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Explained 101: Your Go-To Guide to How To Sell Products Online



Explained 101: Your Go-To Guide to How To Sell Products Online

A Guide to Sell Products Online

There are several steps involved when it comes to selling your products online or to start an online store. From choosing an industry to thinking of a business name, and deciding the types of customers.

Choose the right domain name for the website as your storefront will be over the internet, and handle details like shipping carrier. It might seem overwhelming at first but then the process would be approachable when followed the guide.

Here are 7 easy and best ways to sell products online

1. What products to sell

Having a dream of an eCommerce business doesn’t justify the full decision of products to be sold. You might have diverse interests, or are looking for an industry offering a profit margin.

Nonetheless, deciding what to sell is dependent on the process as the best way to start with broad narrowing down to a niche that makes it easier to excel in certain areas and competition.

Sell your products online

When choosing a niche to sell products online, think of the various types of products that you might be interested in, this will help start a business and build a brand that would be rewarding. While you do so, try to think of suppliers that will make a product sell or buy an inventory from a wholesaler?

2. Pick a domain name

When you want to sell your products online, you will need a website or an app where people can go and check out the products. A domain name or a URL is the address of the web a customer builds to type into their website in a browser. It’s a good idea to name the business and pick a domain name that reflects the business.

Choosing the right domain name that is short, memorable, and clear is important, and if the keywords aren’t related to the products you sell, one must add important keywords for the SEO or search engine optimization purposes.

Pick a domain name for your website

The name should be easy to say out loud and easily spelled. It is advisable to stay away from words with similar sounds, digits with spelled-out numbers, or anything that sounds ambiguous when said out loud.

3.Build your online store to sell products online

You need not worry if you lack technical knowledge when selling your products online as today beautiful and effective websites can be created using a single line of code. This can be done by finding the eCommerce solution with tools needed to build an online store to add products, create checkout, and various other essentials.

Build your online store

Best way to sell products online is to be on the right platform. A right platform is necessary to avoid paying extra for features that are necessary for the growth of the business without constrained software limitations.  You can build a website with shopping cart software irrespective of the existence of an earlier website that can be connected by using a subdomain.

4. Payments to your bank account

There are different ways of expecting online payments to make the transaction faster and easier when you sell products online. This can be done through the traditional route of opening a merchant account, or use a payment processor without requirements like PayPal, Square, or Stripe as they are easy to set and have eCommerce software.

Using credit cards is the most popular method for payments with alternate payment providers that are worth including too like the digital wallet solutions (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass) that provide faster alternatives for customers who wish not to enter their credit card number while in a shop.

design a payments gateway page to your website

And, if you already have a storefront, the current POS processor should be enough to offer an extension of their service. This helps synchronizing online and in-person sales ensuring a consistent inventory count.

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5. Shipping methods

It is a core of eCommerce as customers order online and it helps as a way to get products to them. Selling physical products means deciding on a shipping carrier(s) to use and determine the rates to charge the customer.

When selling your products online, you need to use real-time rates provided by the shipping carrier irrespective of it being incredibly popular for online stores. These real-time rates are calculated automatically as the customer puts together the order that avoids overcharging or money loss.

Shipping methods for your website

To get these rates on the website you need an eCommerce solution offering a full set of shipping tools for online selling that includes integrations preferred by the carrier giving freedom in choosing the shipping methods offered.

6. Promote your online store

Market the online store where you sell products online as soon as it is ready to ensure a steady flow of customers. The best form is by a multifaceted approach including social media, paid advertising, email newsletters, and search engine optimization. You could also choose to run regular promotions and coupons for discounts, and for Daily Deals to support the eCommerce website.

To help interact with customers, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great ways for engagement, and additional bonuses to sell products online.

Promote your online store

You can also choose to send out Email newsletters on a regular basis to inform customers about upcoming sales and new products. It must be interesting and fun to read but remember to not spam the customers, once in a month is sufficient for the brand.

Search engine optimization is also one way to engage new customers to know of the website on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Boost the SEO by providing high-quality covering appropriate keywords of the product, both in the webpage and blog articles.

7. Growing your business

To keep the orders rolling in, you must process and fulfill the orders in time. It can become challenging with a growing customer base. You need to balance your time spent on different business tasks with excellent customer service that will help the business grow and sustain.

TTo understand the trends of the store, you’ll need a detailed, real-time report explaining the traffic on the store you use to sell products online. That can also help plan the inventory and strategize promotions or connect to Google Analytics to receive information about customers finding you that will help improve the marketing.

Grow your business online

Sell your products online: Where to sell products online?

When wondering how to sell products online successfully, be smart and sell products online on multiple channels! This helps bring up the sale across various websites where your eCommerce website serves as the central “hub” for the business fully shown by the brand and company information in the web space.

But not every channel works in the same way. Many allow posting products without a website as compared to the others that require a website. However, it is strongly recommended to have a website handy as it will add up the authority to the brand that makes it easier for the customers to find you online.

Where to Sell Products Online?

Many have restrictions on the types of products to be sold to help protect that marketplace against different liabilities.

Here are the Terms of Service or other seller guidelines across various platforms:  


It is a fantastic social media platform to help engage with customers and help the business sell products online directly. The 3dcart makes it easy to send products to the Facebook Shop Tab with the product images, star ratings, and prices that prevent setting up your store separately and will be connected to the 3dcart website to handle the Facebook sales and website sales using the same place with the inventory count being consistent.

Sell your products on Facebook


There are millions of customers that visit eBay daily for great deals on products. You can set up an eBay storefront to sell products online that offers an assortment of items at fixed prices. 3dcart also similarly connects to eBay as for Facebook and helps upload products directly and handles the sales from the dashboard. Set up a listing of templates for the products to post on eBay your pricing. If one already has products on eBay they can import them on the 3dcart store too as either way the inventory numbers stay synchronized between the website and eBay as an additional convenience for easier sales.

Sell your products on ebay


It is one of the largest marketplaces and the first stop for millions of shoppers to sell products online. They can be a bit more involved with the process depending on the types of products to sell but 3dcart still maintains a powerful integration.

Sell your products on Amazon


To sell your products online on Instagram, it is necessary to have a Facebook shop, which is the easiest to set. Once the Facebook Business Page is good to go and the items are available for sale, you can connect the Instagram business profile and get it approved for shopping. Once done, turn the product tagging on and highlight the products on the Instagram post.

Sell your products on Instagram


This is a popular search engine that helps sell products online on Google Shopping and Google Ads by uploading the information of the product via the shopping feed. The listings appear in Google Search results and Google Shopping making it the easiest way to get the products on Google and export them from the 3dcart.

Sell your products on Google


It is a marketplace for artists and handcrafters that help sell handmade products and mass-produced art supplies. The creation of the account is easy making the setup of a storefront customized. Nonetheless, it has some limitations and charges that relatively have hefty fees. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a website to sell products online even if you choose to sell products on Etsy.

Sell your products on Etsy


It is a fun platform making it easy to share content with millions of users that browse daily and to sell products online. You could sell products on Pinterest through several ways like Buyable Pins, Rich Pins, and Promoted Pins. Where each Pin works differently to get products visible by visitors providing a quick way to purchase. Shop the Look Pins is the best method that works great for fashion and decor.

Sell your products on Pinterest


Having a physical business is one thing but taking your shop online helps with opening the product to a wide audience with better engagement with the audience. It is always recommended to have a website along to create ownership of your business online and with better search engine optimization.

How to sell products online FAQs

1. What is online selling?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce refers to buying and selling goods through the internet to help to transfer money and data.

2. Is it profitable to sell products online?

Yes! Selling online is profitable to be online. Just like any other business you need to take risks and learn on the job.

3. What is the importance of selling online?

It increases your reach as it is no longer limited to the number of customers that physically visit your location. One can sell across towns, states, borders removing geographical limitations.

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The path to Glory begins here