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24 Free Twitter Hacks To Increase Brand Loyalty For Your Online Business In 2023



24 Free Twitter Hacks To Increase Brand Loyalty For Your Online Business In 2023

What role does social media play in growing your business’ loyalty?

What role does social media play in growing your business’ loyalty

Research suggests that 80 percent of Twitter users are likely to recommend a brand after their tweets have been replied to and around 60 percent plan to purchase from brands they follow. Hence, understanding Twitter and applying Twitter hacks can help to grow your company’s influence and brand loyalty.

24 Twitter Hacks To Grow Your Brand’s Loyalty

Strategic Customer Service:

Strategic Customer Service

In recent years, businesses have started using Twitter to offer customer support to their followers. When you consider the fact that about 70 percent of surveyed Twitter users stated that they will more likely recommend a brand after a quick-nice interaction on Twitter.

Always Reply Users:

Respond to Twitter users’ questions regarding your brand, products, and more. Also, make sure to @replies to users’ tweets that are anyway related to your store. Whenever you’re engaging with customers, followers, or potential customers, make your interactions much more effective. Though this twitter hack may admittedly look tedious, it is for sure a winner!

Always Include a Name Attribute When You’re Replying:

This simple yet effective hack for twitter is to let your users know that there’s a human behind every tweet, comment, and @replies. It uplifts your brand’s humane-ness and builds a faster and stronger connection with Twitter users.

Reply To Users Within An Hour:

Reply To Users Within An Hour

When you reply early, it makes the customers happy. But why 1 hour? Simply because the users want it. Research shows that 60 percent of customers expect to be replied to within 1 hour of tweeting.

Retweet Users Who @Tweet Your Brand:

A good Twitter hack is to retweet your audience, followers, or customers. People like and want to be retweeted. So, when you reply to their tweets and retweet their tweets to your followers, it makes them feel good.

Starting A Twitter Chat:

Starting A Twitter Chat

Twitter brands can start and grow their businesses around Twitter chats. More users would trust and buy your products or pay for your services if there are 100s of Twitter users tweeting about your business at a particular time.

Join 2 to 3 Twitter Chats:

You can find and join relevant Tweet chats with 100s of participants who might be interested in your products or services. When you answer questions and reply to their tweets, you provide value and build relationships with your target audience. This Twitter hack improves your brand loyalty and increases your social influence.

Create Branded Hashtags:

You can specially create branded hashtags for your business that you can use on various social media platforms. It is a hashtag that is uniquely known and used with your business and fans.

High-Quality Content:

High-Quality Content

On social media, content quality is very important. This is not just a Twitter hack but a social media and internet-relevant hack in general.  Make sure the quality of your content should be a priority. Also, your tweets should add value and not just share links to your articles, sales, or product pages.

Be Consistent With Your Tweets:

Once you have content quality, you should have consistent content. Remember to provide your audience with content that adds value every day and at the right time. Try not to overdo it because it’ll fatigue your followers. Choose the right time to post and stick to it. You can even schedule your posts via scheduling apps.

Tweet Out Product Information:

Tweet Out Product Information

Research suggests that 75 percent of Americans say that product information found on social media platforms influences their behavior and enhances brand loyalty. Another relevant Twitter hack, likely to get you brownie points from impressed customers, is to tweet out ‘how tos’ of your products, if you sell products that need user manuals.

Tweet Out Customer Reviews (and be transparent):

Studies reveal that around 40 percent of consumers switch to a more transparent brand. Around 56 percent of people trust a brand if there is additional product information. Besides, 73 percent said if they promise total transparency, they would spend more on a product. A Twitter hack for increasing revenues!

Encourage Customers To Tweet At Your Brand:

On your Twitter bio or pinned tweet, you could include this Twitter hack. Encourage your customers to amplify and publicise your brand presence. For instance, “tweet us at @yourusername and use the hashtag #yourbrandedhashtag”.

Produce and Tweet Out Website Content:

Produce and Tweet Out Website Content

Studies suggest that around 84 percent of consumers expect to see content that is generated by the brands themselves. For instance, create transparent content about your brand’s story, product details, also anything unique about its process or history.

Telling Your Story In 280 Characters:

Unlike before, you don’t have to look for business details in their “about us”, “team” or “information” pages. Nowadays, to let your audience know that they are talking to humans (not bots), simply tweet out short stories about yourselves on social media.

Negative Reviews, Admit Them, And Fix It:

Negative Reviews, Admit Them, And Fix It

Whenever a customer issues a complaint or negative review, you need to address the issue, apologize for the inconvenience, and offer a solution. This Twitter hack will also have your customers appreciate your honesty and trust your team to avoid similar issues in the future.

Always Show Appreciation Using Tweets:

Whenever customers share testimonials on Twitter, companies need to appreciate them on the platform. You should follow and engage with their tweets.

Tweet Team Selfies/Behind the Scenes:

Snap some selfies, shoot quick videos or even gifs, and post on your Twitter page to provide your audience, customers, and clients with some behind-the-scenes of running your business.

Find And Join Conversations:

Find And Join Conversations

Look for relevant conversations that concern your business niche. Then, engage with those people.

Use Lots Of Videos And Gifs:

Twitter is a platform for both text and multimedia content. If you want to grow and reach your target audiences, you need to do it in their preferred way, which is easier, better, and faster. When you’re trying to expand your store’s brand online, do not exclude videos as a strategy. In addition to this Twitter hack, make it a habit to include engaging gifs in your tweets while replying to users.

Setup A Professional Looking Twitter Page:

Setup A Professional Looking Twitter Page

First impressions do matter, so make sure you have a great Twitter bio, profile, and wall images. It should be well designed and set-up on your Twitter account. Also, include your business’s location.


Every customer loves this Twitter hack; if not for the business owners! Periodically, try to run giveaways for your fans and followers. It grows your brand’s fan base with loyal users as they would be on the lookout for new giveaways or offers.

Tweet Special Offers:

Tweet Special Offers

These offers play a vital role in converting your visitors into paying customers. These free or cheap offers are the fastest way to get new visitors to press the “purchase” button. You can tweet special offers, discount pages, coupons, and free shipping orders for your followers.

In Conclusion

As a business account, you need to create a strong Twitter account by not only following the traditional marketing fundamentals, but also by following Twitter hack by experts and by having a broad and open approach to social media. Do not see social media as just another place to shower users with ads. Social media marketing has put a spotlight on small businesses. There’ll always be a place for ads on social media so modern consumers want to see brands make it personal. When you combine social media marketing, social media marketing hacks like these 24 hacks for Twitter and relevant marketing tools, you can maximize potential when they’re used together.

24 Free Twitter Hacks To Increase Brand Loyalty For Your Online Business In 2023 FAQs

1. Is Twitter a good marketing tool?

Twitter is one of the biggest three social media platforms with more than 500 million users worldwide. This makes Twitter a great tool to market your business and engage your audience.

2. How do I market my brand on Twitter?

Here’s how you can create Twitter marketing strategies:
– Audit your Twitter account.
– Engage with your followers.
– Find your Twitter voice.
– Find out when to Tweet.
– Schedule Tweets ahead of time.
– Set measurable Twitter goals.
– Use Twitter hashtags and trends.
– Utilize Twitter ads.

3. What is a good engagement rate on Twitter 2023?

For Twitter, most people would consider 0.5 percent to be a good engagement rate. Also, anything above 1 percent is great. If you are a small business with an engaged following, try to aim for an engagement rate that is consistently more than that.

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