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World’s Most Famous Logos: Top 10 Famous Logos and What You Can Learn From Them!



World’s Most Famous Logos: Top 10 Famous Logos and What You Can Learn From Them!

Famous brand logos

In this article, we look at ten logos that have become the most famous logos around the world and discuss how they have been built and the insights that we can gain from their success.

1) Target

Starting Point-

In 1962, Target first developed its famous company logo. Initially, it had the name of the organization seen in the clear three white and three red circles. Only seven years later, the company began a popular ad with the goal logo as an earring for a woman


How better can the word “Target” be expressed than by a real target. Makes sense!

Heavy use of the color red and the impressive elegance distinguishes the famous brand logo. Many of the logos that we’re going to discuss in the piece have been checked for a time due to their beautiful minimalistic style. The logo concept of the circle inside a circle interacts all over the world.

target brand logo

The color red in the company denotes passion and focus. Tidiness, virtue, and wellbeing reflect White. Exploring the company’s objective, the logo design colors fit well with the organizational strategy and mission. How much thought and work has been put behind to make even such a basic logo become such a famous brand logo is just commendable!

Learning notes

Circles will communicate this to your customers if you want to show trust and interaction. Use the negative room to prevent your design from being obstructed with items that block consumers from understanding your brand’s major things.

2) Apple

Starting Point

The world-famous logo! Well, it was not as neat as it was first developed, in fact, the first logo of Apple in 1976 didn’t look anything like the logo we recognize today. Initially, the Apple logo was a fully condensed literal apple. Later, from 1977 to 1998, Apple also used its first color display machine with the rainbow-colored logo style. But this extravagant use of color gradually became bright chromium and flat color — today’s world famous logo edition.


Apple aims to make trendy, affordable goods, so that even the most digitally challenged can utilize them. The chrome and then the flat color logo display stylishness and elegance. All three features of Apple are identical.

Apple brand logo

Some claim that the “bite” from the apple is a term of the word byte. We think that’s a very cool way of putting a minimalist logo into interest.

Learning Notes

It is vital to know how the Apple logo demonstrates in its design the characteristics of its products. The logo suits the characteristics of your brand exactly. We think of terms like convenient, elegant, and insightful when we think of Apple’s goods. This is what the famous brand logo holds.

3) Google

Starting point

In 1998 to signify the company’s name, Google developed its original famous company logo using a default font. Until 2009, when the organization changed colors and shades of the lettering the logo remained largely unchanged. Google made some small improvements to its letter spacing in 2014. In 2015, finally, the company re-launched its logo once more, with a more vivid and saturated new and modern modified typeface to make the famous logo we now know!


Google likes, as with Apple, to advertise how convenient it is to the people who know and love the business. Since Google has chosen a wordmark for its logo, color usage is very necessary. Google wanted to make the logo look like primary colors.

google brand logo

The arrangement of the text mark flows smoothly to illustrate how the Google interface guides users. Finally, Google also uses unusual logo versions to represent world affairs, an excellent way for the organization to enter a global audience.

Learning note

Much like Google, suggest representing local or international events by changing your logo. Although you may not want to update your logo every week, it’s a great way to be meaningful for customers with a creative touch like this.

4) FedEx

Starting point

The original FedEx logo, a simple blue wordmark in a blue pattern, was first created in 1973. Who would’ve known there would be a transition and FedX would go on to become one of the most popular and famous logos of the world? The colors and styles have evolved over the years. However, in 1994 the organization launched the symbolic white arrow across the second E and the second X, the mark which is now known.


FedEx hid a white arrow from the last E and X, a sign of revs, motion, and accuracy – a key element of a supply and services brand. FedEx also reflects a creative use of color for multiple arms of its organization. The “Ex” component changes depending on the product while retaining the violet color of the “Fed” in their world-famous logo design. For FedEx Express, which serves the majority of packages, the most popular color scheme we observe is purple and orange.

fedex brand logo

Learning notes

Another thing we can learn from the famous brand logo by FedX is changing the font color. Have your different business areas in which you could do something like that? Look at color psychology to see how different colors in the logo design are intertwined with multiple products.

5) LG

Starting Point

In the LG brand famous logo, the emoji face is undoubtedly wise. The LG letters fit the phrase “Healthy life,” and how can those words live any better than a happy face? In addition, the G is formed like an electronics company on the button, which is quite suitable. It was smart.  


In the LG logo, the emoji face is undoubtedly wise. The LG letters fit the phrase “Healthy life,” and how can those words live any better than a happy face? In addition, the G is formed like an electronics company on button, which is quite suitable. It was smart.  

LG brand logo

The organization transforms its 3D logo on its shop fronts. This makes it a futuristic appeal, according to LG, that contributes to “reinforcing the visual impact of their symbolic mark and communicating its characteristics.”

Learning notes

Your logo is again important for versatility. The LG logo design will express all of the qualities of their brand in one color, two letters, and basic types. With just a few features a great logo can define the brand.

6) Toyota

Starting Point

Indeed, Toyota started its existence as “Toyoda,” named after its founder. In 1936, the company held a public contest to create a new potentially famous brand logo and rebranding it as the Japanese term Toyota. In 1989 the present oval logo was introduced.


As its key brand color, Toyota uses red. A sense of culture, friendliness, and resilience are all important features when selling cars to the masses. So what’s silver or grey in that? It is traditional, reliable, competent, and healthy while the metallic polish adds high performance and appeal.

Toyota brand logo

Wondering what the oval-looking fancy structure means in this world-famous, popular logo? According to Toyota, all perpendicular ovals are at the center of the customer and the center of the business inside the larger oval. They overlap in order to form the interplay between the two. They form a “T,” the company’s first letter similar to the steering wheel form.

The thought and innovation behind the design undoubtedly make a great effort to demonstrate the consideration and the complexity Toyota puts into its goods; while being one of the most complicated, yet famous logos out there.

Learning Note

While Toyota remains plain, it integrates its famous logo design in a lot of hidden messages. You can also do that, which is a big step towards showing the care and the interaction with your consumers you put into your company.

7) Mercedes-Benz

Starting Point

Over the course of time, several car companies change their logos to grow with design trends. But the Mercedes-Benz star has been able to remain an original emblem for more than a century. In 1909 the company unveiled the star, and it is to this day still the core feature of its famous company logo.


Mercedes displays its famous brand logo without lettering on many of its cars and publicity. The business will quickly tap into the universal experience of customers with decades of brand recognition. But the star itself has a lot of meaning: all three are air, land, and sea — every section of the car industry.

Mercedes Benz brand logo

The Mercedes typesetting is small and curved in contrast to other brands, giving it a touch of sophistication – just the image the company hopes to establish.

Learning Notes

There are fonts. Compare the styles of Mercedes with those in the emblem of the Toyota and the distinction is visible. The curved borders permit the company to evoke luxury, with just letters.

Recall that every typeface has its personality if you intend to use text in your logo. Find and run with one that suits your brand.

8) Shell

Starting point

Perhaps you know Shell as a gasoline and fuel company. But back in 1891, Shell started as a merchant specializing in the shipment of shells to the west. That’s the focus of attention. Shell introduced its first emblem in 1900, a black-and-white seashell painting. The picture of a shell has never since vanished from the famous company logo even though the color reproduction of its different facelifts was carried out in 1948. The new brand logo was introduced in 1995 and is now used without text as an independent symbol.


Shell’s colors are iconic, vivid red, and yellow. However, these choices play a culturally important role rather than color psychology. When Shell first arrived in California, the company decided to fit Spanish flag colors – in order to create an emotional link with the buyers, many of the early California settlers had been born. Looking at the company’s performance over time, it’s very strong.

shell brand logo

Learning Notes

The colors of Shell remind us of the roots of the business and you could use it to build an even deeper partnership with your customers.

9) Coca-Cola

Starting Point

The first black-and-white famous logo was created by Coca-Cola in 1886. The logo changed over time, but the classical script lettering remained essentially the same. By 1958, the company officially featured the renowned red and white colors.


A famous company logo that is more robust than Coca-Cola’s might be difficult to find. Let’s take a minute here and appreciate the concept of the emblem, which makes it without a doubt one of the world’s most famous logos!

Coca Cola brand logo

Sophistication and uniqueness.

The famous brand logo design of Coca-Cola represents classic Americana, both of which are synonymous. The cursive and trendy lettering is truly special and personifies the trendy category of its brand. When we consider classic America, at the same time we see the Coca-Cola logo which gives the company both a generational and a nostalgic appeal.

Red is a good color. It evokes arousal, vitality, and passion. Do these traits not seem to represent the already described classical America? Red activates even an appetite that definitely works with a business that likes soft drinks!

Learning Notes

Colored lead. Coca-Cola is synonymous with red. The company is integral to its products and marketing when it comes to promoting its brand colors – and it works. Using color psychology to identify the brand’s key color to “stimulate the own consumer appetite.”

Take custom fonts into consideration. The Coca-Cola logo impresses in particular since the font precisely fits with its brand identity and image.

10) Nike

Starting Point

The Nike “Swoosh.” Student Carolyn Davidson in graphic design built this iconic and world famous brand logo in 1971 and sold for just $35 to Nike co-founder Phil Knight.


The swoosh started with the accompanying text. But it doesn’t need it right now.

The goddess of victory, Nike in Greek mythology, influenced the logo with its meaning. The swoosh represents Nike’s own brand characteristics on the wing of the goddess.

nike brand logo

When you look at the Nike logo, what do you feel or see? The velocity? Speed? Efficiency? Might? That is exactly what the company wants you to experience, and all these features are clearly and creatively conveyed by this revolutionary design.

The Swoosh is also like a logo that means “yes,” a strengthening and optimism sign.

Learning Notes

One of the key lessons from the famous brand logo by Nike is how to communicate qualities in type. The swoosh conveys intensity and movement. Consider how the logo can be shown with and without text. Few logos may stand alone, but they’re just as strong when they’re right.

Finishing Lines-

A broad logo is not the only indicator of a successful company, but a careful and eye-catching logo design can enable you to become a well-known brand in a competitive market. And you’re going to look amazing, too! We hope you learn more about your favorite brands and their logo in this post. If you know of any brand you want us to publish on the list, please let us know in the following comment section!

The world’s most famous logos FAQs

1. Importance of the logo?

Logo, like your face, is required for people to associate an image with the name. Just like people remember people by their faces and not necessarily by names, famous brands are also remembered by their famous company logos.  This makes the logo of the business very important because people can forget the brand but not the logo.

2. What is the most popular logo in the World?

One of the world’s most famous logos, also an all-time favorite, has been the iconic Coca-Cola logo.

3. What are some of the world’s most popular logos?

Apart from the timeless Coca-Cola logo, here are some other famous company logos-
Mc Donalds, 2. Amazon, 3. Starbucks, 4. Adidas, 5. Cadbury.

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