Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Mobile Photography: How to Take Professional Pictures With Your Phone

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Design & Inspiration

Mobile Photography: How to Take Professional Pictures With Your Phone

take professional pictures with phone

How to take professional pictures with your phone at home

The majority of owners of e-commerce businesses know the fundamentals of mobile photography or using a phone to take product photos: find a white backdrop and some natural light, select the highest suitable settings and quality on your phone and click! You got a picture of a product. It’s a perfect beginning.

However, there are a couple of additional tools and resources that can significantly boost your images and highlight the beauty of your item so that customers can see that in their lifestyles.

high - quality photos at home with your mobile phone

You can create your layout if you’d like your mobile to become a good photographer and capture great professional images with your phone.

Here’s how to take better pictures with your phone-

1. Select your mobile phone

Most mobile lenses are currently making excellent mobile photography DSLR substitutes. The greater the megapixel, the significantly higher the images of your commodity would be.

You may use the decent camera of your smartphone, but look for a newer version with a 12-megapixel camera or even more!

strong lighting for mobile photography

2. Using a strong lighting place

Next, when wondering how to take professional pictures with your phone, consider a nicely illuminated window in your house. The wider the window, the more direct sunlight you will have to make your product look better.

best mobile for mobile photography

You may use the decent camera of your smartphone, but look for a newer version with a 12-megapixel camera or even more!

3. Select a mini tripod

Mini tripods can be from low-cost to slightly higher-priced, but the bottom line is that it is a wise purchase for mobile photography enthusiasts, with strong payoffs regardless of your expenditure. A mini tripod eliminates the camera shaking and helps standardize the product range’s picture perspectives and design.

mini tripod for mobile photography

Our recommendation: Get the Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod package for a basic mini-tripod.

4. Build a background

  • Place the white background on your item to provide a smooth and constant look to your photos and to prevent diversions. If you’re experimentng with mobile photography, you may use the white paper series or purchase a whiteboard at a low price from a nearby supermarket or art supply store. Also, the background is expected to be on a table.

  • To secure your background, use superglue, or place your item’s background.

  • Maintain the background white all the time. A white background offers you a uniformly illuminated frame, portrays direct sunlight on the product. It also supports the editing process if the context needs to be erased. Editing and illumination are challenging with a cream or off-white hue. Try not only to place your background beyond but also to your product.

best background for mobile photography

5. Utilize white bounce boards

When practicing how to take product images with an iPhone or Android, it is important to monitor the brightness. Bounce boards eliminate heavy shadows and provide a more natural illumination atmosphere for your product to provide the very finest details.

white bounce boards for mobile photography

6. Build a diffuser if the sun is too luminous

Light diffusing ietms like sheets reduce the brightness when the light is too strong. Diffusion sheets with parchment paper are excellent for mobile photography. Frosted shower curtains, or printer paper are available at home by doing DIY or on Amazon.

mobile photography

How to utilize natural illumination to photograph objects with mobile photography-

When practicing how to take product images on iPhone or Android, photographic light can be your best mate or the worst foe.

natural illumination photography

There are three main strategies to get your photoshoot’s best shots.

  1. Take a shot in a bright space. Direct sunlight is a better choice for mobile photography than a picture fixed in-studio or artificial light. Secondly, it comes out of one direction that produces natural exposes and textures of your goods.  

best photo shots
  1. Next to the window, arrange your system. Target your configuration to 90 degrees left or right. Go for the brightest hour of the day to begin your photo session. One can always use a diameter sheet to minimize light if it turns out that the sunlight is too harsh.

best mobile photography
  1. Influence direct sunlight with foam boards and reflective surfaces.  If you use a reflective surface, the light that reflects on the product can be influenced by nearer or farther from pushing the reflector to and fro.

white background mobile photography

Mobile Photography made easy: Taking professional pictures with your phone

Now that your equipment is arranged and you recognize the viewpoints and brightness of your lens, it’s time to take pictures. Use the following guidelines once you begin to build the setup and start capturing from an Android or iPhone camera.

  • The first step to mobile photography is to get your mobile-ready. Please ensure your phone’s battery is charged, and that your pictures have storage space.

  • Create your white balance. Click the WB key, then tap the white backdrop to change the white balance and the light intensity of your room.

  • Test your exposure. Press the Exposure key on the screen and then press the product so it can be exposed to the camera.

  • Try to keep all the objects in focus. Click the Focus key, then tap the object so that the camera can focus on the object correctly.

  • Ensure all the settings of your camera configuration is locked. This will make the camera not change the settings when you take shots instantly.

  • Now that your settings, light, and setup is locked, you’re good to go for your capture sessions.

Closing thoughts –

It seems difficult to learn how to take professional pictures on your phone, but you’ll feel assured to be a professional after a couple of days behind the camera. You can easily monitor the photography of the product and sell additional images from your store with all of this knowledge.

How to take professional pictures with phone FAQs

1. What are the best mobile editing apps?

1. Lightroom
Accessible for: iOS and Android
Cost: free of charge.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express
Accessible for: iOS, Android, and Windows
Cost: free of charge.

3. Snapseed
Accessible for: iOS and Android
Cost: free of charge.

Accessible for: iOS and Android
Price: free of charge.

2. What is mobile phone photography?

Photography on the mobile captures the essence in photos of the experiences we have. It enables us to create and upload superb high-quality pictures with a camera which we see every day in our life.

3. What is the perfect camera for mobile photography?

Mobile photography has made a lot of progress and so provide the choices for add-on lenses. A wide-angle lens may be beneficial, particularly for larger objects which may be hard to fit into the frame. The delicate design or shape of a product can be seen by a macro lens. Be careful not to alter the quality of your item with the lens you select.

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The path to Glory begins here