Posted Nov 9, 2022

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23 Greatest free UI Design Tools

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

23 Greatest free UI Design Tools

UI design tools

However, which of these methods do you use for so many user interfaces? The fusion of Sketch and InVision has been prominent for many developers over the past few years, while other tools provide innovative features and functionalities. No greater range of development and testing and wireframe instruments has been available, so we felt that it was a perfect time to look closer to some of the finest UI tools for designing.

Glorify, has curated the list of top 22 best free UI design tools.

01. MockFlow

MockFlow is a package of apps that are very useful in the standard project system for a variety of tasks. The WireframePro application is specifically a useful replacement resource for prototyping, particularly if you are experimenting with some fresh concepts.

If you just need wireframes, take a glance at MockFlow, the best tool for ui ux design. It’s easy to operate on new concepts and helps you to easily construct simple templates, which is often all you have to do to make concepts understandable.

mockflow UI design tool

02. Balsamiq

If you’re looking for fast wireframing and a free ui design tool, Balsamiq is a powerful recommendation. Structures and plans for your projects can be easily and effectively created. The features of drag-and-drop simplify life and connect the keys to other websites. This helps you to easily start planning and exchange your interfaces with your colleagues or customers.

balsamiq UI design tool

03. Axure

Axure is often one of the market’s best wireframing resources for complicated tasks involving comprehensive details. You can only concentrate on mocking more technically-specific, structural and data-related projects with Axure.

axure UI design tool

04. Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp is a good complement to people who build and conceptualize by themselves. This free ui design tool is only worth downloading if you are far from your primary workplace and are motivated by designing a new layout design.

adobe comp UI design tool

05. Sketch

Sketch is a very common and best tool for ui ux design method for developing high-tech designs and concepts in the design world. One of the amazing features is icons, which allow you to design interfaces and repeat pieces. This allows layout frameworks to ensure compatibility with the interfaces. You can conveniently export your template to a prototype that you can click from. If you are an InVision consumer, search the Craft plugin.

sketch UI design tool

06. InVision Studio

With InVision Studio, several IT designers’ aspirations are coming true. This tool can still support you build stunning dynamic interfaces, with tons of options in its initial launch. A selection of movements and interactions allows us to develop custom animations and transitions. Also, you should cease thinking of designing various artboards for different devices, because the reactionary design is possible in a single artboard. This will save huge amounts of time so that you can think of more concepts.

InVision studio UI design tool

07. Craft

You should use Craft if you are using Sketch or Photoshop as one of the other UI design tools. This plugin is doing everything, synchronize your files effortlessly with your designs, and add actual data and stock photos to your mockups.

craft UI design tool

08. is an unbelievable candidate to build lifelike prototypes from raw concepts to sophisticated designs. The tool also offers a range of options, which include comprehensive animations and personalized vector animations for your projects. Concepts can be created, then worked in wireframes with a hand-picked style and finished with a high-fiber prototype. If you want to create using other software, the Sketch and Photoshop plugins always support, however, manages the end-to-end design process effectively. Extra features such as user testing help verify the designs. This is a one-stop solution with several reputable companies that already use this platform. UI design tool

09. Adobe XD

With its production software Adobe Creative Cloud Series, Adobe XD provides the best platform for virtual works. You might not consider the GUI too much Adobe-like. To start with if you’re focused Adobe users and beginner to XD – it’s a leap if you work on Photoshop for a while. But it’s valuable if you are one great Adobe follower, pile it to other best devices available today.

Adobe xd UI design tool

10. Marvel

This free ui design tool is another prototyping method and is a great option to generate fast concepts and refine an interface. Marvel offers a very nice way to construct pages, as with most of the other apps, to visualize your template through a prototype. Marvel has some excellent workflows, so you can incorporate your ideas into the design process.

Marvel UI design tool

11. Figma

Figma helps you to build and write interfaces easily. The Figma framework proudly serves as a collaborative working mechanism by which different individuals may collaborate on a project at once-this is highly powerful because multiple players are creating a project to influence the results. This is the kind of tool which is perfect if you had a live project in which, for instance, a developer, author, and designer have to function on something simultaneously.

Figma UI design tool

12. Framer X

Framer X is a very amazing new development tool that deserves a shot at established UI designers who need more from their instruments. It is very easy to prototype and construct interactions. If you’re a massive supporter of reacting, don’t look anymore as you can synchronize and code. In addition to being a fantastic tool, Framer X has a large designer network of user interactive devices and packages.

Farmer x UI design tool

13. Flinto

Flinto is a fun and easy development tool for creating unique interactions in your projects. By constructing before and after states, you can make a variety of movements and simple transformations. Flinto works out the gaps and then helps you.

Flinto UI design tool

14. Principle

The Theory stands out for interactive systems, particularly for mobile device applications. It is convenient for concepts to modify and get animated experiences correctly. You can see the various assets and also how they animate individually, right up to time, and ease.

Principle UI design tool

15. UXPin

Represented as the ‘end-to-end’ UX framework, UXPin is a specific design tool but is capable of developing design models. UXPin supports wider design teams, who have to function in the same formats and manuals to save time as teamwork is a major part of product creation.

UX pin UI design tool

16. ProtoPie

ProtoPie helps you to construct very dynamic interaction and get closer to how your concept works. The possibility of controlling the indicators of intelligent systems in your prototypes like tilt, tone, compass, and 3D Touch sensors is by far the most important function. This is a powerful tool to add local app functionality based on your campaign.

Proto pie UI design tool

17. Justinmind

It facilitates the prototyping of designs and integrates with other equipment, such as Sketch and Photoshop. To help bring your prototype together, you can select your interfaces and motions. It also includes UI kits, which allow you to quickly assemble screens.

Justinmind UI design tool

18. Origami Studio

Since Origami Studio is constructed and utilized by Facebook developers.   There is a great variety of Origami features like the addition of principles and reasoning to your communication. There is a chance to construct a true prototype with Origami, but it is practically very technological and takes some preparation. This tool is ideal for collaborative developers and designers.

Origami studio UI design tool

19. Fluid

Fluid is an intuitive method for the construction and design of quick prototypes. It bundles some good pieces from the box to get you to prototypes quickly and, after upgrading, assembling your own icons with your desired UI objects is simple.

fluid UI design tool

20. Keynote

Keynote, in particular, the Magic Move Transition is a perfect way to easily animate your projects and to organize your thoughts. It is also an excellent tool to create presentations.

Keynote UI design tool

21. Golden ratio typography calculator

Does the heading size have to be decided? The gold-ratio science is used by the GRT calculator to create a typographical scale that can be used in your GUI designs.

Golden ratio typography calculator

22. Zeplin

Zeplin is not inherently a prototyping tool; however, it fits together with prototyping in this stage of post-design and before the-development. It lets you take your concept and prototypes, send them to designers, and ensure that your designs are properly implemented.

Zeplin UI design tool


Lunacy is free graphic design software renowned for its user-friendly interface and a plethora of features suitable for both amateur and professional designers. Notably compatible with Sketch files, it allows for easy editing of Sketch-created designs. It boasts a rich library of assets, including vector graphics, photos, and icons, alongside advanced tools for precise vector graphic editing. Lunacy also facilitates real-time team collaboration, enhancing productivity with AI-powered features like automatic background removal and image upscaling. Designed for intuitive use and powerful functionality, Lunacy streamlines the design process for users across various skill levels.

Lunacy app ui

Finishing Thoughts-

In the last few years, we have come a long way with the UI design tools and software. The study of all the various methods and the contrast with each other would take hours or weeks. That’s why, to be able to find this stuff, we curated this list of the best free UI design tools.

23 Greatest Free UI Design Tools FAQs

1. In Web design, what is UI / UX?

The best UI design tools implies a UI Experience Design, while UI Design stands for UI Design. Both attributes are essential to a commodity and cooperate closely. But the task itself is very specific, considering its working relationship, relating to quite different sections of the method and the practice of designing.

2. What’s the point of a UI designer?

A UI designer can consider logos, keys, typeface and colors, distance-ranging design, imaging, and sensitive design. As a user experience design, user interface design is a multidimensional and demanding position.

3. Is UX data good for the design of the UI?

UX data is a big aid in developing UI. In reality, many developers today design UIs and UX. UX tests, like user testing, are typically conducted based on data collected

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