Posted May 15, 2023

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Starting Profitable Digital Wallpaper Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

Starting Profitable Digital Wallpaper Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to start my own digital wallpaper business

Mobile phone with beautiful wallpaper

The online world for business ventures is booming and is a great place to launch your love for digital wallpaper designing and build a brand and company you are proud of. Digital wallpapers are used worldwide, and allow customers to personalize their phones, desktops, or other electronic devices to their liking.

Who doesn’t love a wallpaper background that lets you stand out from the crowd? Yes, please.

We will take a look at what are the basics of getting started on your new creative venture, certain criteria that need to be met and others that will be advantageous to possess, and what it takes to be successful. And if ever you are feeling overwhelmed and need help getting the engines going, check out Glorify where our industry experts will help you create and bring together your vision so you can show the world what they have been missing.

How do I become a wallpaper designer?

Is there an easy way to become a digital wallpaper designer? Wouldn’t life be so much financially easier if we could simply turn all our doodles into money-making digital wallpaper designs, well, it is not impossible, the theory just needs some editing and this is where we can help.

person with laptop and sketch pad

With some guidance and advice from industry experts you can be well on your way to creating a great collection of bespoke digital wallpapers, so let’s jump in and see the fundamentals needed to get the ball rolling.

Educational Requirements

A background in design will significantly boost your chances of landing a job, but it makes sense to have some textile, interior, or graphic design qualification behind you too. For those looking specifically for digital wallpaper designing an art degree is highly recommended and even more so to filter out the competition.

Wallpaper design experience

There is nothing better to learning a skill or trade than hands-on experience, and while some people consider practical training a better component a combination of both practical and theoretical training will be to your advantage. Look for an internship or a part-time job where you can practice what your textbooks are teaching, this way you have both elements once you obtain your degree.

Investing in your niche

Other than simply drawing and letting your creative flare run wild you will need to think about your niche, your genre, and demographic, and begin practicing. This is where investing in a few quality tools and pieces of digital art and design tools will be well worth it and will pay off in the long run. Design tablets and applications are all readily available and help you to hone your skill and see where your talents and interests lie. Then you want to showcase them through a great portfolio to show potential clients and customers.


What better way to make a name for yourself than by hanging out with the top-of-the-crop in your industry and becoming a household name? Networking is the perfect way to get to know the who’s  who in your field. You can join social media platforms that promote digital designers, clubs, and societies that support local artists, or advertise on your personal social media for increased brand awareness.

How do I become a wallpaper vendor?

If you thought homes were the only place wallpapers are used, think again. The modern world of design is filtering into the workplace, office environments, and even restaurants, and showcasing your work to be used in a public space is a true achievement and a compliment of the highest regard.

two mobile phones with wallpaper

So, how can you sell your wallpapers without having to stand in the market with a slideshow of your great designs? Simple. Other than creating and building your own website and hiring industry professionals such as Glorify to help kickstart your career, begin with the following;

  • Target demographic - Pick the area or niche you want to delve into and hone in on this specialization. By understanding your target market you can begin your pitch and show potential customers why your product and design are a must-have to stand out from the crowd and what makes it superior to competitors. You could also offer them a bespoke personalization of their logo in collaboration with your design, this makes them feel valued and part of the design process and ultimately the overall experience.

  • Permission and Location - Naturally, bricks and mortar location is much more expensive than an online platform, go for an e-commerce venture which makes more sense when starting out. Be sure you check with and obtain the necessary permits or business documentation to sell from your Small Businesses Administration.

  • Selling platforms - Consider, within your industry, which platforms are most relevant where you can achieve the maximum brand and service exposure. Take a look at options like Amazon which has a customer database of over 200 million customers for a quantitate approach, or consider other platforms like Etsy with a smaller audience but a more qualitative approach for bespoke or custom-made designs.

Can I make money selling phone wallpapers?

make money by selling wallpapers

Yes, you can make money selling phone wallpapers but it is going to take work. If you have a great product that has been professionally designed and an excellent marketing strategy the rest is easy and essentially takes care of itself. But practicing patience is going to be key. Nothing happens overnight unless you are a celebrity, but until then, keep level-headed.

There are a few elements to keep in mind when you go about selling online, other than using top platforms like Fiverr, Etsy, Amazon, or even E-bay as an option, you need to tick off the basics. Let’s dive into what they are and how or why they should be implemented into your digital wallpaper-selling future global corporation.

  1. Make sure you are selling to the right audience. This way you know what they are looking for, can design accordingly, and the products are appropriately relevant.

  2. Pricing plays a big role in the success of your venture, and even more so in the initial stages of business practices. Try to make sure the price is reasonable for customers, is adequate for the product being sold, but also works financially in your favor.

  3. Images can speak volumes and can ultimately be the make or break of significant sales. Be sure the images you showcase are high-quality, and high resolution so they work for zoom options but also across multiple electronic devices especially for mobile viewing.

  4. Application platforms work wonders as the world is glued to electronic devices. Think about Google Play, Apple Store, or other places such as Shopify, and be sure your wallpaper designs are digitally optimized to showcase their best features and your bespoke designs.

A final round-up of thoughts

No matter where in the world you are you can create, design, and bring to life your digital wallpaper creations.

By following a few simple tips and guidelines you will be showcasing quality work to the world for them to purchase, enjoy, and welcome into their lives. Adding color and a personal touch is always a good thing, and with a curated digital design wallpaper this is just the case. Life is always better with a touch of personalized magic.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here