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Free Social Media Management Tools: The 5 Best Apps For Small Businesses In 2023



Free Social Media Management Tools: The 5 Best Apps For Small Businesses In 2023

social media management tools

The impact is so drastic in nature that just one ad could cost from $0 to 6 figures in terms of the revenue opted from the media. Therefore, then why wouldn’t a small business opt for these best apps? Nonetheless, free social media managing tools as a part of the marketing strategy depends on how successfully you are able to pace up on social media, to transform a higher return rate as to the initial stages. For this, it is quite important for a small business to hit on the best social media management tool 2023 that even years later, will lead up to a social media empire that you see many achieving today.

What’s common between most of them?

The platforms you see and observe have been known to use social media management tools or an app that helps them schedule posts, and push the content consistently which in return helps in the engagement and growing followers. These, depending upon what you choose, are able to:

  • Schedule and publish for digital agencies

  • Help in planning a content library ahead of time as a part of their digital marketing

  • These collaboration tools help optimize social media pages

  • Managing multiple helps leverage the analytics to help grow faster

social media engagement

Social media management tools basically help and manage your social media processes resulting in you having more time and focusing on the other aspects of the company or small business without wasting time. On the other hand, opting to hire social media analytics could cost more to the small businesses, therefore the best option for them is to use these to make their marketing efforts grow and automate the media tasks with ease without paying a huge sum of money.

What to look into a free trial or free social media management tools?

  • Its functionality – As marketing tools that will be monitoring your content, it is vital to look for the features it entails, such as social media automation, content planning, content curation, profile optimization, and social media growth.

  • Is it easy to use? – The small business agencies mostly look into these automation tools by themselves, perhaps, it’s necessary to pick one that is easy to use. Does it have a complicated dashboard?

  • The cost – Small businesses generally are short in terms of money, therefore, while selecting your tool, make sure the price range is suitable for your business.

Best Social Media Management Tools 2023 For small businesses in 2023

Listed below are the top 5 best free social media management tools 2023, especially for small businesses:

1) Glorify – Best Social Media Management Tools

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The Glorify App is a simple and easy-to-use designing app that is perhaps the best option for upcoming small businesses. It offers a simple platform for all the media users and influencers, but especially for small businesses and helps them create good quality posts that not only help in the engagement but also are quite easy in terms of its functionality and already outlined templates.

Not only that, these social media management tools provides a free trial for its users to help understand its functionality and management in publishing social media content, after which it only requires a minimum nominal fee. The app provides exclusive tools for your content plans and posts for all media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


  • Enhances the social media growth – With the help of its multiple features and sendible offers, glorify helps you create a social media post of good quality using their capabilities for the growth of small business with relevant hashtags across Twitter followers and other platforms in just a few months.

  • Content and post curation – The platform offers a simple dashboard with multiple features that help create advertisement banners, marketing materials, social media posts that are downloadable and ready to publish’ to go live on across all platforms in just a few simple clicks.

  • Planning, scheduling, and publishing – It is a powerfully built system that allows comprehensive posts in terms of publishing and scheduling the media content that when monitored, offers a good amount of reach, and is super easy for small business owners to plan across the month inclusive with the free trial.

2) Hootsuite – Free social media management tools


This is one of the largest and oldest social media management tools as per social listening and was created in 2008, creating and setting a mark over the social channels with over 15 million users and over 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Hootsuite offers a social media management interface that handles the social media tasks and social listening effectively and its robust features, users can manage, schedule, find prospects, and help you do more with your social media accounts. It also includes a sleek dashboard that allows brands to manage their social channels, like LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


  • Analytics – It provides users with sprout social media analytics that helps in measuring the social media results, track performance, and share insights based on their team collaboration by using its customizable easy-to-create social media reports.

  • Good team management – Hootsuite offers a set of unique tracks ranging from medium to large scale brands, organizations, and teams with its group management dashboard.

3) Buffer – Best Social Media Management Tools


This is one of the largest and popular brands in the social media management space that has been around for quite a long time. Buffer, one of the best free social media management tools, offers a streamlined and easy-to-use management dashboard open to all the social media marketers, managers, and agencies of small businesses that also help drive the real engagements via the scheduling of the media accounts.


  • Publishing – It provides the users with a simple and clean platform that helps them in publishing and scheduling the posts for social media, such as, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The highlight of the app as per most users is its simplicity, friendly and easy ways to publish on social media content using Buffer.

  • Its team collaboration – Buffer basically focuses on the brands as per medium to large scale brands working in teams or groups. This helps provide an efficient platform that helps handle the social media tasks in an easy and collaborative manner resulting in a more effective viewership on social networks only on $399 per month.

Pro tip: You can also explore Buffer alternatives to strengthen your social media game.

4) MeetEdgar – Free Social Media Management Tools


This is a social media scheduling tool that helps in an easier way for businesses to schedule and automate their social media content across various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. MeetEdgar focuses on the scheduling of major social media posts in a unique way.

Adding on, MeetEdgar, one of the best social media management tools helps its users to focus on various other aspects of their businesses while making sure all feeds and accounts are active while curating social content to be fresh and engaging at all times.


  • It’s scheduling – Users using this tool can easily upload or add social media content manually by making use of the bulk import or can also set up an RSS feed that allows you to automatically import the content of the blogs and the schedules when on autopilot and also keep the scheduling organized.

  • The engagement rate– Edgar offers the businesses a platform that grows the engagement rate of your business by using consistent content and which also helps users in maximizing their reach of organic content across various social networks in a month.

5) Sprout Social – Best Social Media Management Tools

Sprout Social

This social media management tool helps in providing its users with solutions to businesses ranging from medium to large-scale, organizations, and teams. Sprout Social has an impressive and effective platform that stands unique as it offers a solution to businesses by not only solving their problems of social media management but also helps the marketers in yielding their ROI from social marketing.


  • Content planning on the content calendar – It provides all solutions to the stressful and unorganized content planning efforts and helps the businesses and agency teams to map their content themes. Adding on, they also help optimize social content to deliver across social networks.

  • Campaign management – Just like Hootsuite, Sprout also provides its users with a robust dashboard for the brands in order to streamline campaign management between the teams and agencies. Users can use the platform to monitor, prioritize, collaborate and also respond to messages all from a single inbox.

  • Analytics – They have cool analytics dashboards that help the users optimize marketing campaigns with the help of detailed reports, data, analysis and also provide customized reporting tools to help measure social campaign performance and all at $249 per month.

To Conclude:

The list above containing the top 5 top social media management tools for small businesses in 2023, helps the various marketing campaigns of various businesses (2019) and beyond. If you’re looking for a tool that is easy to use, has a simple interface, and also handles the various social media marketing tasks at a nominal rate, then we suggest you use the Glorify app offering our unique social media application easy-to-use posts for small businesses and influencers.

Social Media Management Tools FAQs

1. Which is the top media platform to be used by new companies?

– Instagram
– YouTube
– Facebook
– Twitter
– TikTok
– Pinterest
– Snapchat

2. What are social media management tools?

Customer engagement helps in encouraging two-way interactions with the audience. These tools help the business get a good engagement with the media platforms, in comparatively easy and effective ways, hence the title “customer engagement tools.”

3. How to increase business reach digitally?

– Helps in establishing a strong social media presence of your business
– One can publish a weekly blog for the readers
– Creates good search engine optimization (SEO) engagement
– Helps in creating attractive articles

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