Posted Nov 9, 2022

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YouTube Description Template: Tips to get more views on your channel



YouTube Description Template: Tips to get more views on your channel

Tips to get more views on your channel

There is immense effort put in by the content creators to hit their targets and entertain the viewers, however, there undoubtedly exists a gap in YouTube marketing. Marketers, influencers, brands, businesses and hosts often forget or undermine the value of a YouTube description template. There is so much focus on creating the best video with the best editing and best visuals that creators often tend to ignore the YouTube description.

So, coming to the point, why does the YouTube description matter so much and what can you accomplish with an optimal and Best YouTube description Template?

It is true for a fact that YouTube is for videos. People visit YouTube not to read but to watch.
However, it is the text in the description that can get people to land on the video or watch the video; hence, YouTube description is a highly influential factor to make a viewer watch your video against others, which is why a YouTube description template is required.

While a Youtube thumbnail or an interesting icon can get fans to follow you or get them interested in your account, but, what makes them click on your videos is your description. A YouTube description briefly describes your video, explains what the video is about, and encourages the users to watch what’s in store for them.

So, coming to the point, why does the YouTube description matter so much and what can you accomplish with an optimal description

Apart from just encouraging people to watch the videos, the description on Youtube also works in various other ways. If your Youtube description template is optimized for search, it can also help your video rank on search engines as well as on YouTube’s search results. This, in turn, obviously gets more clicks on your channel, your video, getting the video more views; and potentially, getting your channel more subscribers.

Besides, the description also is a place where you can enter links to third-party sites and landing pages where you’d want your users to be. Influencers use this space to place affiliate links of brands against commissions. By optimizing your youtube description template, you can make your youtube channel more user-friendly, search-friendly, interesting, curiosity invoking, and all in all – more popular.

So, What Would Be The Best YouTube Description Template for Your Channel?

Talking about descriptions and the best youtube description, let us understand that a description is not only the one you add to your video, but also to your channel. Hence, descriptions are of two types: Channel youtube description and Video youtube description.

The ideal description for YouTube channel Template

To be able to match with the general vibe of the most viewers on your YouTube channel, it would be best to keep your YouTube Channel description friendly and brief. The point is to be interesting, engaging, and not boring. Type as though you are talking to your friends about your channel, what do you have to offer; just show off yourself, let your energy rub on your viewers. Also, the description space can be used to link your other Social Media platforms of yours.

The ideal YouTube channel description 1

The ideal Youtube channel description

Video descriptions are not as straightforward as channel descriptions. A YouTube description template would typically be longer than your channel description because they have a lot to cover. While there cannot be one specific formula or script to follow for your youtube video description, here are some things that you should try and include:

  • About your video in some brief sentences so the viewers know what they should expect from the video

  • Use keywords that can help your video appear in search results on search engines and youtube alike

  • Share other relevant links that could be further visited by the viewer after finishing your video

  • Include links to your other social platforms; just like the channel description space

Essentially, the youtube description template space should act like a click-bait for your viewers.

The ideal YouTube channel description

Final Thoughts-

Final Thoughts

Besides what has already been mentioned, there is one important thing that needs to be included in your youtube description template. We kept this for the last so to make sure it stays with you as a goodbye note!

Call-to-Action. Don’t ever ignore the need of having a CTA in your descriptions. You can add the call-to-action either at the end of the beginning (preferably the end) of the videos to make sure you keep your viewers still interested and engaged. The call to action could be some relevant information, giveaway competition, and other similar concepts that lure the users. Also, a CTA ideally should involve a link to land them on another page. This can also work in your favor as a revenue model in the longer run.

All in all, a youtube description template must be of paramount importance and you should ensure that you do put some of your efforts into the descriptions; necessarily not as much as goes in the videos. Your youtube videos and your descriptions can work in harmony to get you tons of visibility, capture viewer interest, boost the follower count and eventually even earn revenues by including affiliate brand links. Do not be random with your descriptions, strategize them like your videos, and ensure to use language that is in the same tone of your majority viewer base.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here