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How To Write A Blog Post And Promote It In 2023



How To Write A Blog Post And Promote It In 2023

How To Promote A Blog With Email Marketing, Social Media, And Paid Marketing?

How To Promote Your Blog With Email Marketing, Social Media, And Paid Marketing?

How To Promote A New Blog With Email Marketing

Build An Email List:

You need to start building an email list today for your blog post (if you aren’t already doing it). Recent research suggests that around 99 percent of people with an email account check their messages daily. Moreover, 73 percent of millennials say that their preferred method of communication for businesses is email. Besides, studies prove that for every $1 spent on email campaigns, marketers average $44 in return. That is precisely 4,400 percent in return. You’ll need three things to build an email list:

  • Platform to build your email list for your blog post. You can try ConvertKit (Paid) or email software like Mailchimp (Free).

  • Find an easy way for people to join your mail list. You can use a signup form on your site.

  • A lead magnet,which is a compelling reason for people to join your list.

Send Plain and Simple Emails Regarding Your Blog Post:

After you have some emails on your list, you need to send them an email using an email marketing platform.

But you might be wondering what your mail should look like? Should it include fancy images? Do you need to include a logo? How many words do you use? Are 1,000 words okay or do you need more?

How should your signature look like?

Well, studies suggest that mail should be simple and plain as they work best to promote your blog post. For instance, simply write as if you were writing a letter to your friend. Towards the end, add a link to your latest article/post. You’ll find that you get the best CTR (Click-Through Rates).

Resend Emails To Non-Opens:

Once you send a campaign to your list, how many people do you think usually open up your emails? Studies suggest that for email marketing campaigns the average open rate is around 22.71 percent. This means, if you send around 1,000 emails on your list, only 220 people are effectively going to open your email. You’re not going to get back well over half of your list onto your blog post or build a relationship with. So, what’s the solution? Here is a simple two-step solution:

  • Change the subject line of the same email you originally sent,

  • After 5 to 7 days, send it again to your non-openers only.

How To Promote A Blog Post With Social Media

Promoting Your Blog With Social Media

You’re going to see a 10 percent increase in total opens. Just from this simple minute’s worth of work.

Orbit Media states that to drive traffic to their website, around 94 percent of bloggers are using social media. This makes social media not only the easiest method but also the most saturated way to promote your blog. You’re not going to see an increase in traffic without an effective strategy. Some effective social media platforms your blog post are Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. So, create a social media account (if you haven’t already), and here are some research-driven tactics and tool that helps grow your audience:

How To Start A Blog Post Promoting By Posting Content That’s Worth Sharing:

You need to create quality content because there is no tactic or strategy which will substitute that. Will you be surprised if you’re not getting any engagement after posting blurry selfies on Instagram? In the same way, your blog post shouldn’t be filled with grammatical errors and look like you threw them together in 5 minutes. That could be the reason you’re not gaining any social presence. So, make sure to work on creating quality content.

Posting At The Best Times:

When you post to social media platforms during peak times, you might get more clicks, more views, and as a result, more conversations on your blog post. Every social media post has a limited lifespan in which it’s shown to your audience. So, if you post on Twitter, the lifespan of a tweet is around 15 to 20 minutes, if you post on Facebook, it has organic reach for 5 to 6 hours. Whereas if you post on LinkedIn, the average lifespan is 48 hours. Therefore, keep this in mind because posting time does matter.

How To Promote A Blog Post By Posting On The Right Platforms:

Posting On The Right Platforms

Most people take a piece of their content and share it on all platforms. But you can’t simply put the same material on every social media platform and expect to see results because people interact and behave with content differently on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

For instance, people visiting Instagram are largely interested to get a glimpse into other’s lives, here, a blog post. statistics have proven that photos with faces get 38 percent more likes than photos without faces. Meanwhile, on Linkedin, people are more likely interested in content that aids them in improving their lives as they are more business-minded. Hence, on each platform, you need to understand the demographic of your target audience and create/share specific content. Do not hesitate to grow online presence by taking advantage of a social media management platform.

How To Start A Good Blog Post By Scheduling Your Posts:

As a blogger, you should spend around 10 percent of your time writing a blog post and then spend 90 percent of your time promoting it. So, schedule and prepare all your posts at the beginning of the week rather than randomly throughout the week. This will make your life easier. Use social media management tools to publish and schedule social posts on multiple social media platforms and accounts.

Adding Tweetable Quotes To Your Blog Post:

You can promote your blog on social media by making other people do it for you. Throughout your content add Click Tweet quotes, so that your followers can easily share content. Will this strategy have the greatest impact on your overall traffic? No, but this is more of an organic way to ask someone to share your post. All of the individual shares do build up. Follow these steps to add a Click to Tweet to your blog post:

  • First, you need to look for a snippet of your content that is both shareable and must fit Twitter’s character limit of 280 characters. Include tweetable contents that Twitter users can take.

  • Then, create the Click to Tweet by using (it’s both simple and free).

Moreover, this helps grow Twitter followers and audience.

How To Promote Your Blog With Paid Marketing?

Promoting Your Blog With Paid Marketing

Promoting Already Successful Content:

What is an easy way to get more return from your ads? Simple! Promote your already successful blog post. For instance, opt to run ads for social media posts or blog articles that have already done well. Some good places to begin are Twitter and Facebook. Paid marketing is usually used by large corporations.

Run Retargeting Campaigns On Your Blog Post:

One of the most effective and cheapest means of paid advertising is retargeting or remarketing. But what does it mean? In retargeting, your ads are shown to people who have recently visited your site. Since you know these people are already interested in your content, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) will be high. Consequently, your Cost Per Click (CPC) will be much cheaper than if you were running a standard campaign.

For Google, the average cost of remarketing is around $0.66 to $1.23 per click whereas the average cost-per-click (CPC) for search and display ads is less than $1 for display ads and ranges from $1 to $2 for search ads. When you use retargeting to re-engage site viewers, they’ll eventually turn into customers. Before you do this strategy, make sure to have a decent number of site visitors in the first place. More often, retargeting campaigns benefit small businesses and individuals.

Smart Audience Booster Tool

What is a blog post without the use of booster tools to promote and get more reach? If you are looking for a smart audience booster tool, there are lots of social media management web applications available. Opt for an effective tool that allows small businesses to compete with their competitors. Most tools come with lots of features such as social media information, page performance, website clicks, blog hits, and any type of information you’re looking for.

In Conclusion : How To Promote Your Blog?

Remember that promoting your blog post is not something that needs to be hard or complicated. However, to see results you’ll need to be dedicated and be patient because it is something that’s going to take time. We would recommend you begin by focusing on building a good relationship with your email subscribers. Then, move on to gaining a reputable presence on social media platforms. Moreover, don’t hesitate to use social media management tools or a booster tool that helps you grow your online presence. Write a blog post like a pro!

How To Write A Blog Post And Promote It In 2023 FAQs

1. How to start a blog post in 2023?

Follow these simple steps to start a blog in 2023:
– Choose a suitable opening.
– Your blog should have a conspicuous brand name.
– Make sure to buy a domain and hosting.
– Choose the perfect platform for your blog.
– Your blog should be customized.
– You should create a content strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
– Finally, apply for AdSense and other sources of income.

2. How to promote a new blog post?

Here are some ways to announce your blog posts:
– On your social media platforms, announce every post.
– Every announcement should have unique headlines.
– Make sure to share your blog post multiple times.
– Also, build a comment network.
– Finally, in weekly or monthly email newsletters include your blog posts.

3. How to write a good blog post in 2023?

Some tips for writing a blog post:
– Write a blog post based on topics relevant to your audience.
– Do your research.
– Notes and outline.
– Drafting your blog post.
– Readers should be hooked with a great opening.
– It should be scannable.
– Use images for visual engagement.

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