Posted May 26, 2023

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Monetize Your Wallpapers as NFTs: Join the Digital Art Revolution



Monetize Your Wallpapers as NFTs: Join the Digital Art Revolution

Selling wallpapers as NFTs

Selling wallpapers as NFTs is the future of ART.

You may not have ever considered selling your art in a virtual environment, but as the world is going, it may just be the place to get noticed and become a household name. In this post we delve deeper into the idea of selling your creations as NFTs, how to convert them into NFT format, and marketplaces that can bring your entrepreneurial vision to fruition.

If you have a design or collection of creations you want to edit so they have a professional, high-quality aesthetic, then reach out to us at Glorify and we will make it happen. Our team of design and digital experts will curate your art into a top-quality presentation, working with you to highlight features and elements of your work for customers to marvel at, and together you and the Glorify team can bring your dreams to reality. One digital art piece at a time. Win-win.

Can I sell wallpapers as NFT?

Iphone illustration with a colourful abstract digital wallpapar

Yes, you can more than easily sell wallpapers as NFTs. any type of digital art that you have created can be turned into and used as an NFT. Just as traditional photographic prints can be purchased on the market, so can NFTs be created for customers to purchase your designs you believe are worthy of selling.

NFT (non-fungible tokens) Are quickly becoming the way of the future, a digital asset and form of currency in a sense that is essentially stored in what we call a blockchain. What many people don’t realize is that each NFT is bespoke, a one-of-a-kind asset that cannot be duplicated so your items will have their own unique token attached to them.

If you are looking to sell your digital wallpaper creations as NFTs you will need to convert those images into NFT formats using platforms like Rarible or OpenSea. Once this is completed you can dive into the marketplace and begin selling your beautiful designs, try Nifty Gateway or SuperRare to get you started and your creations out into the world.

How do I convert an image to NFT?

In just a handful of steps, you can quickly begin your NFT journey, and that starts with converting your current images into NFT formats for selling. follow these simple steps to help you get the ball rolling on your adventure into the world of NFTs, and as you become familiar and more comfortable with various platforms you can branch out and see different techniques or software that might better your uploads, conversions, and process as a whole. Let’s jump into the basics so long;

  • First, you will need to decide which artwork or designs you are going to convert and eventually sell.

  • Next, you want to choose your blockchain - a digital database in more simplistic terms - to look at the platform’s speed and functionality before making your final decision.

  • Now you want to purchase your cryptocurrency and connect your wallet to the NFT marketplace.

  • Create an account, log in, and create the NFT.

  • List and sell the NFT.

  • Don’t be afraid to sell for what it is worth, these are bespoke pieces, only one of them ever created, which is why so many NFT price tags on art these days are so high.

  • Set the price, add any additional details the customer may want to know or would be good for them to know, and enjoy seeing your art sell.

Can I sell NFT without copyright?

As an NFT seller, you are not assigning over copyright to any buyer, unless both parties mutually agree and have the legal paperwork drawn up. As someone who is selling the creations and designs it is always recommended that you are the legal owner of the images and are legally permitted to sell the designs.

Selling designs that are not your own and without the proper permission can cause a lot of legal issues moving forward. Certain platforms that are licensed under the Creative Commons law or other Open Source licenses may allow you to sell copyrighted images, but doing your homework and research is going to be your best friend to avoid any legal backlash.

Where to sell NFT wallpapers

The marketplace for selling NFT wallpapers is far from saturated but there are options, so all is not lost. As the world becomes more evolved and up to date with modern workings we will see more platforms become available.

If, however, you are in the here and now there are a handful of choices to consider. NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, SuperRare, OpenSea, or Nifty Gateway are a more than good enough jumping-off point.


Rarible landing page

A platform that facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of ownership rights to digital artworks. The platform uses NFTs and is Ethereum based.


SuperRare landing page

A more exclusive NFT marketplace. The digital artworks available are curated by top designers and prominent NFT artists, but a great place if you are an up-and-comer.


OpenSea landing page

An NFT marketplace that is not only the world’s largest but was the first of its kind specializing in NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Nifty Gateway

 Nifty Gateway homepage

A digital online art auction marketplace. Considered one of the premier choices for selling and buying and is user-friendly for beginners and top-quality for more experienced entrepreneurs.

It is no secret that the world is looking like and moving towards a more digital cohesion, where virtual reality meets physical reality and everything in between. Why would it be any different in the creative sphere? Don’t get left behind, the world deserves to see your creations, convert your bespoke designs to NFTs for a modern approach to art collecting, curating, and selling now.

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