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8 Best Uses Of How To Use Of Social Media In Healthcare By Professionals: Healthcare Social Media Marketing Explained



8 Best Uses Of How To Use Of Social Media In Healthcare By Professionals: Healthcare Social Media Marketing Explained

How To Use Of Social Media In Healthcare

We at Glorify understand the importance of social media marketing in the healthcare industry. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the best healthcare social media marketing practices that you can easily use to leverage social networks and create awareness via engagement with the audience, providing them comfort and relief virtually.

But before we get into the best healthcare social media marketing practices, we must understand the need for the professionals to get online on these social media platforms as a clinic or healthcare provider.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Media has now more than ever become a perhaps more trustworthy platform for the people compared to any other public health website available on social networking when it comes to deciding their healthcare providers.

According to a study by the American Medical Association, about every 8 in 10 social media users search for healthcare organizations with 74% of them using social media for health information. Irrespective of it all, despite these numbers, the healthcare industry is relatively slower when it comes to adopting the social media environment with only 26% of hospitals with 36% of physicians in the US using social media as a platform to connect.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

So, let’s break these numbers together by learning the best tips to use the best healthcare social media marketing techniques by using templates to engage and create a healthy community.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing: Best Practices for professionals

When it comes to understanding the need for healthcare social media marketing strategies, there are many ways to cut across the social media policies in using them for the medical field and also to make sure of providing patient information for the patients or followers. This social networking will help improve credibility while also increasing awareness of certain illnesses.

Listed below are the top 8 tips of healthcare social media marketing strategy:

1) Spread awareness using accurate information on the internet during healthcare crises

The onset of the coronavirus is the best example here to help understand the need of providing accurate information about the state.  Having an active presence on social media as a healthcare specialist helps you have the authority to inform the public about the public health measures, ways to stop the spread of the virus, and also by providing reliable sources of information.

As we all are aware, the information that the other sites provide, unfortunately, often turn out to be fake and misleading to the public in spite of helping them educate themselves. This is where you could make a difference as healthcare providers.

Spread awareness using accurate information on the internet during healthcare crises

2) Educate via media with patient information

Educating the patients on health issues providing them with health information is one of the best ways that you as a practitioner must focus on. Help the people understand the prevention, as well as the healthy lifestyle that they would imbibe while recognizing the symptoms of certain conditions. In terms of healthcare social media marketing, this could be either done via a video or a short write-up that you could share on platforms like Twitter or Facebook on various health topics.

Educate via media with patient information

3) Don’t forget to have fun

All work and no fun? While you provide appropriate context on the social networks, you must not forget to have some fun.

For instance, you could curb your healthcare social media marketing strategies with a little fun twist in short videos. Be it by acting or dropping in little laughs here and there. This is real-time and helps you engage and connect with your audience better.

4) Provide awareness with creative campaigns in and around

It is ok for healthcare organizations to have creative campaigns on social media, especially when it comes to a good cause. Even if the campaign is visual and funny it helps educate people on different health issues and also takes part in the awareness.  

For instance, every November it is noticed that men around the world take part in the NoShaveNovember. They help increase awareness and raise money for a good cause, while also educating people on men’s health issues like prostate cancer. #NoShaveNovember is also one of the best examples of social media on healthcare marketing.

Provide awareness with creative campaigns in and around

5) Use social media to build a community for people to connect

Using social media platforms to help the people connect with the community affected by the same conditions is seen to help the patients the most. And, what better way than you being the one causing it?

As practitioners, you are well aware that there are people with certain chronic illnesses who tend to isolate themselves more that perhaps makes them feel alone and rejected. You are their source of light by playing an important role while using social media to help alike people connect and not isolate.

Healthcare social media marketing opens the option of creating groups where you could be the cause of various people finding peace, feel free and safe while they support each other.

Use social media to build a community for people to connect

7) Educate via social media the importance of a doctor’s visit overcoming their anxieties

Anxiety caused by dental visits is the most common fears found in the people with almost half of the population fearing it. You as a practitioner in health care could perhaps use your best practices and experience to help people overcome their doctor visit anxieties, that is often overlooked by many.

You could share how doctors only want their patients healthy and how important tests are and aren’t something to be scared of. By indulging in healthcare social media marketing, you may also share empowering messages to your followers that can help the patient feel the courage and focus on prevention.

8) Respect patient privacy on social media

While inducing healthcare on media do not get carried away by the media content and share information of any patient online. Patient privacy has all the rights reserved, and you must not indulge in sharing any sensitive information online as it is a matter of not only ethics but legal too.

If at all you are in need of posting the diagnostic or medical history information of a patient online, you must always take the permission of the patients, as not following the guidelines may constitute a HIPAA violation, even if the name of the patient isn’t mentioned.

Respect patient privacy on social media

Use of Templates for Healthcare Social Media Marketing Strategies

If at all you are new or are finding it difficult to post on social media platforms, feel free to use the professionally designed, perfectly-sized and 100% editable templates brought to you by Glorify to help boost your social media strategy!

  1. Sign in to the Glorify app;

  2. Browse through a range of healthcare social media marketing templates

  3. Next, choose a template from the expansive template library

  4. Add and edit the texts, elements, illustrations on the template. You may choose an image of your choice from the Glorify library or simply upload yours and edit.

  5. Download and let the world be aware!

Here are a range of Glorify’s healthcare social media marketing templates you can make use of-

  • COVID-19 Prevention Template: It will help you provide information on how the people can protect themselves along with the people around from coronavirus using this template.

  • Medical Statistics Template: With this banner template you could share accurate numbers that help the people understand the data in a wider picture. Share infographics or visuals providing credibility in professionalism.

  • Medical Fact-Check Template: You could choose to share reliable sources to beat the otherwise available fake news as a myth-buster.

  • Healthcare Tips Template With Illustrations: Provide tips visually to the audience with illustrations and checkboxes.

  • Medications Healthcare Template: Use this template to share any news or information on medications, treatment options, or programs for the patients.

  • Health Insurance Social Media Template: This could be used to help the patients understand health insurance.

  • Dental Social Media Template: This template could be used by dentists to promote their message, campaign, or discount offer.

That’s all friends, this was all about how you as a healthcare practitioner could use the social media platforms for healthcare marketing and to promote awareness in the patients. However, to know more about the engagement, we also have a little something about the types of social media posts that will drive engagement!

To Conclude:

Using the article above, practitioners can now work on marking their importance even in social media platforms too by using these social media strategies while spreading the importance of healthcare.  

8 Best Uses Of How To Use Of Social Media In Healthcare FAQs

1. What are the ways nurses can use social media professionally?

The best ways nurses can use media is to develop professionally by sharing their knowledge and ideas and also debate on issues. This will help them gain more knowledge.

2. What best practices can healthcare professionals use as tools to implement on social media platforms for health marketing?

The best ways to use social media for health marketing are as follows:

Diversify your channels across Facebook and Twitter.
Vary the content to optimize the actions of the audience.
Boost the best performing organic posts.

To know more about the practices, read the article above!

3. What are the challenges of using social media in healthcare?

Irrespective of the advantages, the users on social media encounter various challenges. These include lack of reliability; lack of privacy and confidentiality of both the users as well as of the patient; inaccurate medical advice; health consequences; and negative health behaviors. Haven said that using the platform within the policies could help engage healthier.

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