Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Social Media

Product Collage: Why Do Collage Images Boost Sales on Pinterest

Social Media

Social Media

Product Collage: Why Do Collage Images Boost Sales on Pinterest

Product Collage Why Do Collage Images Boost Sales on Pinterest cover

If you also happen to be a person with their own brand on one of the Social Media sites, or are an influencer or perhaps, even just an intense user, you would already know what difference a collage can make. Product image collages make a lot of difference because you give your users so much at once- they do not need to look beyond one picture to be invested in your products if you choose the best kind of images for that one collage. Before we get to the details of boosting sales with collage images on Pinterest, let us first look at what goes behind making a viable college for Social Media in general.

What makes for an impactful product collage on Social Media?

When it comes to images on social media, images take up more than half the space, much more than texts and other formats. Given this, most of the content that goes up on Social Media is visual. So here’s what makes a great product collage-

What makes for an impactful product collage on Social Media
  1. A collage needs to be a well-thought and well-considered culmination of your best product shots

  2. Use your product in various angles and lights so as to show all sides of it at once. This also helps stir more interest and curiosity in the product features

  3. Do not be random. Put yourself in the perspective of your potential audience and make a collage considering what your demographics would actually like to look at

  4. Invest some time in hand-picking each image because gone are the days of underperformance! With so much competition all around, you need to ensure that your images in the collage are not just a cut-paste product. Take the help of professional tools, measure and resize each image within the collage to ensure it all comes out in a synchronized harmony

  5. Do not randomly include text. Instead, add text only when absolutely necessary. This is because a collage already has so much going on with so many images in it. Text, on top of it, can add extra, unwanted noise in the overall image

Getting to the juice, how to boost views and product sales via product collages on Pinterest

As for a Social Media traffic referrer platform, pinterest has always been on top numbers. Visual content is what gets users interested and Pinterest, after all, is only visuals so to speak. For you to be able to boost your sale on Pinterest, you need to first boost views on your product images/collage images on the platform.

Not too sure? Here’s how-

1. Build Your Pinterest Presence

For people to even start viewing your product collage images or pins on Pinterest, they need to first know about you. You can do this by building your Pinterest presence through consistent pinning that ups the number of views. Consistent pinning also keeps your current users engaged, gets more traffic for new followers, and generates long-tail SEO traffic.

Build Your Pinterest Presence

2. Follow Similar Pinterest Users

Let not Pinterest, a place for creatives and of the creatives, be a place about ego. Try and follow more people that are in the same brain-wavelength and same headspace as you are. This will help you learn, be inspired, and also grow your followers as you will be still operating in the same niche.

Follow Similar Pinterest Users

3. Optimize to appear in the pin search

Optimizing your collage to appear on the search results on Pinterest is so easy, there is no reason you don’t take advantage of it. A little bit of reading will help you understand how to conduct a keyword research and then, by incorporating those keywords in your pins and boards, you can rank higher up n the Pinterest search results.

Optimize to appear in the pin search

4. Keep up with the trends

On Pinterest, at least, out of all social media platforms, the users are very specific about what they post. Every pin that goes up is almost always on the basis of what is trending in general. Hence, you need to ensure that the theme/layout of your product collage also matches the on-going trend to suit your targeted customers

Keep up with the trends

Final Thoughts- The most common FAQs on using Pinterest

  1. What does it mean to pin an image on Pinterest? How is pinning an image on Pinterest different from repinning?

On Pinterest, to pin an image is to bookmark an image. When you want to keep/secure/store an image, perhaps for future references,  you pin it on a board. A repin, however, is different, because that is when you take an image from an external board (someone else’s board) and post it on your board.

  1. What is an ideal number of pins for a day on Pinterest?

If your aim is to drive traffic, it is recommended to at least pin 10-20 pins in one day. If your account is relatively new and you do not have a lot of content up there to speak of, the targeted number should change to at least 30-40 pins. The aim is to have some activity on your Pinterest account.

  1. What is a group board on Pinterest? How many group boards should I have on my Pinterest account?

A group board is like a community board. It is when you have a board and you add other pinners to contribute to your board. It is rather recommended to have a group board because it creates more activity and could also get followers of contributing pinners to notice you. An ideal number of group boards would be about 5-10 boards. If you are contributing to a group board, try to contribute to boards that already have a substantial number of followers.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here