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Recommended E-Commerce Product Image Sizes: Using Product Images on eCommerce Sites



Recommended E-Commerce Product Image Sizes: Using Product Images on eCommerce Sites

Product Images on eCommerce Sites

When we speak of optimization of images, the primary aspect that comes into play is the ecommerce product image sizes. Sizing of images and using well-fitted product images for ecommerce sites is an important factor that helps boost sales on e-commerce sites. Let us leran more about why image sizing is important and what are the best sizes for ecommerc eproducts in this blog below.

Product Images for Ecommerce: The significance of amazing images

If you go to any e-commerce store and see blurry small pictures at once, you would exit the site and would not want to make a purchase from there anymore. This is because one always wants to see good and high-quality pictures to transform a desire of buying a product to purchasing it.

significance of amazing images

This is why one should always have beautiful and professional looking product images to create better sales and conversions. The significance of good product images on ecommerce build your website more effectively.

Glorify has curated top 8 vital necessities for ecommerce product images-

1. Size

As a marketing tool, compact photographs just don’t fit. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that your product images for ecommerce sites are of the correct size to achieve high-resolution images. Today, a professional camera is not required to get high-quality pictures that can provide you with high-resolution photography, basically, any digital cameras launched over the past five years and even smartphones. As a basic guideline, your images on site should be of at least 2000 pixels on the longest side, so that 1) you can zoom in on your photographs, and 2) your images should be sufficiently wide to be allowed on all major storefronts in the online world, including Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten.

size of a product image

2. Zoom functionality

We suggest that you demonstrate the specifications of your product via your ecommerce product images. It is therefore crucial that potential buyers may draw attention to the item to see the areas of interest. Zooming to your website is a simple plugin in most shopping cart systems that undoubtedly pay for (if any) your clients because it will mean a lot. Even if your website incorporates a zooming plugin or not, always display multiple ‘zooming’ images of the product, particularly those images that display the most relevant information.

zoom functionality of a product image

3. Alignment and margins

With the same orientation and white space on stock images, the product category pages are visually consistent, contributing to a better shopping experience. Particularly relevant, clean, professional product images for e-commerce sites develop consumer trust and represent your shop as a trustworthy retailer.

alignment and margins of a product image

4. Shadows

Shadows may create or ruin an image of the item. A picture with poor light will distort the product with a hint, but a subtle shadow will add depth and dimension to an ecommerce product image if it is well-lit. Numbers of shadow forms are accessible for you to use. Drop shadows are subtle and can be created during or after the shooting. Natural shadows are generated by a natural light source for instance the window, while reflective shadows may be produced while filming or post-production using a reflective substance under the object.

shadows of a product image

5. Background

A bright, concise backdrop is a major factor for your product photos to consider. A plain white backdrop is ideally suited for most products images for ecommerce sites. Simultaneously, you can use the same product pictures on many retail sites including Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten with a white backdrop. We suggest you add consistency and professionalism to your website by using the same context on all your goods.

background of a product image

6. Angles

It is important to display several viewpoints of your item. It is understood that different perspectives of your product increase your sales volume noticeably. Which also helps your consumers to get a clearer view of what the commodity is and visualize specifics of the ecommerce product image size and elements such as additional pockets, interior fittings, unique patterns, etc. Take the front, back, diagonal, bottom, top, interior, and features of the product to display a product effectively.

angles of a product image

7. Color

Another significant aspect of the product images on ecommerce sites is color. To display your customers exactly what they are getting and minimize returns, try to make sure that you are confident of the right color on your pictures. It is worth noting that both the computer screens and the web browsers have a separate color scheme, which indicates that the colors are represented separately in every monitor and the browser. We suggest that you edit your .jpeg files into the SRGB color pattern to solve this problem and ensure your product images are as realistic as possible.

8. Props

Often the use of extra things can be a valuable addition to your product images for ecommerce sites, particularly if you have to display a product’s functionality or its size. Ensure that the prop does not draw more focus from the product, and just look at it in one image. If the product is seen on a model for an accessory, it will allow the consumer to realize the real size of the commodity.

Props of a product image

Finishing thoughts-

The time you spend on producing quality product images for ecommerce sites will pay off for your website in the form of rveenues. It will take some time to start to get your pictures right, but once you get used to these tips, it will become second-class photography and a part of your workflow in product photography. Note that the next crucial stage for creating commercial product images is post-production (product picture editing) and due consideration of ecommerce product image size.

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E-Commerce product image size FAQs

1. What is meant by product only image?

Product pictures should display the product from all important perspectives in the best possible light. They are typically captured on a white backdrop, which allows you to keep your product range cohesive. These photos are a brief overview of the item and are a great choice for your official site.

2. Why are product images significant?

Accurately sized product images for ecommerce sites not only display the product’s quality, but they also act as screens of the e-commerce shop, delivering two key roles: when customers browse a product page, they search for value-driven demonstration.

3. Can e-commerce images blow your sales?

E-commerce images can greatly affect one’s purchases. Researchers have all found sites that are not nice to the photos.  Photos are everything in e-commerce. If users want good results, they have to learn how to capture the best quality product images.

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