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Social Media

Perfect Twitter Header Size and Guidelines to Follow 2023

Social Media

Social Media

Perfect Twitter Header Size and Guidelines to Follow 2023

twitter header cover image

Like every social media platform, Twitter has it’s designated dimensions for media uploads including the Twitter header size. However, to strike a perfect balance of elegance and functionality this article is going to be your guru.

What is it then, that makes your reasonably ideal image render cropped after uploading on Twitter? Well, Twitter does this thing where it crops away part of your cover photo, yes you heard it right, they chop off part of your cover photo even after you have carefully adhered to the recommended dimensions. That is just one problem, you also have to bear in mind how different your cover photo is going to look on different size screens.

twitter header cover image 2

So what is it that you can do so that you get to post that one stunning Twitter header that’s going to engage all of your audience? Well, you start to adhere to new and better practices off course which we are going to discuss here.

Let us first take a detailed look into Twitter’s own guidelines for uploading a cover photo. Well, you must have already gone through that but reiterating will help you better put our strategy to function later on.

Twitter header size specifications-/h2>

  1. Dimensions: 1500px by 500px

  2. Aspect ratio: 3:1

  3. Formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG

  4. Size: Under 2MB

  5. Misc: No GIFs for profile or header image

If we take a look at the image above, we can see that it is a representation of how Twitter’s header size and dimensions are laid out. However, the profile picture which is indicated by the smaller rectangle on the bottom left corner takes up an “invisible area” which is the reason why things go bizarre once they are uploaded.

Is it rocket science you may ask, that having my profile image and cover image not clash on Twitter? Well, it is not rocket science perse but it is not that easy as it may seem either. In case you are already satisfied with the current setup, it then is as easy as pressing “upload” and “post”, however, if you like it “perfect” then keep your eyes glued to this page.

Why exactly does such a discrepancy occur on Twitter? Well, for starters that is courtesy of the change in the relative position of both profile picture and cover picture resulting from a change in the device’s screen resolution.

An example will make life easier for all.

twitter header cover image 3

The above image represents the screenshot taken where the system is in its standard resolution – here a desktop with full width.

As a user like you scales down the resolution, things change as follows.

twitter header cover image 4

Here you can see that the profile picture shifts its location further down and exposes the header image more.

We also have to take into consideration how all of this will fare on an Android and/or Ios screen as well. Most these days tend to browse almost all social media platforms on smartphones so we cannot just ignore the possibility that your profile may lack that professional look on an Android and/or Ios device.

The below image is an exact representation of how the page mentioned so far looks on an Apple iPhone X.


Here again, the profile picture comes a bit down exposing more of the Twitter header image.

So what is it then, the ideal size for making a Twitter cover page?

  1. Stick to the 1500×500 dimension constraints.

  2. Leave a lot of room at the bottom left corner for the profile picture and the possibly scrolling and consequent exposure of the header image.

  3. Have your header photo with a considerable amount of space left untouched at the top and bottom. This will prevent your header image from getting cropped.

twitter cover

Now if all of these sound too complicated and overwhelming for you and if you are the type who likes to upload and click post, then we have a great solution for you! GLORIFY!

Yes, you heard it right! Glorify, it is a third party app/website where you can customize & create not only your Twitter header image but all sorts of social media post elements,

  1. Instagram stories – check

  2. Twitter – check

  3. Facebook posts – check

Hell! If you have an online business or store, you can make mindblowing content to promote your store on different social media platforms.

You might be wondering if this suits your style. Well, when you get a cardless 14day trial and a free plan, to begin with, what are you waiting for and why are you wasting time struggling to make such stunning social media elements. Check GLORIFY this instant.

Perfect Twitter Header Size -FAQs:

1) Is using external styling apps or websites illegal on social media platforms?

Absolutely not! Social media platforms allow creativity unless it is racial, violent or in any way conflicting with their specific policies, you can customize whatever you post on your account as long as they do not violate terms and conditions.

2) Are costly styling apps or websites worth it?

It depends! If you are a person managing a store or an online business then such styling and fine-tuning will only help you better. It will be a great investment considering how small the subscription fees are on platforms like Glorify!

3) What if the pre-styled templates still come cropped?

Highly impossible! Platforms like Glorify have put in great effort to properly research the perfect template designs, so it highly unlikely that such as error occurs, if in any case, such a problem occurs you can always contact the support team working 24×7.

4) Is using stock photos from a different source feasible?

Depends! If you are using free stock images some of their creators may require you to provide attribution or a backlink, as long as you can provide those there should not be a problem. However, you can move to a platform like Glorify where there are 1000s of images to choose from without all the hassle.

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