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Top 20 Popular Cursive Fonts: Best Cursive Fonts on the Web

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Top 20 Popular Cursive Fonts: Best Cursive Fonts on the Web

In other cultures of Cyrillic and Arabic, these letters tend to be joined towards the ends in certain situations and may have undulating strokes that depict a word or a statement. The word cursive comes from the French word “cursif” and the Medieval Latin word “cursivus” which means “running.”

Popular cursive fonts

You might be considering using some of beautiful cursive fonts and typography for your design or other purposes; whatever got you on this website, to solve the purpose thereof, here are some of the most popular cursive font names for you to pick from-

1. Mission Script

This beautiful cursive font calligraphy with a charm was created by James T. Edmondson and is marked by the subtle brushstrokes that are suited for projects or UI with delicate traits.

Mission Script Cursive font

2. Thirsty Rough

As the name suggests, this popular cursive font is marked by a roughness that is a bit brutality unexpected in the fonts. It has a nature of an elegant appeal spiced up with classic letterpress printing.

Thirsty Rough Cursive font

3. Bombshell Pro

The Bombshell Pro has an elegant look with its key feature of a pretty cursive font that connects adding a lovely twist to its characters.

Bombshell Pro Cursive font

4. Thirsty Script

Another popular, top cursive font, the thirsty script gets elegant and subtle from curvy lines with smooth edges and its round shapes. It is a bold weight that looks good and skillfully blends with the typefaces creating a harmonious mixture of retro and modernity.

Thirsty Script Cursive font

5. Aphrodite Slim

This widely used cursive font for web has an appeal of the ancient cultivated beauty reproduced with ultra-narrow lines with almost fragile shapes that cover over 1000 glyphs with a ton of decorative characters. The ligatures not only in English but in French, German, and Spanish.

Aphrodite Slim font

6. Carolyna Pro Black

This type of cursive font has a graceful nature and a positive mood with long curves and swirls that looks whimsical and is easy to perceive taken into account the readability. You can find about 1000 characters that are plenty in terms of the foreign letters and the glyphs.

Carolyna Pro Black Cursive font

7. Hipster Script Pro

It is a skillful, modern, and retro-style beautiful cursive font that produces a top-notch typeface reflecting a contemporary subculture defined by capably faked brush strokes.

Hipster Script Pro Cursive font

8. Jacques & Gilles

This cursive alphabet font has a certain personality in uppercase and lowercase and is slightly curved which reminds doodles and exudes an image of elegance. It features more than 300 glyphs that cover ordinals, Roman numerals, and terminal letters.

Jacques & Gilles Cursive font

9. Belluccia

Bellucia, one of the all-time best cursive fonts, has a subtle Italian charisma that implies two versions: regular slick and smooth bold. Belluccia comprises ligatures, swashes, old-style figures, contextual alternates, different punctuation marks, and stylistic alternates.

Belluccia Cursive font

10. Burgues Script

This Script has inspired the 19th-century American calligrapher spruced up with swirls and subtle decorative strokes that are incorporated into the type of energetic Spanish soul.

Burgues Script Cursive font

11. Insolente

This cursive font is ultra-narrow and an elegant typeface that requires a proper background with a modern French vibe. Insolente is fully fashionable and versatile with a glyph coverage that leaves much to be desired. The five licensing options allow you to use various devices besides the sibling with artistic and long connections that works wonders.

Insolente Cursive font

12. Peoni Pro

Another popular cursive font for the web, peony Pro is a perfect match that has a delicate, gentle nature, and features more than 1200 characters. These characters include the standard ligatures; swashes, and contextual swashes; stylized words such as Roman numerals or ordinals; tabular numbers; old fashioned style numbers; and stylistic sets with 6 different Caps styles.

Peoni Pro Cursive font

13. Dom Loves Mary

This cursive font typeface includes forms that complement and recreate a harmonious atmosphere. Dom Loves Mary has a classy vintage feel with various stationary projects mainly on wedding invitations.

Dom Loves Mary Cursive font

14. Samantha Script

SS cursive font or Samantha Script is claimed to have a measured rhythm appropriate for various headings and titles. It befits all cursive fonts that are dignified, delicate, and refined. The typeface has more than a thousand alternates with swash characters that come in handy in different tasks with a bonus of 60 ornaments and 46 catchwords with lining numerals and old-style numerals.

Samantha Script Cursive font

15. Gelato Script

This matchless handwritten pretty cursive font is bold in weight and achieves a fantastic effect along with an elegant and polished appearance that is smooth and eye-catching. Gelato counts almost seven hundred glyphs making it suitable for writing in many languages.

Gelato Script Cursive font

16. Funkydori

With harmonious vintage appeal, Funkydori is a subtle old-timey vibe, beautiful cursive font with swirls and boldness making it exquisite. It is inspired by the 70s groove rhythm available in five licensing options and the bulk of characters.

Funkydori Cursive font

17. Feel Script

For those who need to add to the artwork fashionable and graceful touch that covers all the possible stylistic, contextual, and titling alternates with ligatures and swashes that enhances a multi-language project without any problems.

Feel Script Cursive font

18. Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie is a bold type cursive font that owes its stately beauty of elegance in nature to calligraphy that radiates softness, delicacy, and chic. It reflects the 60s with smooth brush strokes and set covers of various alternates and ligatures well-suited to the Latin-based alphabets.

Sugar Pie Cursive font

19. Belinda

Belinda cursive font doesn’t have a decorative touch or any extra swirls that are inherited to its uppercase characters. Nonetheless, Belinda has neat and graceful lines that make it an optimal solution for the majority of the projects maintaining readability. It is also enriched with brush strokes and the characters have all the popular symbols and even more.

Belinda Cursive font

20. Candy Script

It has a funky look and is defined by the blend of elegance and playfulness that is quite a rare combination to have. The author incorporated the spirit of vividness and liveliness Argentina’s culture into it with a gazillion of OpenType alternates that range over 600 vigilantly that are crafted in its characters and five licensing options. This cursive font is bold but also delicate in the hand-brushed type that leaves its mark in any project.

Candy Script Cursive font

In Conclusion

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Top 20 Beautiful Cursive Fonts for Web FAQs

1. What is a cursive font called?

Cursive fonts are also known as script, calligraphy, or handwritten typefaces. They are readily available online for download to use on projects making them elegant and attractive.

2. What is the opposite of cursive?

The opposite cursive font handwriting is called print or block script.

3. Are cursive font typefaces dying?

There are very small proportions of adults that use cursive in their day-to-day writing. However, researchers have indicated students learn some form of penmanship alongside the digital. Stating the dying form of cursive is perhaps seen as rather evolved into the digital world from the physicality of its form.

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