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All You Need To Know About How To Make A Logo Transparent



All You Need To Know About How To Make A Logo Transparent

The Art To Make A Logo Transparent – What Do You Mean By A Transparent Logo?

If one was to quickly define the term “transparent logo,” it would mean a logo that has a transparent background or in other words, no background at all.

You could look at a logo belonging to any company that is followed by a “transparent PNG”, you’ll see images with a white-and-gray checked pattern around it. This indicates that the background has been stripped out.

When you have a logo with a transparent background, the main elements be it the wordmark, shape, symbol or the container stands out wherever you choose to put them without the logo being “boxed in.”

Websites, images, T-shirts, email signatures, letterheads, and videos are some common places where we use a transparent logo.

How To Make A Logo Transparent – Here are three file formats the logos come in:

  1. PNG

This is the most common file type for the background of a transparent logo. It displays millions of colors that are relatively small in file size. PNG must be used in logos on digital applications like websites, social media platforms, and Powerpoint presentations.

  1. GIF

It could also support transparent backgrounds. It is said that most files of logos don’t come in this format compared to PNGs that are commonly accepted.

  1. SVG

They are vector files that support transparent backgrounds. Nonetheless, most platforms that require an upload of the logos like the website builders and social platforms refrain from accepting SVG files. But, the good part is that you can send them to printers or designers that are working with the logo for crisp results.

Where could one use a transparent logo?

When you make a logo transparent and use them, it becomes obvious for you to end up with different versions of the logo, depending on the colour of the background.

For instance:

  • Colored logo with a transparent background

  • White logo with a transparent background (useful over a dark color)

  • Black logo with a transparent background (useful over a light color)

Some files are labeled as “white_logo_transparent_background” that appear with white or blank on the computer as it displays transparency in white.

Logos with transparent backgrounds are useful when placing the design over an image or a colored/patterned background as mentioned before or in a white background if the logo doesn’t have one.

How To Make A Logo Transparent – The digital applications for a transparent logo:

  • Website headers

  • Email signatures

  • Presentations/decks

  • Images used to add a watermark or a small element at the bottom corner)

  • Videos

Tip: Do you want to place your logo over an image? To do so, make sure there is enough contrast to view the logo. Try testing black, white, and colored versions of the transparent logo or add a black layer over the image using 60% transparency to create a contrast. You could do so by using Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Printing the logo:

If you are planning on printing the logo you must use a transparent version of your logo as backgrounds might seem crisp on all materials.

Print applications could include:

  • Apparel (T-shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, etc.)

  • Swag items (mugs, notebooks, pens, etc.)

  • Letterheads or documents

  • Packaging (on a white or cardboard box that would look best with black or dark color printed over it)

  • Stickers/decals

  • Marketing collateral like brochures and postcards

How To Make A Logo Transparent Or With No Background?

When you hire a designer or contact an agency to design your logo, they will deliver a version of the logo with a transparent background.

And, if you have designed a logo yourself using a design program and you are in need to remove the background, you will need editing software like Photoshop and a PSD logo file. Or, you could hire a freelancer in graphic design to do it for you.

Making the case for transparency

When you build a brand and make a transparent logo, the result could be useful as you can use them across all mediums over any colour palette.

Also, do not fear the grey-and-white checked background as you view a logo with transparency. These checks won’t show when you use them in your design!

To Conclude:

Logos are an important element across companies of any kind. Therefore, having a transparent logo at your disposal works a great deal. As they are transparent, they work great on any surface and come across differently every time.

FAQs: All You Need To Know About How To Make A Logo Transparent

  1. What are logos with transparent backgrounds called?
    You must have come across a version called a “transparent PNG.” This is usually referred to as a logo that appears to have a grey and white checked background. The idea behind this is to let your design stand out on any surface.

  2. What is Logo transparency on Fiverr?
    This means a blank space around the logo that is transparent. It can be placed on any background and will display in that blank space. Both PNG and GIF support transparent backgrounds on the web.

  3. What do you mean by a high-resolution logo?
    A hi-resolution image is of at least 300 pixels per inch. It makes for a good quality print and is a requirement for hard copies especially to represent the brand or other printed materials.

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