Posted Feb 7, 2023

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Social Media

13 Social Media Content Ideas for Ecommerce Brands

Social Media

Social Media

13 Social Media Content Ideas for Ecommerce Brands

The Importance Of Social Media For Ecommerce

First, let's start with why it's so important to maximize social media's potential.

The use of social media is a powerful tool for increasing online sales. 

For example, suppose a brand or product gains attention online. In that case, it can lead to increased sales, improved visibility, and increased opportunities for engaging with customers through promotions and tailored advertisements. 

Including social media in your marketing plan can boost customers' brand recognition, relate to them more, meet their requirements, and gain a better insight into the market.

13 Social Media Content Ideas For Ecommerce Brands

Just 4 social media platforms can boast of having more than one billion active users per month – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Depending on the nature of your business, the audience you're trying to reach, and the type of media you want to share, you may use one or more social media platforms.

Mix up the most popular with a few of the newest platforms to achieve your goals, and put these social media content ideas for eCommerce into use.

YouTube Content Ideas

A study shows that 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. No wonder 92% of marketers use videos as part of their marketing strategy. 

1. Make explainer videos

Viewers enjoy videos in which people or companies explain topics to them. 

Therefore, creating explainer videos demonstrating how to use your products and the best methods to do so could improve engagement and the number of views your channel receives. 

Furthermore, audio-visual content that attempts to foresee buyers' queries may even simplify the buying process.


Dyson revolutionized hair styling in the past years. Since their products were never seen before, their how-to videos are highly helpful and insightful.


2. Show off your brand’s personality

Show your audience what the core of your eCommerce brand is. You can use an approach that aligns with your brand's philosophy. 

So, be adventurous, humorous, entertaining, etc., and let your viewers know what makes you stand out among competitors.


Target uses live videos to engage their audience with a topic that is relevant to their customers – Spring home refresh challenge. It is a good way to connect to your target audience while staying true to your brand’s philosophy.


3. Storytelling videos

One of the key forces in content nowadays is storytelling and it is a good social media content idea for eCommerce that you can use on every platform.

Consumers, after all, want more than simply information on goods and services – they want to know how these things may help them solve their issues.

When you share a personal story  in your YouTube video, you can assist those going through it now or in the future.

They will be able to identify with you if you can create a compelling tale, which may persuade them to buy from your brand.

Talking about significant events in your career or sharing a problem you overcame will help with this.

Remember to adjust your narrative to the realities of your business in order to be relevant and guarantee that your audience is interested in it.


TOMS is a socially active and responsible company that uses storytelling across social media campaigns.

Their engaging videos draw attention to topics that deserve attention and recognition worldwide.


4. Collaborate with influencers

Through video partnerships with influencers, businesses can reach specific audiences.

In addition, influencer partnerships may be a rapid and efficient approach for attracting potential clients because influencers have already established a reputation and trust with their audience.

Sierra Designs and Andrew Skurka

Together, Andrew and Sierra's design worked to create a brand-new product. Andrew's endorsement and knowledge as a seasoned outdoorsman assist in the product's marketing. Additionally, by promoting the product to his followers, he aids Sierra Designs in reaching its intended market.

Sierra Designs and Andrew Skurka

Instagram Content Ideas

Instagram is, foremost, a visually-oriented platform. So, let’s take a look at these social media content ideas for eCommerce that you can copy today.

5. Cross-Promote with Other eCommerce Brands

Cross-promoting is an excellent method of helping out another eCommerce brand as you post to your blog. This type of promotion aims to get the word out about benefits for your buyers, making it advantageous for everybody involved – including your customers, your partner, and your eCommerce business.

When selecting your collaborator in advertising, it is essential to ensure that this business has an audience comparable to yours and not one with whom you compete.


Mous is an eCommerce store that makes extra strong and protective cases. In addition, they are known for highly creative ads that go to the extreme to show how durable their products are.


6. Take advantage of User-generated Content

Do you wish to publish beautiful visuals without spending too much money? Then, putting your trust in user-generated content is the way to go. 

When individuals create posts that promote your products, it assists other potential customers in comprehending that your product is well-liked among other admirers. Therefore, if people make UGC posts, you should repost this fan-made content onto your profile and keep the momentum going.

With a wide selection of user-generated content examples, it's easy to locate suitable fan-made content that fits your brand image. Nonetheless, make sure you ask for the author's permission to utilize their visuals on your profile and tag them for authenticity.


This adorable photo of kids playing with the Amazon box is a clever use of UGC.


7. Create a product carousell

Visual content is vital on Instagram when it comes to marketing eCommerce products. It's critical to post eye-catching images that display your items from multiple perspectives.

If you need help with what to post, think about creating a product carousel with up to 10 pictures or videos to demonstrate your product from all angles.


Gymshark creates content that is fitness oriented and often collaborates with influencers and other content creators.


8. Make engaging and fun reels

Videos attract viewers and pique their interest in your content since they are dynamic. For instance, outfit-changing videos have been popular for a while. 

When you get the most out of your video material and record outfit change transitions, you engage viewers and showcase your product diversity.

Reels frequently appear on the Explore page compared to ordinary posts, providing a chance to connect with more potential consumers.

Glorify Deal 2023


The Reels video structure allows users to create numerous clips in different windows before merging them into one. As a result, it's the ideal method for producing captivating outfit change transition Reels that highlight your items without breaking a bank.


TikTok Content Ideas

Regarding social media content ideas for eCommerce, TikTok is your playground. This platform allows you to express your creativity like no other.

9. Introduce your business

Welcome your supporters to the inner circle! Greet new fans with a warm welcome.

Got a dedicated squad to help? Introduce them as well. Doing so can make you seem friendly and appealing, which can only benefit sales, particularly on social media.


ASOS employs user-generated content (UGC) to engage customers on social media, provide outfit ideas that users can simply copy, and even follow current topics to attract a larger audience.

In order to provide their viewers with a bit more context, they also offer behind-the-scenes footage from their projects and photo sessions.

In this TikTok, they introduced their design dress team wearing party attire.


10. Show the packaging process

TikTok has popularized a trend of displaying orders being fulfilled. It doesn't matter if those orders are being done in a large warehouse or from home – seeing them come in and packages sent out is oddly satisfying.

Furthermore, you can make videos showing the packaging order process and what is in it and tag the TikTok user who will receive it. 

This trend is a helpful way of building a sense of community.

Stardust By Allie

This small business owner often shows her packaging process, warehouse tour, and other everyday activities to her followers.

Stardust By Allie

Her TikTok account shares an uniform theme, with pink font and cohesive style.

Stardust By Allie

11. Answer FAQs

Ask your followers to send you questions about your product. Then create videos with the answers, adding the actual questions and including links to your product in the video description.

The recent trend is to display the user's question text alongside the video. It engages the inquirer and offers testimonials from satisfied customers as social proof that your goods are in demand, which boosts sales.

Nate White

Fashion designer from NY, did a creative TikTok version of FAQ. When a follower asked him if he does prom dresses, he made a stunning video with his most beautiful dresses and it went viral.

Nate White

12. Show behind-the-scenes process 

Give your audience a unique look inside the magic-making process. People enjoy peeking behind the curtain, whether it's a home office, an external workspace with staff, or a "day in the life" where you log your responsibilities.

Starfall Candle Co

This popular small business shows the whole process of her candle-making business – from creating, packaging, shipping items, and all in between.

Starfall Candle Co

13. Show your products

To showcase your items, use engaging techniques and trending sounds. To help people comprehend what you sell, post frequently.

Have an ongoing sale? Something that was out of stock has recently returned? Inform your audience. Post non-promotional videos as well to avoid overwhelming your viewers with sales pitches.

The Cult Beauty

Their TikTok focuses on user-generated content (UGC). It includes customer product reviews, behind-the-scenes clips, instructional videos on how to use various products, skincare tips, and other topics.

The Cult Beauty


There are several advantages to being active on social media. You may elevate your business by establishing new channels, growing an engaged audience, targeting your audience with promotions and educational content, interacting with customers and potential customers, and increasing sales.

These 13 social media content ideas for eCommerce brands we shared are proven and easy ways to engage your audience.

So, why not give it a try today?

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