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Good YouTube Channel Names: YouTube Channel Name Ideas and Those That You Must Avoid



Good YouTube Channel Names: YouTube Channel Name Ideas and Those That You Must Avoid

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Talking of building a brand, it is also obviously imperative that you, in the first place, name your channel like you have already envisioned it as a brand. An attractive name for your YouTube channel will have so many people visiting you only because they are curious to find what you have to offer. Considering good YouTube channel names is also necessary because it helps users to sense an overall tone of what your channel could be like. Apart from the name, it also is necessary that you lay focus on other aspects and elements like keyword-optimized video titles and generating awesome YouTube thumbnails. For now, however, let us get to discuss the best, recommended practices for YouTube channel usernames and what to avoid.

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Shakespeare said What’s In The Name, but we say there is a lot!

Here are the best YouTube channel name ideas for you to consider when naming your YouTube channel-

1. Good YouTube Channel Names Must Set The Tone Of Your Channel

The name if your Youtube channel cannot be completely random per se. While it also need not be an absolute giveaway of what you do on your channel, it at least needs to set some expectations with the name. Some examples of categories could be cute names, funny names, pun-intended names, curious names- whatever you zero down on, it should align with your content type. For example, if you have a food recipe channel, look for a foody name like ‘Grandma’s recipes’; instead of something totally unrelated and something that cannot be associated with a food channel like, perhaps, ‘yellow brick.’

A YouTube channel name should set the tone of your channel

2. Look For YouTube Channel Name Ideas That help The Viewers To Find You Easily

Going by the same example of you having a food channel, or a recipe channel, try and find a name that makes people looking for food recipes find you against anyone else. The point here is to use essential keywords; like, for this case, ‘recipe,’ ‘food,’ ‘DIY food recipe.’ With each post you make, you should also try to use customized keywords that suit the post. Again for an example, if you are uploading a pasta recipe, using keywords like ‘homemade easy pasta recipe’ can help your users find you.

Find a name that helps your viewers find you

3. Aim For Good Youtube Channel Names That Are Easy To Remember

You might be an excellent content creator, however, if you find yourself a name that cannot really be remembered by your potential viewers, you defy all basic purposes. Your viewers will never reach you because they might not even be able to find you! A lot of people might happen to randomly see your video, they might really like you, but they might forget to hit subscribe. However, the next time they come back on YouTube, they might want to look at your video again, but if you have a complicated name, they might have forgotten it by then. Hence, they will not be able to search for you and you will thereby lose your potential subscriber. Aim to name your YouTube channel a catchy, memorable username.

Aim for names that are easy to find, remember and look for

Coming To The Flipside Of Good Youtube Channel Names, Here’s What You Must Avoid When Naming Your YouTube Channel-

1. Numbers in your username

As long as you are not a math channel host, numbers should not appear in your username. A YouTube channel is not an e-mail ID and hence, do not pick numbers if your desired username is already taken. Instead, push a little harder and look for a name that really does suit you. However, if your brand name already has a number, then this might not be avoidable and that is also understandable, for example, Forever 21.

Numbers in your username

2. Symbols in your name

Good Youtube channel names do not have symbols added to their logos and usernames. Adding symbols to a name might make your brand come across as rather unprofessional and like a spam account so to say. However, as it was for using numbers if they already are a part of your brand name, using symbols for your YouTube channel name is understandable if they are a part of your brand name as a whole. (But why would you do that either?)

3. A name on the basis of an ongoing trend

Instead, look for a name that could be timeless. If you name your YouTube channel on the basis of a name that complies with a current trend, the name (and your channel) will be outdated as soon as a new trend comes in. Try and figure out a name that can never be irrelevant!

Final Thoughts on the Youtube Channel Name Ideas-

Your YouTube channel will literally be your digital baby, hence, paying any less attention to the naming of your channel than what you would to your own baby will be absolutely unfair. Do not hurry in the process, take your time, shortlist the best Youtube Channel Name Ideas, take help/advice from your close ones, ask for feedback and smash all the charts with a name that cannot be ignored!

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