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How to Get 100 New Twitter Followers in 24 Hours In 2021



How to Get 100 New Twitter Followers in 24 Hours In 2021

Getting Followers On Twitter: How to Get 100 Twitter Followers?

How to Get 100 Twitter Followers

To begin answering how to get followers on Twitter, the first recommendation is that you need a well-optimized following and professional Twitter page to easily get thousands of Twitter followers. If you do not have that, every strategy would be less effective. So, you need to have a great page, to get real Twitter followers. Most influencers will only follow brands/businesses that have great Twitter pages, that are professional or at least look real. Here are some tips to optimize your Twitter page in just a few minutes:

Enticing Twitter Bio

How to get more twitter followers? Tell your potential followers why they should be following you in your bio. To grow your Twitter page quickly, an enticing Twitter bio is imperative. In your profile’s bio, you need to tell your audience who you are, what you do, why they should follow you, and most importantly social proof.

What is social proof? If you are on social media or you’re a social media marketer, you should pay good attention to social proof. Social proof means informational social influence, simply put, it is proof (or evidence) as to why people should trust you, click your links, listen to you or even pay for your products or services.

For example, in your bio, you could state where you’ve been featured, quoted, or appeared on. This powerful social proof could make people trust and follow your stuff. Professional Profile and Cover Image. Your Twitter profile must have professional images. Develop a habit of publishing only quality, professional images on your Twitter page. Your profile and cover image should be professional and depict what you do, who you are, or what your company stands for.

5 Secret Hacks On How To Get 100 New Twitter Followers In 24 Hours

1. Pin That Tweet

This hack involves getting in front of influencers’ followers using their pinned tweets. So, how does it work? By pinning tweet:

  • You come across Twitter users who are already super interested and engaged with your industry thought leaders or niche influencers (using just their pinned tweets).

  • Remember to follow them and reply to their replies.

Benefits of this strategy you get:

  • Engaged users or followers (not some random bots).

  • The target audience is at your disposal.

  • Free to hit up.

Mostly, pinned tweets get the highest or at least one of the highest engagements and this includes replies and retweets and are one of the easiest answers to how to get more twitter followers. One of the best things about this hack is that you get to engage with organic, real Twitter users. Simply follow these three simple steps:

  • Find around 3 to 5 influencers that are super related to your type of business or personal brand.

  • Then, visit their Twitter profiles and check out their pinned tweets.

  • Finally, you should engage with those who have replied to that pinned tweet. Follow everyone you engaged with or replied to.

Moreover, if you have an upcoming event or ongoing promotion, tweet about it and then pin it to your Twitter page.

2. Follow-First

If you are new to Twitter, you need to do the follow-first hack. Unless you are someone influential, or celebrity, you must take time to follow relevant Twitter users daily. We would recommend you devote some valuable time to find and follow relevant Twitter accounts. Usually, they’ll follow you back but make sure you have a cool Twitter page ( you wouldn’t follow a random, bot Twitter account with no profile picture right? Here are some ways to find and follow Twitter users:

  • Search relevant niche keywords related to your company, business, or agency.

  • Look through Twitter’s trending hashtags that are relevant to your business and follow some. Remember to check their bio before hitting the follow button. Start with 20 to 30 relevant active Twitter accounts.

3. Testimonial

The testimonial hack simply involves stealing other users’ followers, but not just any user more like competitors, businesses, influencers, partners, blogs, publications, etc. This hack works in two ways, you either get them to tweet something nice about you, or you get them to retweet your tweets. One way or another, it gets you in front of their followers and hence, you know how to get more Twitter followers for yourself! Aim for accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers as they’re easier. They’ll more likely tweet or retweet your stuff online rather than top influencers with millions of followers. Simply follow these steps:

  • Make a list of 15 to 20 influencers with enough Twitter followers (between 10,000 to 250,000 for a start).

  • Next, go through them and add a 3-star marking to anyone you’ve ever bought something from ( for instance, courses, E-books, paid content, etc).

  • Then, give a 2-star marking to the one’s you’ve learned something from. It should be some free content such as youtube videos, blog posts, courses, or ebooks.

  • Finally, give a 1-star rating to influencers you didn’t get anything from.

Once you’re done with this:

  • For the 3-star influencer, send in an honest review about how their products helped you.

  • Schedule tweets for 2-star influencers. Talk about how their free stuff helped you, your brand, or your business.

  • And strike out all 1-star influencers because they’re not needed.

4. Family and Friends

This strategy involves getting your close circle of people to follow you. It’s probably one of the fastest ways to go from 0 to 100 on Twitter in under 24 hours and you can implement this on every social media platform. To implement this strategy, you need to follow two simple and quick steps:

  • Family and friends, and

  • Email contacts or your marketing email list.

Why is this hack effective? Simply put, people in your close circle are more likely to follow you than strangers on the internet. Tell your friends, business partners, employees, or even family to check and follow your Twitter page. Most often, you get more follow backs so reach out to them and let them know about you or your small business, thereby getting you new followers on Twitter.

5. Twitter Follow Suggestion

Last but not least, this Twitter secret hack is to let Twitter know what your Twitter page is all about. Start by finding one or two Twitter accounts that are pretty much similar to yours. Make sure these accounts should do the same type of business you do and follow them. After following them, Twitter will suggest a couple more accounts for you to follow. This is where the Twitter algorithm does its job. Twitter will randomly suggest accounts that have a similar vibe to the one you just followed. Once you follow them, when people follow similar accounts to yours, the Twitter algorithm will also suggest your profile.

Some Final Thoughts

As a small business or brand owner, you might assume that you should be focusing all of your efforts to build an engaged audience on Facebook. However, you are forgetting that Twitter is an international platform with more than 500 million users around the globe. This social media platform is just as valuable (if not more valuable) to gather an amazing audience. Although it might seem like it got 10,000 Twitter followers don’t have to be necessarily hard.

To summarize this article, first, in order to have answers to how to get followers on Twitter, you need to start with optimizing your Twitter profile. When people come across your brand on Twitter, the first thing they’ll see is your profile picture so make sure to add a high-quality picture. Also, don’t forget a header image and complete your bio. Always pin a relevant tweet to your profile page.

You also need to start engaging with your followers. Whenever you can, respond to them through comments, mentions, direct messages, and live chats. For consistency, create a Twitter routine that you can stick to because if you aren’t active, your engagement will drop low. So, sit down and make a daily, weekly, or monthly Twitter schedule for yourself.

Share valuable content and interactive content with your followers. For instance, for best results, do a poll, quiz, or infographic. Finally, for maximum exposure link your Twitter account everywhere you can. Hope you experience substantial growth in your Twitter following!

How to Get 100 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours In 2021 FAQs

1.  How to get new followers on Twitter?

Here are some ways to improve your posts to get more Twitter followers:
– Host a Twitter Chat.
– Tweet More Often.
– Leverage Visual Content.
– Tweet at the Perfect Time.
– Offer a Discount.
– Share Less About Yourself.
– Live Tweet an Event.
– Use Hashtags Properly.

2. How do u get a blue tick on Twitter?

If you wish to be verified on Twitter, you can simply apply for it and receive a blue checkmark next to your name. Also, update your profile with current information, verify a phone number and email address. After that, fill out a form requesting consideration to be verified.

3. How can I earn money from Twitter?

Here are some ways you can earn money on Twitter:
– Build an Email List.
– Create Twitter Ads.
– Generate Traffic for Your Website.
– Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter.
– Promote Your Products.
– Provide Customer Service.
– Run a Giveaway.
– Use Sponsored Tweets.

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