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16 Insanely Powerful Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Etsy Shop



16 Insanely Powerful Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Etsy Shop

What Is The Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy – 2021

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Run Retargeting Campaigns

Run Retargeting Campaigns

Before a customer decides to buy your product, they cross your product 7 times on an average. As a customer, you might’ve liked a product in an Etsy shop, however, left due to its high price. Afterwards, you might see the said product in Google Adsense, on every website you visit, your email, and social media platforms. Suddenly you want this product and end up buying it! This is a marketing technique which is known as retargeting. Due to this online advertising, once they leave your site, your brand and products are in front of bounced traffic. What is bounced traffic? It refers to the visitors who visited your website and exited, instead of browsing through other pages. With retargeting, you get around 98% of your users to purchase your products.

Most Powerful Social Media Strategies – Consistently Posting

Consistently Posting in etsy

Usually, people are not always on social media. So, they’ll probably not see each of your posts. Around 75% will not see your post about your product the first time. Hence, showcasing your product once a day on social media is not enough. You need to post consistently during the day and week, but remember to not sound repetitive to those who have already viewed your product.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Using Brand Ambassadors

Work With Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

If you’re new to the business, this is an effective way to build your brand and market your products. To do this, send your products to certain people for free. Then they’ll showcase them on various social media platforms. Also, include word-of-mouth referrals.

Additionally, you can work with brand enthusiasts, to whom you’ll sell your products at a massive discount like 50% off. Then, give them a minimum purchase requirement per quarter. Both brand enthusiasts and brand ambassadors usually market your products in the same way. As they’ll frequently post about it on their social media platforms, you’ll be exposed to a broad audience. Also, if you run jewelry or a clothing shop, brand ambassadors are essential.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – Hang Out Where Your Target Clients Spend Their Time

If you’re running a shop on Etsy, you need to think about places where most of your clients will hang out. You can comment on articles and offer excellent advice and resources about your niche. Moreover, include a link to your shop for more insights. You can also get into discussions, contribute all you can, and present yourself as an expert in the interests of your prospects.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Create An Email List Using Freebies  

Exposure on Social Media Email Marketing For Engagement

Creating an email list is one of the most effective ways to build your small business. People who join your email list can be potential paying customers someday. To create an email list, simply sign up with an email service provider like Mailchimp or Convertkit. Then, start collecting emails from your visitors. Furthermore, you can easily get your email list by providing resourceful freebies such as a PDF checklist, a DIY tutorial, or printable resources, etc. The freebies should arouse the interest of the subscriber in purchasing your products.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – List A New Product

Showcase your New Product or Communicate a Product Update

When someone favorites your shop or product, one of your items, and every time you list a new product, it will be added on their Etsy home page. You can use this technique to advertise new products to your prospects. Also, when you list new products consistently, it gives customers a reason to come back to your Etsy shop.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Creating Pinterest-Ready Images

Creating Pinterest-Ready Images

One of the essential social media platforms to promote your products is Pinterest. As you are using images for your Etsy listing, make sure they’re Pinterest-ready. They’ll get re-pinned again and again, which means you have the potential of bringing in more customers.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – Asking For Feedback From Your Followers

Asking For Feedback From Your Followers

To come up with a new product or improve sales, you should ask opinions from your followers as they consistently buy your products. So, learning their preferences and needs will improve your sales. You can conduct simple surveys which are dedicated to the types of materials they love, their favorite colors, and the designs they’d wish to see. On your social media platforms, you can post specific questions and entice them with giveaways (like coupons).

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Google Analytics: Check Your Traffic Sources And Focus On The Best Performers


It’s one of the basic tools that every business owner should have to achieve their business goals. It allows you to analyze the patterns of your traffic and provides insights. This way you can improve your conversion goals. Use the metrics provided by Google Analytics, learn the platforms where you receive most of your traffic from, then intensify your campaigns on the platforms with the highest ROI. Remember to get rid of underperforming techniques that are limiting your business’s growth. Don’t be disheartened if one strategy doesn’t work for you, just keep on trying new and powerful marketing strategies and measure their success.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – Using Space On Your Etsy Shop For Marketing

Etsy shop

With more followers, comes more sales. So, within your shop, deliberately place links in at least 5 places. If you’re wondering if it might annoy your visitors, don’t worry it won’t as they are aware that you have to keep your followers updated. Here are some ideas about where to place your social media profile links:

  • Bottom of every product listing.

  • Etsy shop announcement.

  • Etsy shop cover photo.

  • The “thank you for purchase” message to buyers.

  • In the follow-up to purchase during a direct conversation.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Cross-Promotion


In this marketing technique, brands agree to showcase each other’s products, mainly because they are complementary. Usually, this marketing technique brings in insanely massive results. If you’ve got a shop that you love and their products go hand in hand with your products, simply send a message for collaboration. When you drop a product, you’ll see your sales shooting up the proverbial ceiling. Furthermore, if you combine your resources and create a unique product (both shops will be selling the same product), then this promotion will work even better.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – Create A Unique Content Or Giveaway

Create A Unique Content Or Giveaway

These challenges (on Tik Tok) or contests (on Instagram) are the fastest and easiest way to build your brand and showcase your products to your potential customers. Here are some tips that’ll get you the most out of every contest or challenge:

  • Your competition should be ridiculously easy to enter.

  • Avoid adding too many requirements.

  • Create conditions such as tag a friend, give their emails or share a picture of your product.

  • To intensify the competition, increase the stakes.

  • Make the prize bigger and juicier to stiffen the competition, if you notice the contest is doing relatively fine but not as you expected.

  • Also, you can promote the contest multiple times.

  • Simply don’t post about your contest once because chances are that 75% of your followers might not see the message and enter the competition.

  • To get most of your followers into the contest, post the message at least 5 times per day for the next few days.

  • You can also offer a consolation prize.

  • Furthermore, participants are more likely to purchase your products once they show interest in the competition.

  • So, give them a discount code after announcing the winner to show appreciation.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Product Roundup

Product Roundup

To do this technique, select products from your shop and someone else’s shop. Then, place them in a Photoshop or Illustrator document, and after you’re done, share them on social media (along with the other person whose product is in that image). This technique can increase sales as your products reach a massive audience online. Here are some steps to do a product roundup:

  • Choose 1 to 3 items you’d like to advertise and use them to create a theme you’ll focus on in the roundup.

  • You can search through other e-commerce stores or sites to find products that match your theme and products that complement yours.

  • Gather 10 to 12 images of 10 to 12 products in a Photoshop or Illustrator document and optimize them for Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Then, list the numbers of the products used in a blog post and link them to the store it is from.

  • Finally, send the images to shops whose items you included in the product roundup.

  • Additionally, encourage them to promote the product roundup.

Best Powerful Social Media Strategies – Newsletter

How to Create Beautiful Newsletters

Social media platforms are a great place to market your products and get new customers, however, you don’t have complete control over them because their algorithms change frequently. This is where an email list comes in. It gives you the freedom to write whatever you want to your subscribers and you don’t have to worry about some algorithms. Like we mentioned above, creating an email list is not hard.

Additionally, keep your subscribers active by sending them newsletters at least once a week. You can inform them about your latest products and upcoming events. Simply provide them with information that’ll help them make the right decision while purchasing your products.

Powerful Social Media Strategies – Use Hashtags


This way you can find prospects and turn them into buyers. However, remember to avoid hashtags such as #etsyshop or #etsysellers because it only attracts people like you, i.e, fellow Etsy sellers. Rather, you should focus on creating hashtags that are directly related to what your potential customers are looking for. For instance, if you sell baby clothes, when Instagramming, your hashtag list should look like this, #nurseryessentials, #nurseryart, #babyclothes, #newmomma.

Conclusion: Working With The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies For The Social Media Handles

We hope these creative marketing techniques will help you promote your business. Additionally, work on some SEO tips to boost your Etsy sales! Were any of these powerful marketing strategies that were ridiculously effective for you? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

16 Insanely Powerful Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Etsy Shop FAQs

1. How do I make my Etsy shop grow?

Here are some powerful marketing strategies to be successful on Etsy in 2021:
– A unique photo style.
– Get into google shopping.
– Join an Etsy team.
– Optimize your shop SEO.
– Read the seller guidelines carefully.
– Schedule special promotions.
– Share updates on social media.
– Try promoted listings.

2. How do I attract customers to my Etsy shop?

Here are some most powerful marketing strategies to help increase your Etsy sales in 2021:
– Knowing your audience.
– Categorize your products.
– Brand your shop.
– Profile with keywords.
– Optimize your title and description.
– Add great descriptions.
– Provide stellar customer service.
– Set competitive rates.

3. What sells most on Etsy?

Here are some things that sell the most on Etsy in 2021:
– Accessory.
– Clothing.
– Craft and supplies.
– Handmade items.
– Jewelry.
– Paper and party supplies.
– Wedding.

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