Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Techsylvania 2021: The One Tech Conference You Don't Want To Miss!



Techsylvania 2021: The One Tech Conference You Don't Want To Miss!

Since 2014, Techsylvania has been the biggest tech conference in Central Europe where tech leaders, founders, experts, and investors from around the world gather under one roof to share their experience and cement the future of the tech industry. From start-ups pitching for the first time to world-renowned brands, everyone has an opportunity to steal the limelight at Techsylvania.

The sheer weight of ambition will stun you.

Techsylvania 2021 is scheduled to kick off on the 22nd of September and will last for two days.  This year too will witness the transition from physical to virtual, though it’s guaranteed to be no less stunning.

What does Techsylvania have in store this year?

With over 5000 unique participants, Techsylvania is bound to have an amazing agenda set up. Their knack for planning diverse, engaging events has earned them an impressive 8.9 rating by former attendees. In addition to technical workshops, executive roundtables, and 25+ satellite events, Startup Avalanche makes a comeback this year with over 250 participating startups. These businesses will compete for the winning prize valued at over 100,000 Euros in investment. Furthermore, a Startup Alley exhibition area will be set up with a range of activation from top brands.

The audience will also get to experience 1:1 networking through the Hopin platform which will host the virtual conference this year. One of the key events is the series of Q and A sessions with the most requested speakers. The highlight of the conference is the Main Stage and Impact Stage

events where speakers will cover all topics from technology and products to funding and founding experiences. This year, Glorify’s co-founder and CEO, Omar Farook, will join the prestigious panel of speakers to enlighten the audience on the process of creating incredible promotional videos despite a tight budget.

Interact with the biggest names in the business

Techsylvania 2021 will see more than 60 speakers from 60 countries around the world share their stories, expertise, tech news, and of course the A to Z of staying afloat in a sea of rapidly growing technological advancements. Take a look at some of the most inspirational personalities to have taken the stage in the past few years:

  • Alex Konrad – Senior Editor of Forbes

  • Scott Belsky – Chief Product Officer of Adobe and Founder of Bēhance

  • Mark Cuban -Shark Tank host and founder of

  • Ioana Cozmuta – Industry Innovation and Microgravity Lead at NASA

  • Tony Fadell – Inventor of the iPod, co-inventor of the iPhone and Founder of Nest

Spectators have never yet been disappointed by the panel of speakers and this year promises to be no different. Here are some amazing speakers to look out for at Techsylvania 2021:

  • Jon Oringer – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Shutterstock

  • Prashanth Chandrasekar – CEO of Stack Overflow

  • Sacha Dragic – Founder & Executive Chairman of SuperBet

  • Wayne Ting – CEO of Lime

  • Loic Houssier – VP Engineering at DocuSign

  • Randy Shoup – VP Engineering and Chief Architect at eBay

These are just a handful of the brilliant personalities the audience will have a chance to interact with. The complete list of this year’s speakers is available on the Techsylvania website.

Why is Techsylvania the one event you don’t want to miss?

Why isn’t opting out of this conference exactly the smartest decision? There will be other workshops, other conferences, right? Wrong.

Simply put, there isn’t another event quite like it in the world. Techsylvania has something for everyone. From owners of established businesses to startup entrepreneurs to college students with a dream, Techsylvania is the place to be. Take inspiration from stories from around the world and steal the tips and tricks of taking a stand in the tech industry. If you’re a startup entrepreneur, try your luck at Startup Avalanche; it might give you the momentum to set your business in motion. If this event resonates with you, sign up as a volunteer for their next event and jump into the heart of the tech industry.

It’s impossible to leave without carrying away a wealth of knowledge. So mark your calendars and gear up for the biggest tech conference in Central Europe.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here