Posted Jan 25, 2023

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Social Media

YouTube Channel Art Size & Dimension Guide 2023

Social Media

Social Media

YouTube Channel Art Size & Dimension Guide 2023


However, like any other social media platform, YouTube also has certain design cues that you need to follow and which you can optimize to attract more subscribers and grow your channel’s strength.

Simply having a YouTube channel is not enough, you need to maintain the same in mint condition if you wish to prosper. The best way to begin in order is by remodeling your YouTube channel art.

This article is going to guide you through the best channel art practices, examples, and sizes.

Guidelines For Your Channel Art

Guidelines For Your Channel Art

Why should you follow YouTube’s official channel art dimensions? Well, the answer to this is quite simple, YouTube has millions and millions of viewers who view videos from several different devices and several different OSs. In this scenario, you don’t want your channel art to look great on a single device or platform alone.

As you are targeting a wide audience range, the possibility that they use different devices is high, in such a case you have to look mint for all of your potential customers. This is why we emphasize that you stick to the official YouTube dimension requirements while uploading your channel art.

youtube channel jamie oliver

YouTube requires you of uploading a channel art that is 2560×1440 pixels. However, if you think that once you have uploaded an image or a poster of the prescribed size your task is done, you are wrong my dear friend. There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration while detailing your channel art. They are as follows,

  • The file that you are uploading should have the minimum dimensions of 2048×1152 pixels.

  • Then comes the text and logos, you have to give them a designated safe area or safe zone to ensure that they do not get chopped or cropped. That goes this way, 1546×423 pixels is the safest zone, larger pics and text could get cropped on different devices.

  • Maximum width to ensure no cropping takes place across different screens, stick to the dimensions 2560×423 pixels.

  • File sizes should be 6MB or small.

The following image will give you an idea of what we have been discussing so far.

Uploading YouTube Channel Art

You can upload your perfectly designed channel art in a matter of seconds to your YouTube channel.

Customize Youtube Channel Homepage Step
  • First of all, you go directly to your YouTube channel.

  • From there select the “View Channel” option.

  • Here on the channel page, you can see the option “Add Channel Art”, select it.

  • Here an option list will be given to you whether to choose the cover art from recently uploaded images, or the YouTube suggestions, or upload from computer option as well.

  • Once you select your preferred option and the file, a preview will be displayed as if how the cover art is going to look on different device screens.

  • It is here that you want to be careful, you may want to crop your image properly so that they appear almost the same across different device platforms.

  • After all of this is done, all you have to do is click “Save” button and voila! You have uploaded your YT channel art.

Best Practices

Never should you avoid spaces outside mobile-only areas:

This is a golden rule when it comes to designing YT channel art. We are addressing two issues here, one where we do not want critical content to not be cropped out when it transits to a smaller screen. Two we do not want to focus all our center content in the interest of saving vital content from getting cropped and leave the remaining space blunt on a larger screen.

How do we mitigate this issue then, well, the answer is quite simple, add a great background image that goes in sync with your content. This way your channel art won’t look blunt on larger displays. It will be a perfect mix of image and textual content.

Social sharing and channel icon:

While creating the image you have to take into account two important elements. They are the icon of your channel and the social share buttons. You want your social sharing buttons with your channel icon to be prominent without masking any of the crucial content.

The channel icon is displayed on the upper-lefthand corner and the social sharing buttons are present on the lower-right hand corner, so avoid putting any important details on your channel art on these two points, remember that they are reserved by default for channel icon and social sharing buttons.

High-quality images are an absolute must:

You do not want your image to be blurry when displayed on a TV screen, so always ensure that you adhere to the YT standard when it comes to uploading your cover image on YT.

Keep it simple and clean:

clean youtube channel art banner design template screen

If your cover which will appear as a rectangle on most occasions should be clutter-free at all costs. If your cover does not visually inspire your viewers to like your channel, all is lost for you in YT’s domain.

This is the reason why top designers tend to stick to pre-fabricated templates that offer the best balance when it comes to colors, images, fonts, etc.

If you are not a designer by profession then our suggestion is that you aim for some third party websites like Glorify, we will cover more on Glorify later on.

Double-check your cover and channel icon:

youtube channel cover channel icon

Your channel cover and channel icon should be in perfect sync, one shouldn’t contrast the other. Such contrasts can confuse your audience and they will bounce immediately. This will increase your bounce rates, lower your subscription, views, and likes.


Your YT channel art will definitely determine your success as a visual promoter of your business. When you get this awesome opportunity to advertise at zero cost why mess it up on silly mistakes.

When we say that we are accounting that you have little or no experience in design. But it will be unwise to invest your time to learn designing from scratch when you have plenty of awesome software, apps, and websites that do the same job for you in a jiffy.


Glorify, is one such honorable mention here. GlorifyApp focuses on helping YouTubers like you for promoting your businesses by helping you make the most stunning cover arts, channel arts, logo, icon, etc.

With Glorify you can have a 14-day cardless free trial. At Glorify all the important stuff like the safe zone are already taken care of in the 1000s of templates you can have. Another big problem that you are going to encounter while making your YT cover is high-quality images being too large for upload, Glorify has 1000s of image collections all trimmed down to the perfect size option to fit your needs. So what are you waiting for, head along Glorify now itself?

YouTube Channel Art Size FAQs:

1) Will using third party websites to design cover art get my account banned?

It may if your third party website does something like a shady watermark on your design. YouTube has strict policies on copyright, racism, etc so be careful while you choose your third party design partner. We suggest trustworthy websites like Glorify.

2) My account got suspended after uploading a cover page, what happened?

Since your account was suspended after uploading a cover art, the most probable reason could be a copyright violation. Often untrusted third party websites templates and images could be plagiarised, so what you did was carry that plagiarism to your channel art and hence you were banned.

3) Is there a third party website that is free and trustworthy?

There are 100s of third party design websites out there, but not all of them can be trusted. As an alternative, we suggest Glorify. Here you get a 14-day cardless trial.

4) Are third party design websites worth the investment?

They most definitely are. They are massively helpful in designing professional quality cover art for your YouTube channel. And websites like Glorify are damn cheap for the wholesome services and quality they offer.

5) Why is my cover image so blurry on TV?

Even after sticking to the YouTube guidelines, your image may become blurry largely due to the low quality of your image. Try using images provided by trustworthy websites like Glorify.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here