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Social Media

7 Top YouTube Video Editor Tools to Make Amazing YouTube Videos

Social Media

Social Media

7 Top YouTube Video Editor Tools to Make Amazing YouTube Videos

YouTube Video Editor Tools

Glorify has curated a functional list for you to know which youtube video editor might be perfect for you so that you can create attractive and engaging youtube videos for your audience.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the article. Here are Glorify’s top seven picks as the best video editor for youtube-

1.Overall Best Free Youtube Video Editor: iMovie

A versatile, undeniabley one of the best free youtube video editor, iMovie allows you to make videos in the cinematic style and breathtaking youtube clips with 4 K resolution. An ideal solution for beginners who don’t know much about intros, adjustments, and screen choices for youtube channels.

iMovie YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • 4K video for incredible quality clips

  • Quite simple to understand and is very functional

  • Has a useful mobile version to customize your video on iPhone

  • Extensive animated title and credit range

  • Ten creative video filtrations too select from and incorporate a cinematic charm on your videos

  • Quick and friendly app

  • Rich in characteristics


  • Just for iOS available

  • Editing features are minimal

  • Not customizable GUI

2. Top YouTube Video Editor: DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional-grade YouTube video editor with four high-end video editing modes, audio, video, and motion graphics packages. The fundamental functions are very convenient to utilize.

DaVinci Resolve YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • Accessible for Mac, Windows, and Linux

  • Available with no restrictions or watermarks for free

  • Interesting GUI

  • Ideal for color grading, composition, and generating audio.

  • The Fused package offers a 2D and 3D working space with compositional, painting, particle effects creation, key making, rotoscoping, text animation addition, tracking, and stabilization.


  • High-end graphics need a strong PC

  • No direct imports to social media

  • Wide learning slope

  • There are only a few new functions in the free edition

3. High-Rated Youtube Video Editor: Lightworks 14

Lightworks is the software to edit videos that appeal to the masses, whether that’s social media, YouTube, or 4K movie projects.

Lightworks 14 YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • Easy and informative GUI

  • Perfect for Windows, Linux & Mac OS X

  • Efficient editing and snipping timeline

  • Lo-Res server processes for 4 K

  • Convenient-to-use FX audio & video

  • Post to your YouTube account directly from the app.

  • Large youtube file format support together with varying frame-rate media

  • Using up to 32-bit GPU and histogram software to calculate the sequence effectively


  • Restricted free version download youtube formats (H.264 or MPEG files up to a resolution of 720p)

4. YouTube Editor Online Free: Filmora9

An impressive video editing application for Youtube which can be used by any individual irrespective of the level of expertise in editing.

Filmora 9


  • Eligible for Windows and Mac

  • 50 + video formats for youtube are accepted

  • Easy-to-use, functional GUI

  • Facilitates for 4k editing

  • Burn your work to a DVD alternative

  • Simple youtube video editor software (GIF support, elimination of noise, reverse mode, uploading to social media, speed modulation, color tuning, frame preview, etc. )

  • Highly developed Video Editing Equipment (PIP, Mixer, Advanced Screen,

  • Really convenient for beginners


  • Can not upload 360-degree videos and edit them

  • Doesn’t scan objects that move

5. Top Youtube Video Editor App: Final Cut Pro X

The Final Cut Pro from Apple is a groundbreaking video editing program developed for every assistance for a video. It’s sufficiently accessible for inexperienced users and also advanced for skilled video editors. If you are willing to finish your Movie degree and switch to a more effective Youtube video editor, it’s this one.

Final Cut Pro X YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • Can do 360 ° video editing

  • Supports 4K HDR

  • Incredible visual appeal

  • Amazing features and functions for a youtube video editor

  • Presets for creating animations

  • Creative magnetic timeline for quicker, simpler editing

  • Enhanced performance for YouTube uploading

  • Secure app for users

  • Color modification and professional lighting.


  • Only accessible to Mac users.

  • No specialized save feature, only autosave option is available.

6. Easy to use youtube video editor: CyberLink PowerDirector 16

Bring editing to the wider public and bid adieu to unstable videos with one of the finest 360-degree movie makers. Appropriate for newcomers, users, or experts who need a trustworthy Youtube video editor.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • Stabilized, motioned, tracked, and titled

  • High-speed rendering

  • Full format support

  • 360 video stability    

  • Video Collage creator function

  • MultiCam Designer function to swap between footage shot from various  cameras

  • Multi-key Sampling chroma function for green screen editing

  • Artistic mixing of videos

  • Color correction, smart color match, and color calculation by one click

  • Quick upload to Youtube


  • Only accessible for Windows

  • Can’t cut video inside the source panel

7. Youtube video editor for beginners: Animoto

Animoto makes it simple for your brand to design and edit videos. From video clips, tips, demos, commercials, ads, and squared videos —- Animoto manages the work like nobody else.   This Youtube video editor does great work if you do not have heavy editing requirements and a large money investment in high-end tools.

Animoto YouTube Video Editor Tool


  • Extensive stock and music inventory

  • Set colors, text, look ratio, styles easily

  • Pre-built models for storyboard

  • Directly share on social networks

  • Convenient to use

  • A simple implementation of social media

  • Multidimensional videos


  • Not adequate for rigorous video editing

  • Can not alter a frame

  • Edit designs are minimal

Wrapping up –

It would be a lie if we say editing is a quick process and you can do it without a youtube video editor. A good YouTube video editor helps you to make the whole process of post production so much simpler and smoother.  Tell us what’s your favorite video editor for Youtube? Let us know in the comment section below.

7 Top YouTube Video Editor Tools FAQs

1. How can one analyze Youtube channels?

One can analyze their own or even other’s youtube channel very easily. With the help of Popsters application, it’s very simple to watch and analyze your competitor’s youtube channel insights. And if you want to evaluate your own channel’s insight then go to Creative Studio on Youtube which is accessible on the right upper corner options and you can easily analyze and evaluate your performance.

2. What is a Keyword Tool for YouTube?

The keyword tool for YouTube is free software that aids you to select beneficial keywords for Youtube videos. These words can help you advertise and promote your video significantly. This also helps in boosting the reach of your channel and showcasing your work under different tags.

3. What is meant by YouTube video analytics?

YouTube Analytics classifies videos. This is a YouTube tool that is built for everyone. The statistics for each uploaded video and the whole channel are followed and kept track of here. Distinctive categories of  YouTube Analytics provide multiple indicator information: profit per view, statistics on video streaming, demographics of the audience, interaction rate, viewer’s growth count.

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