Posted Nov 9, 2022

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Getting Started: Which Glorify Plan Should You Choose?



Getting Started: Which Glorify Plan Should You Choose?

Glorify Pricing Plan
Glorify Pricing Plan
Glorify Pricing Plan
Glorify Pricing Plan

What’s in this article?

  • All you need to know about Glorify’s Free Plan

  • What does the Pro Plan have to offer?

  • Is the Business Plan right for you?

  • Comparing plans

All you need to know about Glorify’s Free Plan

We get it; it’s only prudent to test the water before taking the plunge. Glorify offers its Free Forever Plan as an opportunity for users to find their way around the app, test its features and discover the different use cases that are unique to each person depending on their line of work.

So what kicks do you get out of the Free Forever Plan? Take a look at the features on offer:

Glorify Free plan

Now we know what you’re thinking. Is this plan actually free or are there secret charges hidden down the line? Let us answer that for you. Yes, it’s absolutely, 100% free, and no, there are no hidden charges. Nor will we introduce future requirements that demand payment for this plan. To top it all, there are no restrictions on other features such as mockups and the Editor tool, so you can go wild glorifying your designs ;).

Free Forever provides plenty of breathing space for those interested in Glorify without demanding the pressure of making a financial commitment before knowing what they’re signing up for. This plan is perfect for those new to their field; those who are just starting out by testing different apps to find out what works best for their business. It’s perfect if you work solo with a few design projects required each month. However, if design projects are central to your work, we suggest looking into our other plans.

If you decide to go along with one of our other plans today, that’s great! Because we’re running a limited-time offer of 20% discount on both. But if you have your heart set on the Free Plan, click the button below to start creating your free account now!

Create free account

What does the Pro Plan have to offer?

A lot. With unlimited downloads, guests and projects, your creative options are vast. It also offers more users, workspaces, background removal credits and premium stock per month compared to the Free Plan. Here’s a list of what you can expect from Glorify Pro.

Glorify Pro Monthly Pricing planglorify pro anually pricing plan

The great thing about Glorify is that you never run out of options. So here’s the deal: The Pro Monthly Plan allows users to make monthly payments of $9.99 which amounts to $1.498 per user. On the other hand, the Pro Annual Plan requires only a yearly billing so you don’t have to face the hassle of making monthly payments. What’s more, choosing this plan gives you an amazing 25% off! We’ll do the math for you. This means each user gets access to all the above features for just $7.49 per month!

If you’re a freelancer juggling multiple projects from different clients, or a small business owner managing a team, this might be the plan for you, and designing beautiful content for your business or service is going to be a breeze. If this sounds like your kind of plan, creating a Pro account is only one step away. Just hit the button below!

Get Glorify’s Pro Plan

Is the Business Plan right for you?

Let’s find out. The Business Plan is Glorify’s premium offer and is the most sought-after plan by entrepreneurs, business and agency owners, dropshippers and designers. It allows up to 10 users and unlike certain features in the Pro Plan, the Business Plan has no limits. Sounds amazing? Check it out for yourself.

glorify business monthly planGlorify business plan anually

If you’re looking for the unlimited, this plan speaks volumes! The popularity of the Business Plan lies in the user’s creative freedom to churn out any number of designs. Running a business or service full time leaves no room for worrying about the possibility of running out of feature credits.

Business Monthly and Business Annual work pretty much like the Pro plans above. If you choose to pay $19.99 monthly, each user gets access to all features for $1.499. However, the Business Annual Plan allows a yearly payment and offers a discount of 25% off! Choose this plan and each of your team members will be able to glorify your designs for $14.99 per month.

This plan is ideal for anyone working with a fast-paced, productive workflow and is definitely an asset to any professional aiming to take their business to the next level.

Pick this plan

Comparing plans

We’ve laid the cards on the table. Now it’s time to take your pick. To save you the trouble of scrolling back and forth and to make your decision easier, here’s a comparison of all 3 plans.

Glorify Comparing Pricing Plans

Choose a plan

Final thoughts

We won’t be surprised if these final thoughts go unread; we’re sure you’re already busy creating your Glorify accounts! For those who are still uncertain, trying out our Free Forever Plan can only do you good in terms of getting familiar with the app. As for the Pro and Business Plans, they both have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can always switch plans if you feel it isn’t the right one for you. But one thing’s for sure: whichever Glorify plan you choose, you’re in for a glorious ride!

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here