms

Picsart: Cons

⛔ Limited access to features and templates in the Free plan

⛔ Large in size so it can get leggy

⛔ No Brand Kit option.

Snapseed: Pros

✅ It’s free

✅ Can edit RAW files

✅ Has advanced photo-editing tools.

Snapseed: Cons

⛔ Doesn’t have a desktop version

⛔ A bit of a learning curve

⛔ Doesn’t have a separate cloud storage to store your photos.

Picsart vs. Snapseed: Final Thoughts

Depending on your line of business and your needs, both Picsart and Snapseed can be  perfect tools for you.

If you will benefit only from pure photo-editing tools and want a free app, Snapseed makes a more logical choice.

On the other hand, if you need a more beginner-friendly platform that is more versatile in terms of features and you don’t mind paying, you might go for Picsart.

We hope our breakdown of their main features and aspects will help you make the right choice.

However, before you make your choice, we’d like to show you a tool that comprises the best of Picsart and Snapseed.

Furthermore, it is perfect for eCommerce store owners and non-designers.

Say hello to Glorify!

Glorify: Alternative to Picsart and Snapseed

Glorify is a graphic design tool that helps you create stunning visuals with no design skills needed.

It is a versatile platform offering a wide range of features that combine photo editing, eCommerce, and marketing tools.

Moreover, Glorify has a super intuitive dashboard that lets you edit your designs in a few clicks.

Glorify editor

From basic editing tools, pencils and brushes, images, shapes and icons, and logos to BG remover and layers, Glorify’ 's dashboard has all you need to create scroll-stopping visuals.

Glorify also has a Brand Kit feature that helps you centralize your brand assets in one location. 

Furthermore, you can add your logo design and logo variations, brand font, text styles and color palette to stay recognizable and consistent across platforms.

Glorify editor

And as a cherry on top, Glorify also has a Template Gallery with thousands of pre-sized templates that you can use instantly.

Glorify dashboard

You can choose from hero images, mockups, social media material, ebook covers, etc.

This was just a little preview of Glorify’s features.

Do you want to try it out yourself?

Sign up for free today so you can create attractive visuals that will help your online store stand out from the competition.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here