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Top 8 Tools That Help Get Twitter Insights Analytics To Track Monthly - With Glorify



Top 8 Tools That Help Get Twitter Insights Analytics To Track Monthly - With Glorify

It is no new news that Twitter, when seen as a platform to help in the engagement rate for your business, turns out to be quite tricky that cannot be cracked by a general tweet, share, or post of a blog.  Perhaps, the Twitter strategy requires more effort and need for you to go back and forth to understand what works better for your business’s rate and what doesn’t.

twitter analytics tools

For this very reason, there are a few Twitter analytics tools that are generally recommended to the company marketers and help them perfect their approach on the platform. These free Twitter analytics tools help you analyze certain questions like:

  • Is the post creating any engagement on the social channels?

  • What content brings forth a better brand voice?

  • What tweet helps increase the impressions and engagement?

  • What is the best time to post as per the active nature of your audience?

Once you find the answers to the questions above, it will help you easily accelerate your market strategy that reflects the needs of the audience and measure your social ROI. The Twitter analytics tools, paid or free Twitter helps you with the basic data business’s social development and the combinations that will help you accelerate your Twitter strategy that helps bring out your brand voice and increases engagement rate.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools To Help the Business In Its Engagement rate

Listed below are the top 8 best Twitter analytics tool 2021 that will help you get better google analytics and increase follower growth:

1) Social Pilot Twitter Analytics Tool

Social Pilot Twitter Analytics Tool

Price: $50 for 3+ users

This tool helps you power up the Twitter marketing strategy of your business by understanding the performance of every tweet on your profile. This is done by categorizing the tweets in segments based on the most popular tweets, mentions, and conversions to the number of retweets and analyzes the goals that helped in increasing the engagement on your profile. The best part about these Twitter analytics tools is that it helps you see and reshare your most performing tweets and trends, from the Twitter analytics report.

This Twitter tool is easy to use/discover and provides more than the Twitter analytics feature. Here are a few examples that help in solving social media marketing:

  • The social media analytics from social sites like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and GMB ( Google My Business)

  • Includes a visual social media calendar that helps in scheduling your postings

  • The Twitter insights analytics tool has advanced social media scheduling and publishing for almost all social media platforms

  • Includes an in-built content curation platform that helps schedule relevant content from third-party websites

  • Has an all-in-one dashboard that helps grow your social media presence, activity, and reach.


  • Can help check your performance of the social media sites

  • Can check the frequency of the tweets by the day and hours

  • Decide between the best engaging hours on Twitter that will help create traffic using this Twitter insights analytics tool

  • Can help decide on the most trending hashtags

  • Helps generate a quick Twitter analytics report


  • Does not have a completely free plan

2) SocialBakers Twitter Analytics Tool

SocialBakers Twitter Analytics Tool

Price: $240/month for 10 profiles

This is known to be the go-to Twitter insights analytics tool for most business marketers present. SocialBakers will help you with data insights, help deliver a positive customer experience with the necessary analysis and relevant information. Using the analytics dashboard can help you collaborate in terms of productively, help communicate across departments, make smarter decisions that will help in engagement and a good base of followers.


  • This Twitter insights analytics tool is easy-to-use as compared to the other Twitter reporting tools

  • Helps with the customer sentiment analysis and monitors their activities.


  • The visuals of this tool are rather less appealing

  • Is expensive to invest

3) RivalIQ Twitter Analytics Tools

RivalIQ Twitter Analytics Tools

Price: $199/month to track 5 companies

This is a social media benchmarking and competitive Twitter insights analysis tool that has strong Twitter features, as it can analyze the social posts, hashtags, popular topics, best times to post, across media platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. RicalIQ especially focuses on hashtag analysis, audience growth, mentions, and insights on the tweet types for a better Twitter engagement.


  • This best Twitter insights analytics tool helps understand the metrics of the company’s competitive social landscape

  • It rolls new features, updates, reporting, and analytics.


  • Provides only the engagement analytics but do not measure the metrics, such as the reach and impressions of your tweets

  • The analytics dashboard and the reporting are not quite satisfactory

  • Is expensive

4) Keyhole Twitter Analytics Tool

Keyhole Twitter Analytics Tool

Price: $119/month

This Twitter insights analytics tool helps the marketers and agencies to build a hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Keyhole tool features offer automated social media analytics content with real-time and past social media data. The analytics dashboard shows real-time analytics as per the number of people that posted using the same hashtags, with the total number of retweets, likes, and impressions of the followers.


  • It is easy to set up and user-friendly

  • Has a content analysis tool that offers account and campaign tracking with influencer management and sentiment analysis

  • It offers a client-ready PDF file that can be easily exported for campaigns


  • You make require to refine your hashtags to get information from the tool in case if they’re a broader query

  • Information such as the follower demographics could be limited to the API of different social platforms.

5) Klear Twitter Analytics Tools

Klear Twitter Analytics Tools

Price: Pricing on request

Klear is an influencer management platform that is an expert in Twitter analytics tools. It offers to provide the marketers with a powerful search engine, campaign analytics, audience demographics, and social monitoring tools that can be used to increase the metrics and the engagement of the followers. Adding on, it also allows you to filter the results as per the media platforms, location, skills, etc.


  • Helps you monitor the influencers

  • Offers a good customer service


  • Does not classify the Twitter users by the keywords

  • The navigation is often observed to be the drawback of the tool

6) Twitonomy Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitonomy Twitter Analytics Tools

Price: $20/month

One of the top Twitter analytics tools, Twitonomy is designed for marketers with analytics reports, including downloading tweets into excel and pdf formats, specific time periods, keywords search analytics, etc.


  • Helps in optimization and content engagement strategies for your business

  • Collects content and impression of the users in terms of their followers, following, and profile’s growth


  • It is observed to at time provide with wrong data by taking old keywords and campaigns

  • The reports of the Twitter insights analytics tool are at times extracted and unreliable

7) Followerwonk Twitter Analytics Tool

Followerwonk Twitter Analytics Tool

Price: $79/month for 20 profiles

This tool has a lot of free features, however, in case you need a detailed report, you might require to pay for them. The Twitter analytics tools help in understanding the followers in terms of their identification, location, and the location of the tweet. The tool also allows you to compare your business profile with the competitors in order to gain valuable insights in order to build a better strategy building and the “search bios” that can be used to find the users through analyzing the keywords used in their posts.


  • Lets you compare the Twitter users

  • Helps you identify the peak hours to help gain more followers


  • You cannot backfill the number of data, therefore, you would be required to use the tracking feature

  • “Search bios” at times fails to provide the best results for the posts

8) Tweet Binder Twitter Analytics Tool

Tweet Binder Twitter Analytics Tool

Price: $165/month

Although it’s the least known Twitter insights analytics tool, it is quite powerful as it offers to help you with the Twitter historical data and real-time hashtag monitoring on the channels of the influencers. It also has a follower tracking tool included that helps you measure the development and the engagements of the Twitter profile with the evolution of KPIs.


  • It offers in-depth data appreciated by the users and the influencers

  • Provides praise-worthy customer support


  • It comes with a learning curve and has a lot of dashboards which could get a little confusing

  • It isn’t recommended to analyze the data from the past as it could give trouble while analyzing the content of the trends

To Conclude: Understanding the need for these Twitter analytics tools for engagements and brand voice

In order for you to help increase the engagement rate on the platform, it is important to see and work on the relevant Twitter profile with the help of these Twitter analytics tools that could at times be tricky. This is because there are a number of paid and free performing tools that create and engage at different rates, where some see and observe the keyword used, the others would want to look into the engagement rate of your marketing strategy.

Perhaps, each tool has its pros and cons attached to it, therefore, a brand must look into one that works the best for your business and fits the budget.

Top 8 Tools That Help Get Twitter Insights Analytics That help Track Monthly FAQs

1. What are the best Twitter analytics tool – 2021 for small businesses?

Keeping in mind the newness of small businesses and their urgent need for a Twitter analytics tool that fits the budget, here are a few options you can look into:
– SocialPilot – $30/month
– Twitonomy – $20/month
– Followerwonk – $79/month
– Keyhole – $119/month

2. What can the Twitter analytics tools tell you?

The analytics Twitter dashboard helps you display and measure the top Tweet and top media Tweet based on the impressions. All you need to do in order to analyze a post is to click on “View Tweet Activity” and observe the specific engagement on the basis of their detail expands, link clicks, profile clicks, and more.

3. How do you find monthly impressions on Twitter?

You will find a list of your tweets and the impressions under the Tweets section on the dashboard. This will help you see the performance based on the individual Tweets based on the recent monthly overview of cumulative impressions.

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