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Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024



Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024

Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024
Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024
Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024
Top 10 Website Design and Development Resources of 2024

A well-designed website is a sure-shot way to capture user interest as 75% credibility of the site is based on its design. However, when designing such a cutting-edge website, complex tasks can be quite overwhelming! When time is of the essence, it can be priceless to have good tools and resources to help you along. 

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, many website design tools and resources are available to help you build the perfect professional-looking website. That too, in the shortest of time. 

To help you select the resource best suited to your needs, we have curated a list of the top website design and development resources of 2024 that can cater to both beginners and professionals alike. 

We have classified them into the following separate categories based on their functionality. 

  • Top Web Builders

  • Top Resources for Website Design

  • Top Supporting Tools For Website Design

  • Top Expert Advice and Reviewing Sites

Top Web Builders

Designing was once a job only for the pros- those with expert coding knowledge and experience. Even then it was no menial task; endless hours of coding, designing layouts, producing graphics and so much more was involved. 

With the advent of web builders, website building is not restricted to the experts anymore.


Framer homepage glorify

This remarkable web builder is growing a passionate community very rapidly and entering the arena with a bang. Framer helps design and publish live websites on a free-form canvas. With its rich animation capabilities, countless templates and drag-and-drop libraries, web building has never been easier. 

An incredible collection of features and resources at the users’ disposal makes web building with Framer a dream. The code-based approach of this tool allows designers to create almost anything and bring their ideas to life.

With its free courses and lessons Framer provides its users with tonnes of knowledge. A community of experts is available to provide guidance at any stage of the web-building process so the users are never on their own.



Wix homepage glorify

Wix, a popular, powerful website builder, can help users create professional-looking websites easily. Its extensive range of tools and features such as a drag-and-drop interface, customisable templates, an AI editor, and a videomaker make it not just perfect for professionals but user-friendly enough for beginners too.

Whether it is eCommerce, marketing, or branding, Wix is a one-stop solution for everyone. Its AI website builder poses questions to users and then helps generate a complete site based on their answers.

What sets Wix apart is its comprehensive suite of tools beyond its website-building capability. Among its standout features are an integrated online store, Wix's point-of-sale system, scheduling software, and capabilities for dropshipping and print-on-demand services. What’s more, Wix can help in the creation of landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, blogging, app development, social media integration, and advertisement management.


webflow homepage glorify

Webflow is a powerful website builder for complex no-code websites, run by startup teams comprised of developers and designers. It is a powerful website design and development platform that creates code as you design. So while you are busy designing on a visual first interface, the tool will simultaneously write clean HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for your site. 

  1. Top Resources for Website Design

These resources cater to a diverse range of web design needs when you are building a website. 


Fontchare homepage glorify

The right font will help set the tone for the website. It will help determine the identity of the brand and using the font consistently throughout the site will help establish brand recognition. 

Fontshare is a priceless resource as it offers a choice of free fonts to designers. This gives them the liberty to select the font to match the mood of their site. Whether it is formal or casual, fun or serious, Fontshare has something modern for everyone. The best part is, that these fonts are all available for personal or commercial use for free. 

Coolors and Design Gradients 

Coolors and Design gradients homepage glorify

When looking for colour inspiration for a design task or project, these two resources are invaluable. 

Coolors helps designers generate colour combinations using a palette of 5 different colours that can be picked or generated randomly. 

Design Gradients has a collection of 48 colour gradients that can help anyone add more flair to their websites. This tool has both a mobile and a desktop version, making it an essential colour tool for all professionals involved in the design process.

Blush Design

Blush Design homepage glorify

This is a fun resource to create illustrations from a collection of drawings made by artists all over the world. There are numerous themes and styles available in the library that can be customised to suit any website. This artwork is then available for download and can be used across the website, application, presentation, or any project by designers. 

What is remarkable about Blush is the detail and high quality of the quirky illustrations that can be created with extreme ease. 

  1. Top Supporting Tools for Website Design

These exceptional tools provide tonnes of value for developers, helping them streamline their workflow. homepage glorify

Need feedback on your website? Sign up to! This is a great resource with an intuitive interface that allows designers to upload their content and let the feedback flow in. 

Collaborating on projects is possible with as many members as needed. They can be invited as team members or simply as guests and join hands for brainstorming, interactive meetings, problem-solving and giving feedback on a website. can be run on more than 30 different file types, including websites, images, PDFs, and videos. homepage glorify is a free tool that can help create free website wireframes that can be saved and shared as URLs. It has a simple grid-based canvas with the basic tools needed to drag and draw. has done away with unnecessary details so you do not get distracted from the task at hand and continue with sharp focus.


an image showing glorify design app editor

Glorify can help you design logos, website banners, social media posts, adverts and even more. It is a comprehensive AI-powered tool that helps designers and developers create stunning visuals and graphics, especially for e-commerce businesses and markets. 

Glorify has a user-friendly interface and robust features that help create stunning visuals at scale. This all-in-one AI-powered platform helps you create all your marketing assets in minutes whilst staying consistent by adding your brand kit. You can also invite your team to collaborate and do much more to streamline the design process and increase productivity.

What makes Glorify stand out is its infinite canvas where all designs can be managed in one place. It has a super-efficient AI-powered background remover which can instantly remove the background from absolutely any image.  

So what‘s amazing is that Glorify can do both and’s jobs too!

  1. Top Expert Advice and Review Sites

The following are resources of advice from experts and professionals in the field. 

Website Planet

Website Plannet Homepage glorify

Website Planet provides invaluable assistance needed for web development and online management. This is a must-have resource for designers and developers as it offers insightful articles, tutorials, user-friendly guides, and reviews of tools and services. There is also a comprehensive collection of resources needed by those who wish to promote their online presence. 

Website Planet has a team of experts and professionals who are available to provide guidance on web hosting, design, SEO, and business strategy. The digital solutions offered are constantly updated and kept relevant to a diverse audience from all over the world.  

Website Builder Expert

Website Builder Expert Homepage glorify

This is another invaluable resource for those who are building their site. 

The team behind Website Builder Expert conducts extensive research on different website builders, matches them up by a set of criteria, conducts extensive surveys, studies the target audience and then comes up with its results. The team is then able to narrow down their search results and recommend the builders most suited to the needs of their readers. 

Additionally, they provide a lot of valuable educational content for people building websites, including topics such as email marketing, content marketing, SEO, copywriting and so much more.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you find this list useful and are able to pick out something that suits your needs.

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