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12 Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product or Service



12 Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product or Service

But it’s simple to get a product in front of consumers — it can be a struggle to get it accurately.  

Glorify will focus on providing 12 successful strategies to encourage a new product or service in this guide.

Such as:

  • Outstanding previews

  • Offers for introduction

  • Google My Business advertisements

  • Events and rewards

  • Promotion via emails

  • Articles for the Blog

  • Activities (in-person and virtual)

  • Upgrade Updates

  • Commercialization.

  • Feedback from Customers

  • Sharing on social networks

  • Facebook commercials

Let’s give it a crack, then!

Look at the 12 strategies below and find out which are the most meaningful for your company.

1. Outstanding previews

Your satisfied clients are an important part of promoting your brand since they are not only likely to purchase it but also promote it in their network systems. This could come in the form of a private, in-person, or virtual pre-launch party: an online visit, premiere, or tutorial. Or, it may even be a unique request to test and comment. These innovative deals to loyal customers strengthen the satisfaction and quality you owe them.

2. Offers for introduction

You can make it available as part of a special introductory package instead of launching your new product or service. This arrangement may take various forms.

  • Prices that have been discounted.

  • Bundle or package reduction pace.

  • Mutual marketing with an additional undertaking.

  • Buy a gift card or coupon.

  • Get a free offer to buy one.

  • If you have a rewards account, double the points.

  • Any referral gift.

Regardless of your promotion, make sure it’s not forever going to last. Customers who have little spending power would feel more urgent to purchase, either by period or by demand.

3. Google My Business advertisements

You can use your Google Business Profile to advertise your new product or service if you have a Google My Business account. The first is mostly through Google My Business articles.

Scroll to the Post tab if you’re in your GMB dashboard. From there an “Offer” or “What’s new” post could be made.

You may need to go with a “What’s New” post if you just advertise the new product or service. Only note that every seven days Google’s My Business articles end, so you have to repost them. If you have a special introductory deal, on the other hand, it would be better to make a “bid” post so you can set a deadline. Whichever form of posting you use, please make sure you have a photo and an activity call.

By posting images to your business profile from your GMB dashboard photos and adding it to your product and services page, it can also advertise your new service/product via a new product/service page.

4. Events and rewards

Social networking competitions are an exciting, simple way to communicate with consumers and build more supporters and opportunities. Facebook competitions gain an average 34 percent new clients, which is a fantastic way to battle the poor organic scope of the site.

Concerning placement, the winner(s) of your Facebook and Instagram donations should be the first to take charge of your latest deal and get it at a reduced rate or for free.

Make sure you publish the post in all your marketing platforms and that you not only run the main campaign with the social network. This involves your other social networks, website, email, and even paid advertisement platforms.

In addition to exciting themselves and purchasing new items, your increased social media presence is likely to push your website more visitors, introducing your company to new customers, and building a fun way to interact with your community.

5. Promotion via emails

Email is a great way to get the latest product/service news around. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity to first collect subscriber subscriptions.

You can precisely conduct an email campaign on this new bid, maybe even as an email campaign leading up to launch day. Or you would like to advertise this as the subject of your next email newsletter. This email may be sent to the general public or maybe a subscriber or customer exclusive deal. To support the methods mentioned.

Some email marketing suggestions:

  • Concentrate more on the new product’s advantages and appeal than on its characteristics

  • Boost the product in your field of business

  • To increase more open speeds, use preheader text

6. Articles for the Blog

You might not have had a landing page on which consumers or subscribers go when marketing their new products/services. After all, an update to an existing platform or account may just be your latest offering. In this situation, the aim is not to get more buyers but to engage or re-hire current customers.

A newly published blog post is a perfect way to explore all the information, features, and benefits that you otherwise would provide on the landing page, as well as to share an article link via your emails or social media platforms.

Even if you have a landing page, a blog post still is a good way to hear about your latest deal and offers you plenty of chances to connect to the landing page.

7. Activities (in-person and virtual)

Activities not only encourage consumers with their new product or service, but they also get new opportunities for you or other employees of your company – a perfect way to make more consumers.

There is nothing to do with great activities and planning them super pretty; for places like lounges, fitness centers, health clubs, spas, and chain outlets, you can do something just as easy as an open house or an informational workshop. If your company is with other local businesses, you can collaborate to have a sidewalk or open house to attract more visitors.

Digital events remain an important advertising tool throughout the pandemic.

You could:

  • Host a live Facebook session to illustrate the product and stress its characteristics.

  • Run a Q&A on the item either live or recorded.

  • Collaborate with an influencer who has knowledge and experience around the new product or service, with the guarantee to showcase the new offering at the final moment.

8. Upgrade Updates

If your company is more service-based than commodity-based, like a salon, spa, fitness center, or consulting firm, you can provide an improvement for customers to try out your new service. Launching a new facial or massage style at your spa? To show this, provide the current customers with a free (but maybe short term) upgrade. Broaden the PPC offering of your agency? Introduce a new service to the packages of existing customers at their prices. Another choice is to make free shipping for a fixed time with your product launch.

9. Commercialization

In reality, recognize a trade-in program if your latest product is an improvement to an older one. Commercial incentives are successful as customers are more likely to purchase a new product using a coupon or loan they already have. You may also start selling old retail goods (as long as they are sufficiently good) or use them for potential giveaways.

10. Feedback from Customers

These are some of the easiest ways to encourage a new product or service is to support it for your clients. You may also ask them to write an honest review of the new service or to provide information for a testimonial by using certain of the above ideas (for example, upgrading and free testing).

Examinations and proof would be invaluable if the product is distributed to the general public. After all, 84 percent of customers trust personal feedback and online reviews.

11. Sharing on social networks

Be sure to broadcast the word about your sales and offers via your social media page if you use one of the strategies listed above to advertise your new product or service. This is a quick approach to access your audience, and you can start sharing your post on your profiles quickly. Another advantage is that consumers can ask in the comment section questions on the product. Their questions and your answers can offer as an organic FAQ. The post can be connected to an access page or blog post.

You may also want a personalized hashtag in your promotional message if you have a dedicated niche audience or followers. This not only increases the scope of your promotions but also can allow consumers to share videos and pictures using the custom hashtag with their accounts.

12. Run Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a window for a massive number of individuals who are curious about your new product or service with over 1 billion active users every day. Facebook ads are especially useful since custom data distributed willingly through user profiles allows it possible to target an incredibly specific demographic. You may make a difference between the genders, age, place, their interests, their marital status, the client’s occupation, etc. There are also many ad forms, costs, and campaign length options to fit your targets.

Finishing Thoughts-

Glorify hopes that you’ve got a better understanding about to market your new product or services accurately. As well all know promotion is one of the most vital parts of running your business.

Below are some FAQ which can help you to understand the concept of promotion and marketing your brand in a better manner.

Promote a new product or service FAQs

1) How can your new goods and services better be promoted?

The best way to market your new product or service depends on the pace and the online habits of your audience. However, various platforms and cross promotes should be used. If your messages become more coherent and clearer, and as your audience learns about them, more interaction can be expected. Experience the above methods to achieve the results of the next product launch, software update, or offer of new services.

2) What does it mean to promote your company?

In the days before the Internet and social media, marketing meant that a small company that wanted to get off the ground was spending a lot on advertising or PR. The Internet age has evolved and changed a lot in the marketing business, which is no longer the case.

3) How would your company benefit from advertising and marketing?

If you have just started up or worked for years, advertisement and marketing campaigns allow your company to attract new clients without having to spend money. Plan your marketing. Plan your marketing. If your marketing efforts are spontaneous and unstructured, you can lose valuable time and resources.

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