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Types of Social Media Posts That Drive Engagement



Types of Social Media Posts That Drive Engagement

Types of Social Media Posts

With an increasing number of social media users, the likelihood of your message getting diluted between timelines and other background noise is greater. Hence it becomes all the more important to create interactive content for users not only to observe but also to participate.

It is challenging to come up with different and best types of social media posts and ideas, without the added challenge of creating engaging social media content. However, companies that promote this type of interactive approach stand to benefit in the long run by building relationships and encouraging organic brand growth. Here are four types of social media engagement that will boost your brand’s engagement and help you outshine peers in front of your followers :

1. Engaging Social Media Posts

Engaging Social Media Posts

These types of Social media posts need to have a two-way communication channel between brands and their followers. It presents brands with opportunities to create varying forms of content but what is more impressive is the ability to make this content interactive, which in turn, will provide valuable insights on improving your brand and related content.


All major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook now have polls embedded in them. This way of interaction can prove on the different types of social media posts as a great way to start a conversation with your audience, whether you are looking to get an opinion or get a sense of where they stand. The cost of participation in a poll is just a click. Polls also go to show that you value customer opinion and are an inexpensive way to create interactive content.

Quizzes are another inexpensive and fun way to create engaging content for the different types of social media posts. It can show your audience that conversations go both ways by helping you dive into the minds of your customers and gauge their viewpoints on a product or service offering. The key to creating an interactive quiz on social media is to keep it simple and fun. Steer away from creating long surveys and open-ended answers that will take customers time to participate. If done correctly, this is a great way to get your audience to engage and share your posts.

2. Incentive Social Media Content

Incentive Social Media Content

Using incentives is another great and effective way of broadening your customer base and keeping them interested once you have them. Incentives may not necessarily result in immediate sales increase but in the long haul, it can be instrumental to expand your follower and viewer base, who may convert into customers at a later stage. Incentives are also a solid way of generating more views on your types of social media posts. Just make sure that your reward is brand-related and is worth everyone’s time.

Giveaways and contests
While contests and giveaways may seem different, they tend to fall into the same category for driving engagement. The essence of a contest or giveaway is to provide some form of incentive in return for some participation or interaction. For example, you could offer a product as a giveaway and the way of entering the giveaway could be through likes, shares, tagging friends, and other interactive content. Contests are a classic way to give away an item. To enter the contest, users can be asked to create content by taking a picture, posting it with a catchy hashtag, and tagging your social media accounts. You could also try being inclusive and feature your customers on social media pages and posts.

Giveaways and contests

3. Visual Social Media Posts

Visual Social Media Posts

Strong visual social media content gives your customers a reason to follow, like, and comment on your social media pages and is leading the way on the Internet for social media engagement. As humans, we are also more likely to remember information if it carries an image. Here are some ways to step up your creative content:

Videos as one of the various types of social media posts can capture attention instantaneously, while also providing viewers with memorable visuals. With moving images and sounds, videos are the perfect way for grabbing the limited attention spans of your social media users. Try keeping your videos short, relevant, and to the point.

Customized Graphics and Professional Images
Well-thought-out images can speak more volumes for your brand. Professional photos and customized graphics are more budget-friendly than videos and can be more visually appealing in the different types of social media posts. What’s more, professional images can be sourced from free stock photo websites at no cost.

Eye-catching infographics are an informative means of providing worthwhile insights to your users. Strong infographics are a way of demonstrating industry expertise and including information that your audience would benefit from. Not only would this engage them, but they would be more likely to share your posts and drive traffic to your pages.

4. Relatable Social Media Posts

Relatable Social Media Posts

One of the factors that attract users to engage with your content is how much they can resonate with it. Creating relatable content is changing the way social media marketing operates and the different types of social media posts, providing them with yet another reason to click, share, and talk about your brand.

MemesLet’s face it. Younger audiences relate to memes and love a joke about anything. Relevant and timely memes remove the robotic aspect of marketing by adding an element of human touch to content.

Just like quotes can inspire you, they can inspire your users too. Quotes are another way for users to relate to your brand and you could ask users to tag someone in the post, thereby driving user engagement and traffic on the types of social media posts you infuse them in.

To wrap up-

There are a host of resources available out there for keeping customers continually engaged with your brand. Explore your options to develop and elevate your content strategy with the right mix of the above options and you can be sure to see a positive spin on your overall engagement as well as securing your social media reach.

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