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Social Media

Social Media Branding Kit - The Ultimate Guide & Ideas

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Branding Kit - The Ultimate Guide & Ideas

A Social Media Branding Kit: What Is It?

A social media branding kit is a collection of branded resources, like logo files, color palettes, custom fonts, and other images, such as pictures and editable templates.

You should use your brand kit as a point of reference to establish a clear brand while managing the marketing team, influencers, or others you may collaborate with.

It is important to follow these specific branding guidelines so that all content completely specifies and embodies the "brand" your business has created.

In other words, a social media branding kit serves as a handbook that can:

  • Help with spending time developing original material from scratch

  • Make your brand visually consistent

  • Differentiate you from competitors

  • Help your brand look professional.

What Components Are Found in Social Media Branding Kits?

What is included in your social media branding kit will depend on the business you run, your marketing plan, and, of course, your overall budget.

So, what should your social media branding kit have?

In short, the following elements:

  • Various versions of your company's logo

  • Template for variously sized photos, videos, and advertisements

  • Brand assets

  • Color scheme palette

  • Imagery

  • Typeface

  • Typography

  • Contact information with social media links and hashtags

A social media branding kit is designed to enable businesses to successfully promote their offerings online on a wide range of channels.

Using appropriate visuals and text helps them connect with relevant potential customers, enhance the audience's understanding of their brand, and boost sales.

How to put together a modern social media branding kit

Here are the steps you can take to build a comprehensive social media branding kit that will strengthen your brand and simplify the content development process.

1. Select the colors for your brand

When choosing your colors, it comes down to three things – psychology, personal choice, and market research.

The first thing to consider is how you want your target market to feel or perceive your brand identity. Color psychology explains how different hues represent and evoke other emotions.

For example, blue represents reliability, and no wonder that blue is the top logo color for 40% of Fortune 500 companies.

Colors and their meanings

The next step is to do market research. For example, what color palettes are brands in your niche using? 

Are those good practices to follow or mistakes to avoid?

Then, of course, personal preference is the main deciding factor. Once you've chosen your color scheme, keep a copy of each color's hex code on hand so you can use it with your design software. 

This way, you'll have no mismatched color variations between web content, social media, printed materials, etc.

2. Gather the essential data

To make the most of your social media branding kit, you'll need to gather the essential data about your online presence, such as:

  • User interactions and hashtags

  • Total audience and involvement

  • Daily user engagement

  • Follower growth

This way, you'll know your target audience, their preferences, their favorite content type, what social media to focus on, and so on.

For instance, brand influencer Maisha O'Neill provides relevant data about her Instagram following.

Maisha O'Neill

3. Compose persuasive media kit copy

A persuasive social media branding kit is a way to go if you are looking for collaboration deals, sponsorships, or similar.

Branding elements like a brand's vision and values are significant and should be included.

Also, remember that potential clients/partners can also be interested in things like brand alignment, prior partnerships, rates, and contact details.

You can include data such as your background, members of your team, and your mission statement.

For example, the food blogger, Edible Manson, includes important data with the mission statement in this Media kit.

 Edible Manson

Customers are likely to have stronger bonds with brands they share values with. Therefore, you can emphasize experiences demonstrating how you overcome challenges and devise creative solutions to challenging circumstances. 

Also, make it simple to uncover essential information, such as accomplishments and the top advantages of working with your business.

For example, Glorify has a public Roadmap listed on its website page. It is satisfying to see the progress in real-time.

Still, they also build a strong community with Suggest a feature option.

Glorify roadmap

 4. Select the appropriate graphic design tool

You don't need to hire a graphic designer to visualize your social media branding kit because many design tools are available.

For instance, Glorify is a tool that provides a user-friendly interface with an array of features that make it simple to create a social media branding kit from the start.

First, its library offers hundreds of templates for any social media platform, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

glorify design tool

From there, using the Brand kit feature, it ought to be simple to incorporate your logo and use your colors and custom fonts for quick personalization.

glorify editor

Of course, you can also edit any template using Glorify's simple design tools, such as its shapes, effects, icons, etc.

You may download designs from Glorify in PNG, Transparent PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, or SVG PDF, depending on the intended usage of the design.

5. Make the most of editable social media templates

Social media templates are a great shortcut to save time while staying brand consistent.

Whether you are a small business, an agency, an influencer, or a marketer, if you use visuals daily, templates are the way to go.

Due to their convenience as a one-stop shop for all your content requirements, themed templates are growing in popularity.

No matter your niche, you can find a template that will fit into it.

Let's say that Instagram is your preferred social media platform and that you must post 4 times a week.

Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can easily use templates that will visually compliment your feed, brand, colors, and font wise.

Templates are also a great way to draw inspiration from them. Start with the original design, apply your branding assets, customize it to your preference, and create something unique in minutes.

For example, look at the beautiful, vintage, and cohesive Instagram theme of the Doen brand.

Doen brand

Helpful Tips When Using Social Media Branding Kits

There are a few things to watch out for when attempting to create your own social media branding kit. 

Keep the following in mind to maintain your brand's reputation's strength, positivity, and purpose!

1. Use feedback in your favor 

Customers are speaking up more than ever about their shopping experiences thanks to internet reviews. 

Customers of all categories want to know where their products are made and where their money is going since conscious consumerism is on the increase. 

Today, trust is a major motivator for many consumer purchases.

According to Forbes, 78% of consumers say companies’ social media posts impact their purchases. 

So, you should highlight your satisfied customers’ comments or use UGC, whenever possible.

User-generated content is the main source of Instagram engagement for Airbnb.

While enabling their users to share their experiences with a massive worldwide audience of 4.4 Instagram followers, they are appealing to their audience as motivation to utilize their platform. 

They've held contests to reward their users for sharing the greatest content and promote the creation of it!

airbnb instagram

3. Make sure your images are not pixelated or out-of-focus

Social media platforms, specifically Instagram, are visually driven. So, the use of high-quality images or videos is a must.

But, sometimes, your visuals come out published as pixelated or blurry, and it can make your brand look amateurish.

Typically, this occurs due to the picture files not being the appropriate size or quality for that particular platform. 

Fixing this problem, and avoiding leaving a wrong first impression on customers, is quite simple.

First, use appropriate templates for different social media platforms.

If you already have an image you like but don't have the skills to crop it, rotate it, etc., you can use the Smart resize.

Start with any design without losing on the picture quality, and get the result you need in seconds.

glorify smart resize

4. Take into account the desktop and mobile viewing possibilities

Even though it seems like a no-brainer, some businesses favor desktop browsing alone. 

But, with over 4,62 billion social media users on smartphones., you're missing out on a lot of traffic if your content isn't optimized for viewing on desktop and mobile devices.

5. Be brand consistent

Today's typical internet buyer sees somewhere between 6,000 and more than 10,000 advertisements every single day.

That is a lot of competition to beat.

Even though you may have a slightly different approach for various social media platforms, your online presence should be cohesive.

Consistency in branding and brand marketing can enable your customers to quickly notice your products or services on their busy screens now that there are thousands of businesses competing for their attention.

6. Make sure your photographs are in the correct orientation

It's crucial to pay attention to subtle elements like composition, orientation, and filter qualities while altering images and other media items. 

For example, images for Instagram's main feed are squarely cropped and centered on the viewer's screen. 

Alternatively, Instagram stories are often displayed vertically in full screen. 

You may think this is common knowledge, but paying attention to details will set you apart from the novices.

Latest Social media image dimensions for 2023


A social media branding kit is a powerful tool that can help increase your online presence's visibility and elevate your brand to the next level.

When used correctly, it can help you to achieve a consistent, professional look across all your social media channels, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your followers. 

The kit can include a range of elements, from custom graphics, logos, fonts, and color palettes, to branded templates.

Glorify has all the features you need to revamp your social media presence: lovely templates, an easy-to-use Brand kit, and a powerful photo editor. 

With these tools in hand, you'll be able to craft unique visual content fitting any platform with ease. 

You can try out Glorify free of charge—just get an account now and get started!

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