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Piktochart vs Visme - Which One Is Better for You?

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Piktochart vs Visme - Which One Is Better for You?

1. Piktochart vs Visme – Quick Overview

Piktochart Overview

Piktochart Overview

Piktochart is an online tool for graphic design that turns complex data into appealing images. 

It is made explicitly for creating high-quality infographics, insightful reports, eye-catching presentations, posters, and videos.

With more than 2000 templates, you can create any infographic for social media or business.

Visme Overview

Visme Overview

Visme is an all-in-one platform for creating presentations, documents, data visualizations, videos, and other branded material, much like Piktochart.

With over 1000 templates, including branded ones, creating charts and graphs, proposals, training, materials, etc., is pretty straightforward.

2. Piktochart vs Visme – Ease of Use

The usage of internet tools or graphic design software to produce visual material is reported by 36% of digital marketers. With a trend that every piece of content should include at least one visual, no wonder people lean toward simple-to-use tools.

Let's see how Piktochart and Visme perform in that area.

Piktochart Ease of Use

Piktochart Ease of Use

Piktochart has a simple layout, with four main categories on the left side of the dashboard – All templates, Brand templates, Brand assets, and Piktochart video.

Piktochart Ease of Use

The editor is a bit crowded and may take some time to get used to. 

All the required tools are located in the top menu bar, and your design is in the page's center.

Piktochart editor

If you are working with a team, you can leave a comment about specific elements and tag them.

Piktochart Ease of Use

Free and paid elements appear together in the library, while paid ones are clearly labeled.

You may learn more about the design process with the help of Piktochart's instructional pop-ups and other learning tools like the academy, community, and video tutorials.

The right side of the dashboard also has a chat window with rapid responses to FAQs.

Piktochart Free and paid elements

Download options support normal, medium, or high-quality PNG, JPG, or PDF files. Each workspace has 2 downloads included, after which you have to upgrade your plan.

Visme Ease of Use

Visme Ease of Use

Visme focuses on being simple to use, especially for non-designers, which is one of the ways it differs from other online graphic design tools.

All of your projects are listed prominently on the left-hand side of the page in the dashboard, making it straightforward and quick to browse.

There are four main sections: Projects, My Files, My Brand, and Data.

Visme Editor

Click on any of the template's components—text, pictures, videos, etc.—and replace them with your material or options from the library to customize the document.

When you're finished, you can share a link to your design or post it on social media. You can also make it searchable on Google.

You may embed it on your website or share it privately so that only selected others can access it.

Visme Editor

Aside from those formats, you may also download the design in JPG, PNG, PDF, video, GIF, PPT, or HTML 5.

Visme Editor

Like Piktochart, Visme also has an option for leaving comments for efficient teamwork.

Visme Editor

3. Piktochart vs Visme – Templates

Pre-built templates are a great option if you can't or don't want to start from scratch every time you need to create something. 

Thanks to its high customization ability, you can go from a generic to a completely unique style in minutes.

The more variety of templates a tool has, the less amount of time you'll spend editing it.

Piktochart Templates

Piktochart Templates

Piktochart has its templates divided into several categories:

  • Business Infographics

  • Business Proposals

  • Education Templates

  • Health Posters

  • HR Templates

  • Sales Presentations

You can search them by keyword, industry/role, or choose among the most popular ones.

Piktochart lets you create professional presentations, impress with progress reports, and reduce information overload with beautiful infographics.

Visme Templates

Visme Templates

Visme has a wide range of templates available, including animated presentations, logo creation, resumes, business cards, infographics, and much more. 

These templates are beneficial for non-tech-aware users to produce engaging content and data output.

Visme Templates

You can choose between all or branded templates from the top menu.

Visme Templates

There is an option to start with a blank canvas, choose a custom size, or filter your search by keyword, theme, or featured design.

4.  Piktochart vs Visme – Features

Piktochart, like Visme, offers many features, constantly updating with new ones.

Piktochart Features

Some of the most prominent features this tool offers are:

  • Library of templates and assets – 2000+ templates, stock photos, illustrations, Piktochart icons, and IconScout icons.

  • Branding assets – Custom brand templates, custom fonts, and colors.

  • Collaboration and organization features – Folder organization, comments & annotations, team collaboration, content management.

  • Data Visualization & Analytics – Charts, maps, traffic tracking on published content, CSV import, dynamic data from Google Sheets.

  • Image editing

  • Video creation and animation

  • Customer support.

If you want to dip your toes with Piktochart and try out their free plan, keep in mind that it can be pretty restrictive for more demanding users. Especially considering the cloud storage of 100Mb, and 5 projects.

Visme Features

Visme shares a multitude of features with Piktochart. Some of the key features this tool has are as follows:

  • The content library includes 50+ charts, graphs and interactive maps, 1000+ templates and content blocks, 1.5 million high-resolution photos, 125 fonts, icons, and royalty-free images.

  • Branded templates

  • Interactive data visualization tools 

  • Flowchart

  • Audio library with 5 thousand royalty-free tracks.

  • Image editor with basic editing options

  • Offline editing

  • Reporting & Statistics

  • Video editing and support

  • Presenter view option for added privacy

  • Customer support.

Visme also offers 100Mb with limited template and assets gallery access within its free plan.

5.  Piktochart vs Visme – Pros and Cons

No matter how fantastic a tool is, it still has some disadvantages.

So let's look at Piktochart vs Visme's pros and cons below.

Piktochart Pros

✅ Easy-to-use interface.

✅ A significant number of infographic templates.

✅ Remote collaboration options.

✅ No watermark within a free plan.

✅ Interactive maps and charts.

✅ Video editing features.

✅ Amazing learning resources

✅ Website embedding.

✅ Full desktop publishing capabilities.

✅ Organizational features with every plan.

Piktochart Cons

⛔ Only available on the cloud.

⛔ Free version is limited by space and editing options.

⛔ There isn't a free trial option.

⛔ Custom branding templates, fonts, and colors are available with the Pro plan.

⛔ Downloads in high quality are available with the Pro and Enterprise plan.

Visme Pros

✅ Drag-and-drop interface.

✅ You may work offline if necessary by downloading a desktop version for Mac and PC.

✅ 2M+free images.

✅ Extensive library of elements, icons, illustrations, etc.

✅ 'My brand' feature

✅ Basic photo editing options and tools.

✅ 23 apps and integrations (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive.).

✅ Customer support with every plan.

Visme Cons

⛔ Web-based only.

⛔ Limited storage with the free plan.

⛔ Starter plan allows downloading images as JPG, PNG, or PDF.

⛔ Brand Kit and Analytics are available with the Pro plan.

⛔ Free plan includes Visme watermark on projects.

⛔ All available formats are supported with the Pro plan.

⛔ 'My brand' feature is only supported with the Pro plan.

⛔ Advanced team collaboration tools are within the Teams plan.

6.  Piktochart vs Visme – Pricing

Piktochart Pricing

Piktochart has Free, and two paid plans – Pro and Enterprise.

Visme Pricing

Visme has a free Basic plan and three subscription plans – Starter, Pro, and Visme for Teams.

Visme Pricing

Piktochart vs Visme – The Ultimate Decision

If you're not a graphic designer, yet need to create high-quality photos and animations, Visme is a terrific option.

Additionally, it includes several cool features to enhance workflow, such as branding assets.

Piktochart is undoubtedly a fantastic tool for infographics due to its impressive library of templates. In addition, its free plan offers more possibilities and is an overall good solution for collaborations and teams.

Which tool is better for you?

Well, in this Piktochart vs Visme battle, there is no clear winner – it all depends on your personal preferences.

But if you want an all-in-one solution, why not give Glorify a try?

Glorify – The Alternative to Piktochart vs Visme Dilemma

Glorify is a perfect mashup – it combines graphic design tools and features with solid photo editing options.

And, what's most important – there is no need for any previous design knowledge.

Glorify has an array of features that will simplify your workflow:

  • Exclusive library with 7M+ icons, 12M+ photos, 1M+ models, illustrations, shapes, etc.

  • Templates library (Social media, infographics, mockups, lifestyle, ebooks, banners, etc.)

  • Image editor with advanced editing options.

  • Brand kit feature – Create logos, custom fonts, and color palettes and access them straight from the dashboard.

  • The remove background feature.

  • Smart resize tool for repurposing any design within seconds.

  • Collaboration and organization features – Folder organization, comments & annotations, and team collaboration.

  • Infinite canvas – Limitless canvas for creating, brainstorming, and keeping all the marketing assets in one place.

  • Mockups for creating realistic, 3D mockups and mockups scenes.

Glorify has a free forever plan and the Pro and Business plan.

Glorify Pricing

Even with the free plan, you can use all the design features, like:

  • Smart Resize, 

  • Brand Kit,

  • Templates & Bundles

  • Shadows & Reflections

  • Annotate Tool

  • Batch Processing.

Glorify is constantly improving and adding new features and templates to its library.

Glorify Templates

You can filter templates by keyword, niche, or theme or start new from scratch.

Glorify Templates

Glorify has a drag-and-drop interface that is super simple to use.

You can work with layers or multiple pages to edit text, font, color, change alignment, spacing, paragraphs, etc.

Additionally, you can add different effects or filters for further image enhancement.

Glorify Team feedback

Glorify also allows you to leave a comment and add different tags, for efficient team work. 

It’s a great option for managing your workflow easily, whether you want to see comments from guests, the team, or only resolved ones.

Glorify feedback

And when you're happy with the result, manage access to your project and share it via link or email. 

Glorify share it feature

Alternatively, you can download it in various file formats – JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG, SVG, PDF, and SVG PDF. 

Glorify download page

Although it was foremost created with eCommerce users in mind, it is undoubtedly beneficial for social media content creators, marketers, managers, and others who want advanced design options but don't have professional, complex software skills.

With an average user in mind, there are various learning resources – video tutorials, a blog, and a podcast, to get you inspired and motivated! 

So, sign up today with Glorify, and manage all your design needs in one place!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here