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SaaS Social Media Marketing: A Complete Guide



SaaS Social Media Marketing: A Complete Guide

Benefits of SaaS Social Media Marketing

Here is why you should use SaaS social media marketing.

#1. Helps Reach a Larger Number of People

Gone are the days when companies would limit their advertising to billboards and newspapers. With the advent of technology, an increasing number of people are consuming information through digital channels, and social media is no exception. 

Statista revealed that 88% of professionals believe that the biggest advantage of using social media helps them gain exposure, while 79% said it helps them drive traffic to their website.

With social media, your reach is not limited to a handful of people. With a single post or advertisement, your brand can reach millions of users at a time.

#2. Highly Collaborative Tool

Over the years, influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most popular social media marketing tools. 

This social media strategy uses endorsements from influencers to market a product or service. And you would be surprised to know that it equally works for the SaaS industry. Collaborating with an industry expert with a significant social media presence can help boost your brand awareness. 

You can organize webinars or partner with them to launch a campaign are some of the ways you can boost your reach. 

SAP, the software giant, launched a series of Facebook Live videos featuring influencers from several industries. It provided viewers with different perspectives about the usage of SAL software and how it can fit into their own needs. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Their senior director points out that SAP's annual SAPPHIRE conference attracts 20,000 attendees and reaches 80,000-100,000 viewers online with help from their influencer community. 

#3. Effective Mode of Communication

You can leverage SaaS social media marketing to establish a direct point of communication with your audience. You can create a safe community and enable an open discussion forum about the latest updates in your product and industry. Besides, customers can even use the platform to quickly resolve their grievances. 

#4. Great Source of Reliable Data

While social media marketing is a great tool for promoting engagement, it gives you a detailed insight into your audience's reaction. Using social media tools, you can track how your posts are performing, which posts are getting the most traction, and more. 

You can use this data to further improvise your social media strategies and find ways to improve your website traffic. 

Types of Social Media Marketing for SaaS

Broadly, there are two types of social media marketing strategies, organic marketing and paid social media marketing. Let us understand what these terms mean.

Benefits of SaaS Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing refers to sharing of free content on your social media channels. The objective of organic social media marketing is to create awareness among your followers about your brand and its products and engage with them using customer-centric posts. These posts can include images, stories, client testimonials, videos, GIFs, memes, carousels, etc.

It typically involves posting relevant content on a regular basis to build brand reputation and trust.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media marketing is a strategy that provides monetary benefits for increasing visibility on your social media handles. Similar to organic marketing, paid social media marketing aims to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and share customer-centric content. However, with paid social media marketing, you can target specific locations or profiles that will help you improve your brand reputation and get suitable clients faster.

Generally, brands partner with influencers or other pages on social media platforms to gain traction. These influencers have significant visibility online and can help companies get clients by advertising their products and services on their profiles.

Social Media Strategies for SaaS That Work in 2022

Leveraging social media for marketing involves a great deal of strategy to yield the desired result. It isn’t simply about posting it on social media regularly. 

We share some of the best SaaS social media strategies that can work wonders for your business. 

#1. Create Excellent Visuals

While the platform plays a big role in SaaS social media marketing, visuals are equally important. You need to post a mix of infographics, statistics, gifs, popular visuals and more. The challenge lies in creating a detailed infographic or displaying statistics that are verified. 

This may cost you to pay for good graphic designers, but you can also expect ROI in the long run. A study revealed that social media posts that have quality visuals get 650% higher engagement than those that don't. In fact, creating videos rather than just focusing on still images can have a much bigger impact. 

#2. Collaborate with Social Media Industry Influencers

The larger your influencer audience will be, the more you will have to pay for their endorsement. Thus, finding the right influencer to help broaden your reach is crucial. 

It’s also a good idea to collaborate with a mid-level influencer who has a good amount of engagement with their followers. When they grow in time, you have already formed a relationship with them that you can leverage down the road. 

Besides, it helps mid-level influencers to build credibility with their audience when they get sponsorship deals. You need to find an influencer that can actually give out positive feelings towards your brands to their audience. Finding an authentic influencer from your industry can be the real challenge here. Once you do it right, you can get the biggest boost for your SaaS company. 

#3. Reframe Used Content

Do you struggle to churn out new content on a regular basis? You’re not alone. 

This may come as a surprise, but you can breathe new life into your old content by repurposing it into different materials. For instance, you can convert an old article into an infographic and post it on your social media account. But of course, the content needs to be evergreen so that it’s still relevant for your readers to read. 

Repurposing your old content is an excellent way to familiarize your brand with new followers. And you can brush your old followers up with existing content for a quick memory refreshment. It’s a great tactic to convert the positives of your content to improve visibility and add any content upgrades for lead generation.

#4. Improve Customer Support

Whether you like it or not, consumers use social media platforms to complain about a product or service. If you can use the platform to offer support to your clients, you can reduce your churn rate by 15%. 

When you respond to a consumer grievance online, it creates a positive brand image as it shows that you care about them. 

In fact, solving a customer query on social media costs nearly 1/6th compared to call interaction cost. And a positive experience can lead them to recommend your brand to others.  

How Do You Market a SaaS Product on Social Media?

#1. Choose the Right Platform

While you may be tempted to create a social media presence almost everywhere, that’s where you go wrong. Concentrating on a single platform where your target audience hangs out the most can bring maximum effect. 

Besides, LinkedIn, with more than 750+ million members, can be a great place to start for SaaS companies. The platform provides value for industry experts, influencers, and leaders in real-time. It’s the best place to connect with B2B buyers, sellers, and other professionals. 

#2. Engage Your Audience

Simply posting it on social media regularly won’t do any good. You need to find ways to get your audience to interact with your posts. The information you decide to share needs to be curated carefully to help spark a discussion or debate within your community. 

You can also experiment with different types of content, such as polls or live videos, to engage your community. In fact, you can use social media to share news and updates about a company. It spreads like wildfire, so you need to be careful that you don’t send the wrong message. But if handled well, SaaS companies can achieve great audience engagement from all generations. 

#3. Increase Customer Referrals

Studies have shown that 93% of people trust their family and friends while researching a brand. Make it easy for your existing clients to share your referral programs or links on social media for others to see. 

Of course, you need to deliver an exceptional product or service to convince your customers to refer it to their family and friends. But once you have achieved that, along with providing a superior customer experience, you can leverage social media to gain mouth-of-word traction. 

#4. Build Brand Consistency

Start by auditing your LinkedIn company profile. Include all the right information but also pay attention to your profile aesthetic to attract your audience’s attention. Your company description should be accurate and resonate with your brand tone. 

This goes the same for all the posts you upload and the engagement you do with your followers in the comment section. It’s crucial to establish authenticity. Moreover, keep in mind that your tone should be professional, being a SaaS company. 

#5. Conduct Social Media Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free things? Conducting social media giveaways can be a great way to draw attention to your company profile. But at the same time, you need to realize that if you are targeting senior executives as your target audience, they might not have the time to pay attention to giveaways. 

However, that doesn’t mean social media giveaways are irrelevant for SaaS companies. You can run quick contests on your page to help your audience get free tickets to a conference, an event, or a webinar. It can be a great way to pull relevant and young crowds to your events and increase your visibility. 

#6. Create a Social Media Team

Social media marketing is not just about posting on different platforms. You also need to keep track of metrics such as user engagement, influencer marketing, designing content, creating a content calendar, and more. As your company expands, SaaS social media marketing won’t be the job of one or two people. 

To create a successful social media marketing strategy, you need a dedicated social media team. The team will be in charge of determining which social media marketing tools to use, which platforms will attract customers, and what content to post and when. Further, the team will also create a budget for social media marketing and keep track of metrics to improve engagement.

What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for SaaS?

Having a social media presence is not enough to promote your SaaS business. You need to be on a platform that your target audience uses the most. It increases your brand visibility and offers various ways to interact with your customers. 

As per the stats, the most popular social media platforms in the world are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok.

While Facebook tops the list with 2.9 million users, YouTube and Instagram have 2.56 million and 1.47 million users, respectively. These platforms are used by most businesses to attract customers and engage with the public.

However, LinkedIn can’t be ignored either. Lately, LinkedIn has become a powerhouse of B2B SaaS marketing – whether organic or paid. It boasts of  750 million+ members as of 2022. 

Examples of SaaS Companies Excelling in Social Media 

If you are still unsure of what SaaS social media marketing looks like, here are examples of companies that have excelled at their social media game.

Salesforce SaaS social media marketing example

Salesforce is a CRM platform that provides a range of services, including workflow automation, customer support, email marketing, content management, and so on. Their social media posts include high-quality visuals accompanied by short yet interesting captions that appeal to users, increasing customer engagement.

#2. HubSpot

Hubspot social media example

HubSpot offers an integrated platform for all your sales, marketing, and customer service management needs. HubSpot actively uses social media marketing to engage with its customers. 

In this particular post, HubSpot tries to connect emotionally with its audiences by asking questions. 

Similarly, they used the platform to share the sustainability report for 2022 with their audience. Look at the amount of engagement they got. It’s a great way to help your community learn about your company better.  

 Social Media Strategies for SaaS

#3. HootSuite

HootSuite is a social media marketing and management dashboard that helps you manage all your social media accounts in one place. 

They ran a brilliant social media campaign by targeting the viewers of Game of Thrones, a popular TV show. The company created a YouTube video showing all social media platforms that you can manage using Hootsuite, similar to how the cities in Game of Thrones are presented. The video subtly includes HootSuite to help the customers know what the video is about. The comments on the video say it all.

Hootsuite social media campaign

#4. Semrush

Semrush interactive social media post

Semrush is a keyword research and website ranking platform. Similar to HubSpot, Semrush markets its services through active social media engagement. 

Here, the company asks its followers to post links to websites, following which Semrush would show the different anchor texts used to hyperlink them. This way, Semrush is not just interacting with its audiences in a fun way but also promoting its services. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

#5. Slack

Slack SaaS social media marketing

Slack is a popular messaging platform designed for workplaces. The company is a perfect example of how you can sell yourself without aggressive marketing. 

Here, the company has posted a tweet with a couple of lines on why one should use Slack. The message is short, crisp, and clear. It conveys easily to people what Slack does and how it would benefit them.

The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for SaaS

Below is a list of some of the best social media marketing tools for your SaaS business.

#1. Zapier


Zapier is a business application that helps you organize and automate your workflow on a single platform. With Zapier, you can automatically assign tasks to your social media team members and their progress. You can also schedule social media posts, meetings, and appointments with Zapier.

#2. Loom


Loom is a video messaging platform that helps you record videos on your screen and share them with large groups of people. Designed for remote and hybrid workplaces, Loom helps you keep in touch with your teammates anywhere, anytime. You can also use Loom to engage with your customers on social media by posting tutorials on how to use your product and addressing any issues via live video calling.

#3. Hotjar


Hotjar is a useful social media marketing tool that helps you understand user behavior. Using Hotjar, you can track critical customer metrics across social media platforms, including click rates, engagement, what content your users most interact with, and more. 

#4. Piktochart


Piktochart is a useful platform for creating high-quality visuals. With just a few clicks, you can create images, logos, videos, presentations, and infographics. The website has a range of built-in templates for you to get started. Or, you can create your own as well.

#5. Glorify


Glorify is a balanced design tool that gives anyone the chance to create captivating images regardless of prior design experience. It provides an easy yet effective way to create professional graphics for any social media platform. Glorify offers thousands of fully customizable, pre-designed templates for a range of niches and themes. Apart from that, it offers millions of icons and stock images, an instant background remover, mockups, brand kits, a logo maker and more!

#6. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a customer support software that helps you keep in touch with your customers through omnichannel marketing. With Freshdesk, you can better engage with your clients and understand how and which channels they prefer to interact with you the most.

#7. ClickUp


ClickUp is a platform that helps you organize your workflows. It is a great social media marketing tool, as the software helps you build schedules around social media posting, track metrics, collaborate across teams in real-time, and track team progress.

#8. Sendible


Sendible is a tool that helps you improve your social media marketing strategy. The platform provides a range of tools for you to increase your reach, attract quality leads, collaborate with teams in real-time, and analyze metrics to enhance your social media engagement.

#9. CallHippo


CallHippo is an outbound call tool that can easily integrate with your social media and other customer touchpoints channels. It automatically collects information about your contacts and displays them when you make or receive a call from your customers. 

Its US toll free number allows your customer to make free of charge call to you and increase sales without additional operational costs. The tool can even sends out automatic reminders for follow-up calls based on your interactions, improving your overall work efficiency. 

#10. Colorcinch


Colorcinch can be a go-to tool for your photo editing needs. You can enhance your photos, make their colors pop, crop, resize, and change their backgrounds with just a few clicks. You can add artistic filters, masks, overlays, and texts to your images and personalize them according to your needs. With its intuitive interface and one-click approach to design, Colorcinch lets you create stunning images for your social media in a breeze.


Marketers have often overlooked SaaS social media marketing. But the increased usage of social media platforms for both entertaining and business purposes can’t be ignored. If you want to gain an edge over your competitors and establish a direct relationship with your customers, you know where you need to be. 

Through social media marketing, SaaS companies can reach a wider range of people and attract customers faster.

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