Posted Jan 25, 2023

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Social Media

Top 10 popular Instagram trends in 2023

Social Media

Social Media

Top 10 popular Instagram trends in 2023

The global reach increases and its trend becomes thick and fast that reflects the enthusiastic people, or what they are inclined to like or follow. While Instagram trends are temporary and easily replaced by something else in short periods of time, they also have the power to influence and become the new norm.

Instagram trends

It is more like riding the wave of popularity and a signal boost that makes your brand relevant and visible resulting in a boost in followers and likes on your account.

Listed below are top Instagram trends that were a hit for 2023:

Top Instagram Trend 1: The Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are claimed to interest up to 68% of people in your brand or the product as it appears in your Instagram Stories with new features, and the number is sure to increase.

  • You can share stories to Facebook to help reach more viewers.

  • It is easy to view, reply to, and share that mention of your account. To do so you must have a Business or Creator account.

  • They can also feature ads or promotions that are paired with Instagram Insights and makes it easy to see your stories or posts are generating the most followers.

  • There are new stickers that are added including the ones that help donate or support small businesses.

Instagram story trends

Top Instagram Trend 2: TV (IGTV) on Instagram

IGTV as an instagram trend has interested so many people, there already are speculations of IGTV taking over YouTube.  Its signature vertical videos have embraced a new format that makes it easier to be seen.

  • It helps Explore the page dedicated to and to discover new content.

  • It can now be cross-promoted on other sites.

IGTV on Instagram

Top Instagram Trend 3: Instagram live

There is something really exciting about a live broadcast as it takes place at that exact moment, no wonder it became an Instagram trend! Live videos help invite the audience to connect with you in ways, offering a behind-the-scenes feel to your content.

Unlike previously it was only possible to interact with your audience on the stories as compared to the present one can interact with your audience in real-time, allowing a two-way communication that takes place right in front of your eyes.

Instagram live

Top Instagram Trend 4: Instagram Shopping

Do you need a new revenue stream? The biggest Instagram trend in 2023, hands down, is Instagram Shopping. Instagram provides the ability to slap the price tag on nearly anything. Since 130 million Instagrammers engage with the product tags each month one can tag the products in your posts and Stories. Those who are shopping can complete the checkout process without leaving the platform.

  • It allows you to directly purchase a product from the creators or the influences with shoppable posts.

  • The Business profiles add a direct shopping link in their profiles.

  • There are direct product links available through the Explore tab.

  • One can checkout to complete entire purchases on the platform.

Instagram shopping

Top Instagram Trend 5: Engaging Instagram influencers

Many influencers are popular and their engagement is just ramping up. The ones with a product to market would know that it’s cheaper to use influencers to run an ad campaign. The days of backing just one horse are long gone as multiple influencers are better than one.

  • One must also follow instagram hashtag trends to leverage and unite influencers. With a relevant hashtag, one can promote through Posts, Highlights, Stories, and influencer content.

  • Host an event with many Influencers attending. This increases the impact of a combination of live videos with hashtags.

Engaging Instagram influencers

Top Instagram Trend 6: Instagram explore

There are more than 50% of Instagram accounts that use Explore, with more than 200 million users using it. It helps find photos and videos from accounts that you don’t follow, or to connect with new followers.

The Explore is an additional category while the content suggested is still based on past likes and view history. The users can select the categories that are relevant for them that makes it easier to search.

Instagram explore

Top Instagram Trend 7: Instagram stickers

One cannot get enough of the new interactive sticker that adds a new dimension to the Instagram Stories. 9/10 people vote in agreement that stickers have increased the video views and features like polling bring the poll participants closer to the brands. Consider a change in approach by inviting followers to be part of your conversation with the sticker instagram trend!

  • You may ask your followers questions they might be interested in.

  • Take a poll frequently.

  • Host a fun quiz and pair it with a giveaway.

  • Upload countdowns for an event or a product launch.

  • Make announcements.

  • Host a private Q&A or event.

Instagram stickers

Top Instagram Trend 8: Instagram authenticity

One of the top refreshing instagram trends and has been the trend of being vulnerable and authentic on Instagram. toward authenticity. The picture-perfect posts are being thrown out the window, along with the airbrushing, photoshopping, and body shaming. It brings along benefits that are establishing a deeper connection with the audience.

  • Share unedited photos.

  • Embrace everything in real and imperfect environments.

  • Avoid staged photos and capture spontaneity and life as it happens.

Instagram authenticity

Top Instagram Trend 9: Tweets and memes

This trend imports giggles from other platforms. Posting funny tweets or pics is huge, and doesn’t need the original content. The world needs to laugh and one must do whatever it takes to make it happen.

  • Add a design to keep the joke fresh and find your favorite tweet and repost it.

  • Connect to people with a similar sense of humor by sharing memes.

  • Credit the joke who wrote it.

Tweets and memes in instagram

Top Instagram Trend 10: Instagram Social Activism

There is no reason to keep quiet as social media is the place to share opinions. Online activism is easier and you can show your support for a cause that inspires others; activism is not just an instagram trend but can even safely be regarded as a need!

  • Elevate your opinion on climate change memes using the “I voted” stickers.

  • Direct the followers using the donation sticker to direct them towards the nonprofit choice.

Instagram Social Activism

Final Thoughts-

Instagram is a platform that speaks off you. It could be used for fun as well as for a cause you support or even the business you entail. This is made easier via the trends as though it may be temporary it helps register in the accounts of the target audience helping you increase your followers and or a better engagement.

Top 10 popular Instagram trends of 2023 FAQs

1. Is Instagram relevant in 2023?

With a population of a billion and still increasing, Instagram is a popular platform and would continue to be so.

2. Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram’s popularity is mainly due to Instagram’s ability to anticipate the users’ needs, and prioritize their trust, it keeps abreast of the competition. It remains a favorite platform that helps reach out to audiences and create shopping experiences.

3. How does Instagram ‘trending’ work?

The top posts that appear on the trending hashtags show the most popular posts published by users using certain popular or potentially popular hashtags. These are arranged chronologically and are constantly being updated. This makes an Instagram trend.

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